Throb master chamber masturbator - masturbation sleeve by Cal Exotics - review by Openfire

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Throb Master Review

First of all I want to say: This is not a pump. The hand-pump just inflates the toy making it tighter in the TPE sleeve. It does not retain the air very well, and it doesn't stimulate very well either. I was disappointed with this toy and I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it. Save your money for better toys, this will just disappoint you.
No stimulation, does not retain air.
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First of all I want to start saying that this toy is NOT a pump, it creates no suction what-so-ever. The only thing it does with the mechanism attached to it is inflate the inside of the toy to create more tightness. Secondly I would like to say that this is an awful toy, it's so bad it's almost not usable.

Since no instructions arrived with the toy, you have to figure out how it works but after pressing the hand-pump once I began to understand. You must, of course, lubricate the toy first and afterward insert your penis. Afterward inflate the toy until you feel comfortable (if you actually can achieve that feeling...). As it is inflated, move the toy up and down as you would do with any other male masturbator, hoping to feel at least something. The problem is that it doesn't retain the air that you pumped into it, you have to be pumping almost continually for it to stay inflated to provide the tightness that you want, otherwise it will feel too loose, and if you pump it too much I guarantee you wont even be able to get your penis in.

I would not recommend this toy to anyone ever in my life. Ever.

Material / Texture

The material of this toy is plastic (the casing) and TPE (the insides of the toy). It does not have a very noticeable smell (unless you stick your nose against it). The material feels very sticky at first, as well as very malleable (as it is TPE).

It has some texture inside, something they call "ticklers" in the outside of the box. They add almost no stimulation at all. They are just so loose can you barely feel them.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This toy is pretty big, and it resembles a penis pump, but of course it is not. In my honest opinion I would recommend the designers of the toy to go back to the drawing board because, even though the concept is nice, the actual toy needs a lot of work. I couldn't keep it inflated at my preference, and it would be great for it to retain the air because it would make it a toy for everyone: People who like tightness, and people who prefer less tight toys.

It's not very easy to hide because of it's bulkiness, because of this I would not say this is a travel-ready toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The hand-pump used to inflate the toy seemed pretty good, but when you are actually using the toy you need to be pumping almost constantly and you start to notice that air escapes THROUGH the actual hand-pump. Also, it creates a fairly loud noise while inflating and when air escapes, it can probably be heard through a closed door if the person is right outside.

The toy is waterproof as long as the hand-pump and air escape valve is out of the water. Be aware though that the toy does retain air, it will float if used in a bath or jacuzzi.

Care and Maintenance

To clean this toy:

1. Remove the TPE sleeve from the plastic casing.
2. Wash the TPE sleeve with mild soap and warm water.
3. Remove excess water and let it air dry for a while.
4. Put it back in the plastic casing, put cap on and store it.
You can use water or silicone based lubes with this TPE sleeve, but I recommend water because of the water solubility that comes with them.

Store the toy in a dry place as with most toys.


The toy comes packaged in a box with what resembles a man's abdomen in the back, slightly blurry and a huge "THROB MASTER" logo, including a picture of the toy in front.

Inside: the toy, NOTHING else. You pretty much have to experiment with this toy to figure out how to use it.

Personal comments

This toy is a great concept but it has to be worked through, it is not a good toy for now. I would recommend buying other toys before spending the money on this one.
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  • Cheshire Cat
    I noticed there is a little metal piece near the hand pump. Is it possible that turns to close off the value once you have it inflated, to keep air from escaping?

    It just seems like such a waste of a toy to even bother selling if they hadn't come up with a way to keep air inside it while using. Sorry it was such a disappointment.
  • Gardenvy
    Wow after this review I will definately think twice about purchasing this for my man. Thanks for the honesty!!!
  • Openfire
    Cheshire Cat:

    Yes, that's what the piece of metal is for, to hold the air in and as you turn it you release it. The problem is the air escapes through the little hole at the bottom of the hand-pump, and that's not supposed to happen. It keeps it's air inside, the problem is the air escapes constantly, making you have to pump almost all the time to preserve your wanted preasure.

    Thanks for the comment!


    Thank you Smile
  • ......
    Sorry to hear this didn't work for you. Nice review.
  • Openfire
    Thank you Newme!
  • Sammi
    This sounds like an awful one :-(
    Great review!
  • Openfire
    Thank you Sammi Smile!
  • Eucaly
    Great review!!!
  • ILikeShinyThings
    Seems that no one likes this. Thank you for the review!
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