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by Erokay

"Tickle" Isn't How I'd Describe It

If you've been curious about experimenting with larger sizes of things, a sleeve extender is a great way to start. The male won't be able to feel much of anything while using it, but it'll fit easily onto most toys as well. A great pick for someone who loves a lot of texture, or flip it inside out for a smoother finish on your girthier extension.
Stretchy, lots of texture, packaging can be saved
Lots of texture, male can't feel anything through it
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Ideally, this is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to larger sizes. It's soft and stretchy, and even if you don't have a physical penis to use it on? you can always put it on a favorite toy for some extra girth. It's like a firm, supportive glove that anybody can use.

Material / Texture

This sleeve is made of TPE, which has a safety rating of 7. It's way better than Jelly, but not as safe as silicone if you want to try and share it. It's very soft to the touch and lacks the greasy feel that some toys of this softness sometimes have, however, it may pick up and hold the scent of your lube or cleaner if it has a stronger scent. There is a lot of texture when you run your hand over it, but the texture is more in the design than in the material. It's also quite stretchy, and not a major lint trap either, although it does pick up some particles from whatever you lay it on.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

With absolutely everything stretched out, this extender measures 6" in length. Granted, 3/4" is the little tentacle on the end of it. You can get slightly more stretched out of it, but laid flat you've got about 3 3/4" of insertable length, and the head takes up an additional almost 1 1/4" externally. The head is fairly solid and almost feels like playing with the head of an actual penis. One neat thing that I noticed on this that I hadn't seen on other sleeves before is what appears to be a reservoir for semen inside the head. There isn't a lot of room in there so you should try to leave a little extra room at your head when you put it on if you plan to ejaculate inside of it. Most of the little nubs are small but can be felt as a whole when it's inside of you.

Once it's on a penis, it hugs it very firmly but not painfully. My husband is on the slightly smaller side of average and to him it felt like a firm handjob that was able to wrap all the way around his penis. Given that he didn't feel like he was being constricted at all and that I was able to stretch the diameter to about 3" across when playing with it. I would think that it would comfortably fit most people in the average range.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Once on the penis, it's like a very firm glove. You can easily move it up and down the penis, but there's no slack inside so you're getting minimal stimulation and can't really use it like a penis sleeve. If you turn it inside out it's pretty much the same, because it's too tight for the nubbins to be able to be felt by the penis. Whether it's being inserted into a vagina or manipulated with a hand, it feels the same on the inside of the sleeve.

Inside the vagina, with it turned inside out it provided a nice smooth sensation, similar to just enlarging the penis. Flipped the right way with the nubbins outside, it's a lot of texture to feel inside. The nubbins can't really be felt individually, but instead more as a whole lot of texture all at once. It's great if you're feeling slightly less sensitive or really like the extra texture.

If you choose to use it on something like a vibrator instead, the vibrations will be muted since they have to travel through the material, but won't be completely dissipated. Also good if you have a vibrator that you feel has vibrations, which are too strong for you.

Care and Maintenance

TPE can be used with your favorite water or silicone-based lubes. You'll want to make sure you clean it well after each use since the little nubbins can collect fluid and make it difficult to remove all of it. Feel free to use your favorite toy cleaner or just warm water and soap.

It's probably best to store it in the container it came in.


The container is actually pretty nice. It fits just the sleeve with minimal wasted space, and it's a hard plastic to keep everything safe. There's an insert that sits in the bottom that can easily be removed if you want just a blank container, and even that really only says "Erokay," "penis sleeve," and a small blurb about it.

Personal comments

As mentioned earlier, there is a space inside the more solid head of this sleeve that looks like it was meant to hold semen if you ejaculate. This should not be considered a guaranteed method of birth control and I urge you to not rely only on this to prevent pregnancy. That being said, wearing a condom with this would likely result in the condom breaking.


My husband and I both thought this was a really neat little item, although neither of us was in love with it. He couldn't feel anything through it and really couldn't use it like a Fleshlight type sleeve. I really enjoyed the added girth when it was flipped inside out, but with the nubbins on the outside, it was almost too much. That being said, I do think we'll be able to make good use of this after a night of drinking since it amps up the sensations on my end of things.
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