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Tiny Useless Man, Big Package!

The toy is more fun than the doll. The doll is very ugly, has rough edges, too small or too large penetration holes, and the toy doesn't fit in the doll well at all. It's easy to clean and comes with a large very fun toy attachment. The toy is the best part, but don't buy the doll just for the toy.
Large toy attachment, doll is good for cuddling, easy to clean
Ugly doll, toy doesn't fit into doll easily, hard to store
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The Construction Man doll is a blow up male doll with two openings for penetration, and a large vibrating penis. The doll itself was not of much use for me. It seemed to be a female size doll. Thin legs and arms, and a small body. I found the best use for the doll to be a cuddle partner. It was nice to hold onto in bed and pretend someone was with me. The doll will not stand up by itself, so it has to lay down or lean on something.

The vibrating penis toy however, has been much pleasure for me. It's a very large toy, so unless you like an overly full sensation, this toy is not for you. The vibrations are very strong and can be felt throughout the entire toy. It has a flared base (so it can be used for anal penetration), which to me seemed like a suction cup. I tried to stick it to things, such as a chair, but it would not stay once I tried to move up and down on it. It has a corded remote, with multiple speed settings, so you can get a variety of vibration speeds from low to high. I found it hard to put the penis toy into the doll itself, while blown up or deflated, so it never got used attached to the doll.

I think the Construction Man doll is good for females or males. I don't recommend the doll itself, unless you want a cuddle partner, but the penis toy is lots of fun.
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

The doll does not have a pleasant texture at all. When you're sweaty or wet, you stick to the doll. It has rough edges all around the body that tend to rub sometimes. I do not recommend males put their penis in the mouth of the doll, because it has a lot of rough edges inside the mouth. I don't think it would feel good at all. The mouth is also open very wide, so you wouldn't get a tight feeling around your penis.

The doll is made of vinyl. Vinyl is somewhat porous so it is suggested on the product information that a condom is used. You have to be sort of careful with vinyl to make sure you don't get little rips or tears from too rough of play.

The penis attachment toy is very smooth. It's very pleasurable in the vagina. It's a little flexible near the tip, but not a whole lot. It's pretty firm.

I'm not exactly sure what the toy attachment is made of. I could not find it anywhere in the information that came with the toy. I would have to guess it's probably made of some sort of silicone. It had a slight rubbery smell when new, but after washing the toy, it does not have anymore of a smell. It does not have any taste.
    • Rigid
    • Smooth
    • Somewhat porous

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I did not like the way the doll itself was designed. It has a female sized body, with skinny legs and arms. I was not able to lay or sit in the doll without pretty much flattening it. I'm a pretty big girl, but I think even skinnier females will have the same effect, only maybe not so flat. The face is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It's this big, ugly, hard plastic face, with a mouth wide open that never shuts. The doll has too much chest hair painted on. I prefer my real guys without chest hair. It's just not very appealing to me.

My husband has not used the mouth of the toy for play, but in my opinion, it does not look deep enough for an average sized penis. There is a hole on the back of the doll, supposed to be used for anal play. However this hole is very small and would be tight for thicker penis'. It also, does not seem like a very deep hole. The spot where the penis toy is supposed to go, is a better sized hole than the other two. It doesn't seem too open or too tight. I don't think men will be able to penetrate very deep though. Maybe 3 to 4 inches deep at the most.

The doll is not easy to hide at all when inflated. Unless you have a closet to throw it in, that peeping eyes won't be into. If you deflate the doll though, you should be able to get it back into the original box. It took some work, flattening, and too much time, but I was able to shove my doll back in the original box. The box looks like it's now going to explode, but it's in there. The box however is pretty big too, so you will have to find somewhere to store the box. It is definitely not discreet or suitable for travel.

I did like the design of the penis toy that came with the doll. It was almost too big for me, but I like that full feeling. It takes some warming up, for me to be able to use the toy. It is just a simple flesh colored penis shaped vibrator, with a black flared base. It has ridges all over that are supposed to look and feel like real veins. They personally do not give me any extra stimulation. I do not like that there is a corded remote with it. The cord always seems to get in my way.

The toy can be easy to hide if you have a decent sized place to put it. It is about 7 or 8 inches long and about 1.25 inches in diameter at the thickest point of the toy. The flared base is about 2 inches wide. I was not able to fit it back in the original box with the blow up doll. This toy is definitely not discreet. It's very easy to tell what it is. I would say it's not suitable for discreet travel, however any toy really can be used for travel un-discreetly.

Care and Maintenance

The doll itself is easy to clean. Just wipe down with a wet soapy rag. You may have to work a little harder to get into the hard to reach places, his holes. Make sure to thoroughly clean out all the holes, so as not to leave bacteria and germs behind for your next play session. As stated above, it can be stored inflated, in a closet, or deflated and folded well, in the original box. The doll is about 5.5 feet tall. I didn't measure, but that's a rough estimate.

The toy attachment is also easy to clean and care for. You can wash with warm water and soap, but be careful to keep the cord and remote out of the water. It may be easier to use a wet soapy rag or some toy cleaner. Do not fully submit this toy in water, because it will ruin the mechanics. It has no little nooks and cranny's that will be hard to clean. It's smooth all the way around. The slight ridges (veins) are not big enough to make little nooks and crannys that are hard to clean. This toy will have to be stored separately from the doll unless you are very good about folding and can squeeze them both into the original box.

This toy is compatible with water based lubricants.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


The doll was not of much use to me other than to be a cuddle buddy. My partner was not even interested in using the doll for play, so the doll now stays in his box all the time. He is not really used anymore. Last time I had the doll blown up, it deflated completely in about 24 hours on it's own. It used to stay inflated for weeks at a time before even deflating slightly. This could be from lack of use for a while, or maybe from it being about 2 years old, or possibly even because it has a small pin prick or tear somewhere that I cannot find. I have multiple cats so the last option is very likely.

The toy attachment has been used a lot. It does not seem to be in bad shape from wear and tear. It is holding up really well. It's a strong toy. It's pretty quiet, even on the highest setting. It should not be heard through a closed door. I wouldn't recommend buying the doll just to get the toy, because I'm sure there's similar toys out there. I would only recommend someone buying the toy who is actually going to use it for it's purpose of penetration. However, I don't know how good it will hold up with penetration or how pleasurable it will be.
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