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Doc Johnson's Super Sucker 2.0 is a UR3 masturbation sleeve that has the additional feature of a hole for an included bullet near the opening. The sleeve is closed ended but very stretchy, and has a nicely ribbed interior. The sleeve can be used inside out if you like things smoother. The bullet has multiple speeds and patterns and can add some nice additional stimulation. The bullet is water resistant, which allows for use in the shower or other wet areas. It all adds up to a nice experience.
Multi-mode vibrator, interior texture, reversible.
Loud vibrator, poor construction.
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Doc Johnson's Super Sucker 2.0 is a translucent masturbation sleeve that has the additional feature of a hole for a bullet near the opening. How to use it seems as clear as the sleeve itself. It can be used with or without the included bullet. Lube up your member and slide it inside the sleeve. Stroke until finished. The clear sleeve, in combination with a fully featured bullet, make for a pretty unique set of features for masturbation. My biggest problem with the sleeve is that, because it was shipped with the bullet in place, the vibrator hole started to tear before I even started using it. It has now torn completely and will no longer hold the bullet. My advice is not to store the sleeve with the bullet in place as it could cause it to tear. Other than that, it is relatively inexpensive and certainly gets the job done.
    • Anywhere

Material / Texture

The Super Sucker 2.0 is made of Ultra Realistic 3 (UR3). UR3 is a mixture of PVC and silicone similar to TPR silicone. I did find that it had a light odor to it, but it wasn't the unpleasant smell of latex. It was almost pleasant, actually. I have certainly smelled much worse. UR3 is meant to feel very realistic (hence the name). Although it is pretty realistic, in my opinion it isn't the most realistic one out there. It feels more realistic than TPR or TPR silicone, but less realistic than say, SuperSkin. The interior is ribbed, but the sleeve can be used inside out if you like things smoother. If you are willing to use it this way, it becomes two sleeves in one. I've noticed this feature with other sleeves, but it is pretty unusual.
With Bullet
    • Light odor
    • Porous
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The opening is small and the sleeve is closed ended but the material is very stretchy. The thinner the material gets the more see through it is. So as it stretches around whatever is inside it becomes more clear. This is interesting: as you masturbate and stretch the end of the sleeve around your member, you can see it better. There is a cavity at the end of the sleeve which allows for additional room for whatever might want to collect there. It is stretchy enough to flip inside out for cleaning and drying. Although I haven't noticed any tearing from having it flipped inside out, the problem I had with the vibrator hole makes me worry that it could be a problem. It is definitely stretchy enough that most guys should be able to fit without issue. Longer gentlemen might not be happy with the depth of the sleeve, but it should be able to stretch down as far as you want as long as you don't mind stretching it down.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Will fit most people

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Super Sucker 2.0 includes a bullet powered by three watch batteries. The bullet is fully featured, as it has three speeds and multiple patterns. The speeds and patterns are cycled through with a single push button on the base of the bullet. First it goes through the three constant speeds, followed by roller coaster (escalating up and down), then slow pulses on high, followed by fast pulses on medium, concluding with constant high speed again, before turning off.

The bullet has an o-ring to make it water resistant, but it seems oversized, so I question its effectiveness. In fact, my first set of batteries died after being stored after cleaning. I don't know if that was due to them getting wet, but it seemed like they died very prematurely. The bullet is probably the loudest of its size that I have ever encountered. This is more of an annoyance than anything else, but it is nice when your bullet is quiet.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The UR3 of the Super Sucker 2.0 can be cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner. It should be allowed to dry completely before storage to avoid mold growth. It is porous and cannot be sterilized, so sharing is discouraged unless condoms are used by both parties or you are already fluid bonded. Most guys don't want to share this kind of thing anyway, so that probably isn't something most of us need to worry about. Since UR3 is a combination of petroleum and silicone based materials, only water based lubes should be used with it, as other lubricants could degrade the material. Following cleaning and drying, corn starch can be applied to help the sleeve maintain its texture. It also should be stored separately from other toys to avoid degradation of the material of either toy.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Packaging for the Super Sucker 2.0 is a cardboard box meant for hanging. It has some product information on the box and a photo of the product. I would say that the packaging is discreet because it lacks photos of scantily clad people and, although it shows the product, it also does not look realistic. The name keeps the purpose of the contents from being a mystery, but it's still more discreet than most. I suppose the box could be used for storage, but it isn't going to hold up well if it is in a cramped environment. It is, however, certainly recyclable.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Recyclable


I've had some time with the Super Sucker 2.0 now and been able to use it both with the normal interior as well as inside out. I have to say I prefer the ribbed interior, but the inside out method works surprisingly well. It didn't require too much lubricant, but some is certainly necessary for a comfortable ride. The bullet adds to the experience, but I have to admit that it isn't something that I find critical. If I slow the stroke down or don't stroke at all then I like to have the bullet on roller coaster and just enjoy the ride. It is entertaining to watch while I stroke, because I can see some of what is going on inside, and the closed end catches everything which means I don't need to worry about where I'm pointing, which is nice.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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