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This can't be right..

The Cock Sling from Tantus is designed to rest against the man's perineum while wearing. In theory this would be awesome, for us it just didn't pan out as such. It did lead to a hilarious experience, but not one that we'd want to repeat and we could not get it to function as it should. I gave 2 stars because our experience with this Cock Sling would be 1 star, but since it could be just something with us I'd normally give it 4 stars because of the material and the idea behind it.
Silicone, great idea in theory
Not stretchy, did not work for us
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We've been on the search for a good cock ring for a while now. We've tried super squishy ones, slightly firmer TPR and since neither of those worked for prolonging ejaculation or giving any extra sensation for my husband we decided to try out Tantus' Cock Sling, which is made out silicone. Since it's silicone it's easy to clean and you can sterilize it in boiling water, in the dishwasher or using a 10% bleach solution. It's also completely waterproof, since there is no motor or anything. The idea behind this Cock Sling is that the tongue like protrusion rests along the perineum and gives pressure and massage to the area. It can also be turned around for the tongue like area to cup the testicles, which is supposedly great for masturbation. I say supposedly because we never quite got there with it, we never really got anywhere with it actually.

When we first got the Cock Sling in the mail I was pretty amazed by how large it seemed in person. When I got it out of the clamshell packaging I then noticed that while it's extremely flexible, it is hardly stretchable at all. I looked at it and thought to myself "how in the world are both testicles AND the penis going to fit through this??” I had heard that it can be done though; you just have to take your time and work everything in one by one. I gave the ring to my husband and said "I think this is something you need to practice with" and he took it upstairs looking kind of confused by it too. Or maybe that was a look of horror...

I went upstairs shortly after because well, I'm impatient, and it was going to bug me until we tried this cock ring out. I just had to know if it was going to fit or not. Maybe some back story would help to know why I had such concerns. My husband had a hernia surgery when he was a baby and learned from an urologist a few years ago that he has scar tissue on the one testicle. It's never caused him any real issue, but the one testicle doesn't descend as far as the other because of it. When I got upstairs he had it out of the package but was using it as a "cape" on the lube bottle. He told me that "Ultra Lube" was now "Super Lube" and the red cock sling around the neck of the bottle did actually look like Super Man's cape! We at that point decided there was no time like the present to see how the Cock Sling fit.

The package directions say to use a small amount of water based lube around the inside of the ring and then to pull one testicle through at a time and then once they are both in to slide the penis through. Now, what they don't tell you is how to get the penis through. The picture just kind of shows it outside the ring and then *poof* it's in when you look at the next picture. I was concerned because it looked like it bent backwards to get in there and that seemed painful; Mike assured me that I just had little faith in the penis and that I'm too careful with it. At first I tried to put the cock sling on him, that didn't work out well though, because it turns out that as careful as I am about the penis I am even more so about the testicles. The testicles don't just slide in this thing, they kind of need to be pulled and tugged and crammed through. I knew that this was something that he would need to do so that he would know if it was painful. He was able to get the testicles through with little problem actually, it took a few minutes and he had to first pull the sack through and then kind of poke the testicles from behind to get them to go through. I joked that they were retreating to inside him because they were scared as shit of this thing.
**had to continue due to lack of room above**

So at this point we had the testicles through, and then because of all this prodding his penis decided that it was go time and was not nearly as flaccid as it would need to be to fit through. We had to sit there and wait with him holding the cock ring on. His comment was "this is what gets me in the mood, standing here holding my balls". I meanwhile was just laughing my ass off because I found the entire thing just incredibly amusing. Finally I guess my laughter calmed his penis enough that we were able to get it through. I winced during this part because I was sure it was going to turn purple and explode or something. (I even had scissors on hand ready in case I needed to cut him free.) But, turns out that they weren't needed and he got his penis through. Thing is though, that no matter how hard he pulled, pushed, tugged, or grabbed at this cock sling it wouldn't slide back enough so that the testicles weren't crammed up against the shaft of his penis. It was kind of ridiculous actually and made everything kind of jammed up front. It eliminated about 2-3 inches of length. We both at this point were in hysterics and he was like "I don't know why people like this...” We finally decided that this must not be the way it's supposed to fit. It also was pretty uncomfortable for him and was kind of like everything just squeezing together.

We decided to give it a go though and attempt sex like this. For me it felt like he was a lot smaller because the testicles were taking up space. I asked him how it felt for him and he said that it felt like his testicles were coming out to play and that they would be saying "ahh, so this is what you normally do up here, huh cock?". (Cue more laughter from me) Let's just say, that this can't be right. That can't possibly be how that thing is supposed to fit. It was just no, no, no bad. Actually my husband said his review would be "Cock Sling… Do.Not.Want. Fail". I think mine is a bit more in depth than that at least.

So, in the end the best part about it was that his penis didn't turn purple or explode and we didn't need to cut the thing off. He was able to get it off pretty easily actually. I think the issue might have been his scar tissue; although, I can't even say for sure because the testicles did go through fine. We just couldn't get them to then go back far enough so that the cock sling would sit where it should. The tongue protrusion wasn't anywhere near his perineum because we couldn't get it to sit right. It felt like it was too small, but in the end, I think we've just decided that we aren't meant for cock rings. I think his actual comment was "Why do you keep trying to dress up my cock? It's fine like it is!” I've decided that I agree, it's just fine on its own.
Follow-up commentary
Ok, so I don't like this cock sling, my husband doesn't like this cock sling, and most likely we never will. However, I have watched some porn in the last few months which starred men that I really think this WOULD work well on. So, I just wanted to pass my perceived knowledge on in this follow up. I think this cock sling would do awesome on thin men (I mean very thin, very low body fat) who have testicles that hang very low with a thinnish layer of skin on their scrotum. For men that have this excess amount of skin that hangs low and who are thin enough, I can see how this would slide easily across the top of the scrotum, allowing the testicles to hang freely in front of the ring and then the back tongue like protrusion could rest against the perineum. I can see how it'd be pretty awesome...if all the stars align properly with the correct body type and penis/scrotum type. So, just because I didn't like this cock sling and it will forever just be Super Lube's cape for us..doesn't mean it's not worth a shot if you have the above mentioned body type!
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