Travel jack master style A - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by Alan & Michele

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The Sticky Dicky Pleaser

This male masturbator has a unique design that makes it both pleasurable to use and very easy to care for. The end cap doesn't fit all that securely though and the exposed gel is sticky, so if you plan to travel with it you might want to put it in a plastic bag first.
Easy to clean. Very pleasurable sensations. Neat design.
End cap comes off too easily. TPR is sticky when dry. Squelching noise.
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The Travel JackMaster is a handheld male masturbation device from California Exotic Novelties that has a self-contained design to make it easy to store. There's nothing complicated about the use of the toy; remove the end cap, apply some lube, and use it instead of your hand to pleasure yourself. How you apply lube is entirely up to you; you can either open the toy and grease up the inside, or simply drizzle a little down the opening before you start.

It's simple enough that anyone can use it, and can be enjoyed either alone or with a partner.
    • Busy men

Material / Texture

The outer casing is made of hard ABS plastic, with crystal clear inserts of jelly-like squishy TPR. Both materials contain no latex and are free of phthalates as well. Neither have much of a scent at all, and while the TPR is somewhat sticky feeling on dry contact we believe this may have something to do with the semi-porosity of the material and not the ingredients. It leaves no residue on anything it touches, but it does tend to pick up hair easily.

Once lubed, the TPR is super slick, so there's little chance of chafing once the toy is in use. The case too can get slippery if you get lube on it, but its design makes it easy to hold anyway.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of the toy is neat because the translucent blue plastic case not only looks cool but doubles as a storage device as well. The case is hinged, with a removable cap at one end to reveal the entrance and a long clasp along one side that lets you open it coffin-style. The clasp is tight, and much easier to open if you press in on the plastic above it. The sides of the case are cutout to expose the outer sides of the TPR insert, and there are twin plastic finger pads on these that you can squeeze to vary the tightness of the insert.

Inside, each half of the sleeve has its own texture design. One half has contoured sides with wide ridges and a few nubs along the bottom. The other has straight sides with smaller ridges and several nubs along the bottom. Together they flex and move with you to create a very unique massaging sensation with a slight suction on the outstroke.

The toy is 6" long by 3.5" wide, and the inner sleeve is about 5" long with an average of 1" thick "walls." The TPR is squishy enough that it would fit pretty much anyone, though men with a lot of length may not be able to fully penetrate it since the end is closed and cushioned.

While too big to be easily hidden, the Travel JackMaster more resembles some space-aged light that a sex toy, so it's not unreasonable to say you could actually keep this out on a shelf if your decor agrees. If you decide to keep it in a drawer or want to travel with it, however, there's a couple of issues we found with the toy. First of all, the end cap doesn't stay on very well, so it's likely to fall off if you toss it in a duffle bag or something. Next is the way the exposed area of TPR on the outside picks up hair/lint/whatever. With those things in mind, it might be best to put the toy in a plastic bag before you tuck it away somewhere.

Functions / Performance / Controls

During use, squeezing the plastic pad closest to you will make entry tighter, while squeezing the one furthest away will create some resistance toward the end of your thrust. It doesn't matter which hand you use, but if your mitts are large you'll be able to pull this off one-handed. If not, you'll need both to manipulate both pads at once.

If you share a room with someone you might not appreciate the noise this toy makes. For lack of a better phrase, it squelches. If you're going at it gently, it's just a mild slurpy noise that might not even be heard through the covers. But as you get more vigorous it's loud enough that everyone in the room will know what you're up to.

No lube leaks out while you're using the toy, but if you don't plan to clean it immediately after use it's best to put the end cap back on and then set the toy down on this cap. If you set it down the other way, lube will leak out of the seam at the bottom after awhile.

Since all parts of the toy can stand water, it's safe to play with the JackMaster in the shower or tub.

Care and Maintenance

The manufacturer suggests only water-based lubes for this toy and, in general, cleanup is as simple as using soap and water or a toy cleaner. The lack of product instructions makes it unclear as to the "proper" way to do this, but from what we've found there are two options.

The first is easy; open the toy and wash it inside and out, then lay it open-sides-down to dry. You *could* try to wipe it dry, but it would be hard to get between all the ridges and nubs.

The second method of cleaning came to us the morning after we had washed it for the first time and realized that water had collected (and remained) between the outside of the TPR pieces and the plastic case:
Inside you will find two thin plastic guards on either side of each of the TPR inserts. These guards pop out and are easily snapped back in place, allowing you to completely disassemble the toy for cleaning and more thorough drying. Again, we're not sure if the manufacturer intended for this to be an option, but it works.


The Travel JackMaster comes in a pocket of bubble wrap inside a thin cardboard box with pictures of the toy on it along with text describing the toy's features. There's also the misleading phrase; "It's Better Than the Real Thing" printed in big red letters on the front. Well, aside from the fact that you don't have to worry about getting your JackMaster pregnant I can't imagine anyone thinking this toy is better than a real woman, so that seemed a bit outrageous.

The box is sturdy enough to store the toy in for awhile or to wrap for gift giving if need be. As mentioned before, no instructions are included, but it's pretty easy to figure out how the JackMaster works just by handling it.


Alan says:
I'm a serious Fleshlight fan, but I have to say that if someone came to me and asked for advice on buying their very first masturbator, I'd suggest this one. For one thing, it requires a LOT less lube. For me, most Fleshlights chafe if I don't start out with a fair portion of the wet stuff, and I usually have to re-apply it a few times during use. With the JackMaster I started off with literally two drops of lube at the entrance and a little on myself, and was able to go for an entire session without needing any more. I'm also impressed with the fact that I don't need to soak this toy to warm it up, and at how well the TPR retained heat. I'm not saying that the toy is naturally warm or anything, but it doesn't have a clammy feel right out of storage like some do.

As far as how the toy feels, it's great, really. Not better than my Fleshlights, not worse, just perfectly unique. So even if you have other toys, go ahead and add this one to your collection... I don't think you'll be sorry.

Michele says:
I guess I'm easily amused, but one of the things I like about the toy is that I can watch his dick through the little side windows while I'm playing with him. Don't even ask why that amuses me, but it does. The toy was easy for me to hold on to and not heavy enough to get tiring, but since I have small hands it did require both to manipulate the squeeze pads and still be able to move the toy.

The one thing I don't like is how sticky feeling that TPR peeking out through the sides feels when I'm holding it. Alan insists it's not an issue inside because of the lube, but it sure doesn't feel to nice to touch it when its dry. Overall it was fun for both of us though, and I'm really glad we got it.
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  • namelesschaos
    Excellent review. My first thought when I saw this "Fliphole knockof"f, whether they used the Fliphole as their inspiration or not looks like they did a good job Smile.
  • MuffysPinguLove
    I thought the same thing as namelesschaos, that it was just a Fliphole knockoff, but I'm happy it turned out to be a good masturbator Smile
  • El-Jaro
    Does it stay together well? The larger one popped open, does this one pop too?

    I think the Jackmaster is the reason the Pussy to go didn't do much for's a LOT better product..imho
  • Sammi
    Great review! Smile
  • Alan & Michele
    Thanks everyone Smile

    Mr. Sauce--- It stays together very well, even if you get vigorous with it and are a little above average in width. You have to do a squeeze-and-pry maneuver to get it open to begin with, so I think you'd probably have to squeeze it hard enough to break the toy (or at least the hinges) in order to get it to open during use. And the plastic is tough enough that that's not real likely for the general Joe to do.
  • ......
    Great review you two!
  • B8trDude
    It looks like a bit like a Flip Hole (which I have and REALLY like). Especially enjoy reading your his/her perspectives on using the toys you review.
  • Alan & Michele
    It does really. I just got a Flip Hole this week but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I can tell that the Flip Hole's case is sturdier though.
  • B8trDude
    I'll look forward to reading your review. I've only had the Flip Hole for a short time but it has been AMAZING (first toy I've ever used). Fortunately, it seems very sturdy (supposed to last at least 50 times). At the rate I'm going, it'll be worn out in the near future! LOL!
  • Alan & Michele
    LOL! I know what you mean.
  • Nibble
    Great review!
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