Sophia's luscious lips - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by optic.ghost

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The oddity that is Sophia's luscious lips

Overall, I can only recommend Sophia's luscious lips to a small subset of people, as the toy will not fit anyone of significant anatomical length, and can be a bit troublesome in the lubricant department. But if you're feeling adventurous and have a bit extra it's worth a purchase just for the novelty.
Dense ribbing. Nice texture. Small size.
Small size maybe prohibitive to some. Can be overstimulating. PVC may wear over time.
Rating by reviewer:
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As this is one of California Exotic's products the packaging is standard fair for them. That is to say, the masturbator is housed in a typical cardboard box, with a few seductive phrases and a picture of a promiscuous looking woman emblazoned on the cover. Given the product's nature, I really don't mind such a spartan shell, but things do become a bit more atypical inside.

The masturbator was housed in a sealed plastic bag, and appears to be a bit shorter in stature than what California Exotic has it rated for. However, as it is made of a textured jelly PVC, it is certainly capable of stretching to some extent in order to conform to the average man's anatomy. Also of note is the strange but somewhat appealing inclusion of a PVC molded tongue and barbell piercing.

While the opening into the masturbator is much larger than what's standard on most of today's toys, it is still somewhat of a hassle, and a copious amount of lubrication is necessary to really enjoy Sophia's luscious lips. The ribbing implemented here can be quite punishing/pleasing due to being on such a small scale, and since the ribs are so close to one another Sophia's luscious lips really do satisfy in terms of execution. It also has a hole through the back, which aids in the upkeep of the toy, but suction can really only be achieved by plugging this or covering the hole in a rhythmic nature with your finger.

Unfortunately, I can see the ribbing being a bit of a problem for some as it really is unnatural, and can often times overstimulate. The PVC molded tongue and barbell piercing mentioned earlier are also quite confusing as they fail to serve any functional purpose besides that of gaudy aesthetics. Another problem with this type of toy is that, given the PVC's consistency, you're bound to lose some of the ribbing material over time due to general use, and this may aid in shortening the overall life cycle of your Sophia's luscious lips.

Overall, I can only recommend Sophia's luscious lips|Blow job imitator by California Exotic to a small subset of people, as the toy will not fit anyone of significant anatomical length, and can be a bit troublesome in the lubricant department. But if you're feeling adventurous and have a bit extra, it's worth a purchase just for the novelty.
If you want the best out of Sophia's luscious lips use lots of lubrication. Of course the trouble with Sophia's luscious lips is its open-endedness, and the lubrication will most definitely leak out to some extent. I wish you the best of luck.
Follow-up commentary
While Sophia's luscious lips is not necessarily the first toy that I would go to in my arsenal it does perform rather well given the limitations mentioned in the initial review. For starters, as stated before you'll need to use quite a bit of lubrication to get any noticeable satisfaction from this blow job imitator. If you're stubborn enough to ignore this warning, I doubt you would get too far as natural lubrication is absorbed quickly due to the tight fit that Sophia's luscious lips provides.
After prolonged use this is bound to happen to synthetic lubricants as well so be prepared to deal with this stipulation. Also keep in mind that this unit may wear out a little faster than other masturbators given it's tightness, and highly ribbed interior. Otherwise, Sophia's oral sex imitator can be really amazing and the over-stimulation it provides can be quite nice if you're fond of such things.
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  • How odd. Is the tongue ring made of something hard, or is it also soft? Is it removable? Too bad it's not placed right to give adding sensation during thrusting, I'm sure that was the idea behind the design.
  • Oops, I see that it is removable. They should have made it a vibrating barbell, that might have been more interesting.
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