Clit brush cockring - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Vigilant

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The gift that keeps on giving...

My wife and I consider this our favorite toy. We can use it all the time, in conjunction with almost all of our other toys. It just makes everything better.
Super stretchy, very comfortable, great vibrator
easily damaged if in contact with silicon
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
My wife and I were really hoping this little guy would work out for us, the cock rings|Using vibrating cock rings on toys we had tried before were unpleasant, painful, and very inconvenient. So when this toy arrived I wasn't expecting much, but I was definitely hopeful.

Once out of the package however, my opinion quickly began to change. This material is great. Very soft, very stretchy, yet tight enough to do its job. It is so stretchy that you can put it on at any time whether soft or at full erection. You also don't have to worry about bruising your poor balls like you do with some of the less stretchy rings.

I love the engorged sensation that cock rings|Ying-Yang Are any serious side effects from penis rings? give you, and my wife can also tell the difference. We both also love the benefits of a longer erection and increased play time. If you have never tried a cock ring|Clit brush cockring before then this is definitely a good one to start with. You won't be left with any negative feelings towards them. In fact, I have to remember to remove it, because it is so comfortable. (20 - 30 min is the recommended limit for cock rings, otherwise you risk bruising and circulation problems)

Now, this toy does have little nubs that are supposed to stimulate your partners clitoris... my wife really couldn't feel them. She just liked the increased width of my penis. Even with the vibrator in she couldn't really stop and enjoy it because it was never in one place long enough to do much stimulating.

This does however bring us to the subject of the vibrator itself. I expected it to be a cheap little vibrator that barely worked. I was surprised to find a good quality vibrator with multiple settings and intensity controls. After one use this became my wife's favorite vibrator toy. It is small, discreet, and very good at its job. She couldn't get enough of that little guy for weeks. Wasn't expecting that. Very nice.

The only other thing I have found that is noteworthy is that due to the ring being a silicone toy it not only doesn't like silicon based lubes, it doesn't like other silicon toys. During a move it was in a bag with another toy and when we pulled it out it had melted onto the other toy. Luckily with only melted the area with the clitoris nubs, so it was OK.
Just a quick tip, don't buy batteries at your local store for this. They are way too expensive. I bought 50 (AG13 button batteries) for 4 bucks off Amazon(I am sure there are other sources too), and they lasted just as long as the ones I have bought from the store.
Follow-up commentary
My initial review was quite positive, and in large part due to our inexperience with cock rings. After, some good questions and comments, and some additional testing. I have a few caveats to add.

The cock ring itself does a great job and performs as a cock ring should (providing you don't want a really firm grip) The clit brush nubs however, only seems to provide a little extra cushion, it doesn't actually do any stimulating of the clit.

The vibrator is a small bullet that does a good job (for a bullet), but if you want to use your penis as a vibrator then this little guy is not up to it. However, the material of the cock ring is stretchy enough to accommodate much larger vibration devices. I put our most powerful egg in the sleeve and sure enough I was well on my way to orgasm from that alone. Your partner will definitely be able to feel the vibrations with a stronger vibrator.

My initial ratings of sound and vibrator strength were accurate, but after further review I feel that the overall rating is too high. I would give this a 4 out of 5. For not performing all the functions it was designed and advertised to do, but still a great product.
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  • Epiphora
    Yeah, all silicone is like that. You have to keep them separate.

    I would try this ring, but watch batteries tend to not have enough power for me.
  • Vigilant
    This bullet is good, but it won't leave your fingers numb if that's the kind of strength you are looking for.
  • Dame Demi
    At least 4 watch batteries seems pretty decent, though I'm not a fan of them, either.  The fact it doesn't work as a clit stimulator (not that alot of them do because, as  you pointed out, they don't maintain contact) concerns me, though.
  • I would be interested to hear of one that actually could stimulate the clit with just little nubs or shapes. My wife doesn't feel any stimulation unless she adds some kind of vibration to it, and then it just works better if she applies it directly.
  • Bulma
    Were the vibrations strong enough to be felt  in the cock during sex (by both partners)?  Nothing better than a real vibrating penis :)
  • Vigilant
    I'll be posting a follow up review...
  • Essin' Em
    How do you think it would work used on a dildo to add vibrations during penetration?
  • Cock Wrangler
    Seems like the vibrator wouldn't be strong enough to translate through a silicone dildo.

    Yes, silicone melting other silicone is the same reason that silicone lube isn't safe... 
  • Vigilant
    I have to agree that for most people the bullet would not be strong enough through the ring in most applications.
  • Nashville
    It's a hit or miss with some TPR silicone toys. While they do have silicone in them, how much of them that's silicone is the question. I have a TPR silicone that's compatible with silicone lube and has never been damaged when near other toys of similiar materials. Do you say this one isn't compatible with other silicone toys because of personal experience or just a general assumption? Because it may be.
  • Personal Experience... looks like it melted
  • Nashville
    It melted?!
  • The Awesome Penguin
    Thanks for the review!
  • Fuck it.
    Thanks for the tip on batteries!
  • Birdy
    Thanks for the review!
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