Double vibrating bullet ring - vibrating penis ring by Shots media - review by Ivy Wilde

Two Bullets Aren't Necessarily Twice As Nice

The Double Vibrating Bullet Ring was easy for us, as beginners, to use. However, the positioning of the bullets was not ideal in that neither bullet really stimulated my clit, and the second bullet was irksome in certain positions. The vibrations did nothing for my husband. Using this penis ring, as a whole, was interesting and not unpleasant, but it really didn't add much to our sexual encounter. However, on their own, the bullets were great for nipple stimulation.
Waterproof, very stretchy ring, increased penis girth, two bullets to play with
Bullets did not reach clit, second bullet awkward, vibes not strong enough, tricky to clean
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The Double Vibrating Bullet Ring (DVBR for short) is a stretchy penis ring with, as per the name, two sleeves holding two vibrating bullets on opposite sides of the ring. It is designed to be used around a penis during partner sex with one bullet on “top” and one bullet on “bottom” to stimulate the clitoris and perineum of a female partner, or the perineum/"taint" and ...ummm... the other side of the anus with a male partner. Additionally, the DVBR can be used around a dildo, a traditional vibrator (to turn it into a sort of rabbit or triple stimulator vibe), your fingers or whatever else you care to try. The bullets can also be removed from the ring and used separately.

When removed from the penis ring, the bullets can be used to stimulate your clitoris, penis, nipples or any other external part of your or your partner's body. Because the bullets are so small, they are not suited for insertion into any orifice.

--Apparently some bullets come with the warning not to insert them nasally or aurally (in your ear). Do you really need to be told NOT to do that?--

The DVBR is waterproof and can be used in the shower or the tub. It would probably be fine in the pool or hot tub as well, though it is possible the chlorine might degrade the material of the ring.

As with any penis or cock ring, it is recommended that the DVBR not be left on for more than 20 minutes at a time. Some sites say 30 minutes, but I would prefer to err on the side of safety.

Using a penis ring has been known to cause condoms to break. So these kinds of toys are best used by couples who are fluid bonded and who do not rely on condoms for birth control or disease prevention.
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    • Can be worn during intercourse
    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Mutual stimulation

Material / Texture

The ring part of the DVBR is made from TPR silicone, a silicone based rubber compound that receives a 6 out of 10 on the EF materials safety scale. According to the given information, this material is latex free, non-porous, phthalates free and hypo-allergenic. However, this material can not be completely sterilized, and using a condom to cover it is not practical, so the DVBR should not be used with more than one partner.

There is a very faint chemical smell to the ring, but it is so faint that I did not notice it until I held the ring up to my nose. There is an obvious chemical taste to ring which I found unpleasant.

The bullets are apparently made out of hard plastic. Although, they have no give to them, their surface has been textured to create a very pleasant velvety feel. Plastic is rated 8 out of 10 on the EF materials safety scale. Plastic can be sterilized to a certain extent by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, so the bullets alone could be safe to use with multiple partners as long as you thoroughly clean them between each use.

There is no discernible smell to the bullets, nor could I taste anything when I licked them.
    • Light odor

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The official description states that the unstretched ring is 3” tall by 1.5” wide, and the empty ring does match those dimensions. However, when the bullets are in place, the ring is 2.5” wide.
Unstretched, the interior diameter of the ring is 3/4”. I easily stretched the DVBR around a 2” diameter plastic bottle and with a little effort I managed to get it around a standard 2.625” diameter soda can. So this ring should fit the majority of penises and/or dildos.

The sleeves for the bullets have numerous differently shaped nubs that project from the sleeve and are designed to aid in stimulating the partner of the person wearing the ring. The central nub is a heart that's about 3/8 of an inch in diameter and sticks out about ¼ of an inch. The surrounding nubs are much smaller in diameter, about the size of a pencil tip. They also stick out apx ¼ of an inch. The smaller nubs are extremely flexible and don't really add much to the experience as far as I can tell.

The bullets are apx 2.375” long and slightly more than 5/8” in diameter.
    • Beginner
    • Will fit most men

Functions / Performance / Controls

It is fairly easy to both insert and remove the bullets from the sleeves. I had no problems removing the bullets for cleaning before our first use and was able to re-insert them into their sleeves without needing any lube. I suspect that using lube would make it likely for the bullets to slip out of the sleeves during use.

The bullets run on 3 watch batteries, and are fairly powerful for their size, easily 3 vrooms, but not quite strong enough for 4 vrooms in my opinion. The bullets have only one setting which creates a buzzy rather than a rumbly vibration. A small rubber button on the end of the bullet turns the vibes on and off.

If you only push the button part way down, it turns the vibes on for as long as you maintain pressure. As soon as you release the pressure the vibes turn back off. With a little manual dexterity and some practice, you can use this feature to create pulsing vibrations.

As far as noise goes, they are reasonably quiet. You'd still hear them from underneath a cover, but not if you were very far away, and definitely not through a closed door.

The packaging claims that the DVBR is “Waterproof” on the front of the package, but has the warning, “Do not immerse in water” on the back of the package as part of what seems to be a standardized disclaimer. The bullets do have an O-ring designed to keep water out of the battery compartment, and the buttons seem to be completely sealed. I held them under running water for several minutes while cleaning them. After cleaning, I did not find any water in the battery compartments and both bullets still worked just fine.

Later, to be thorough, I held the DVBR completely underwater for several moments and turned the vibes on and off. I also took the bullets out of the ring and held them underwater on their own and turned them on and off. The bullets did not seem to suffer any ill effects from being submerged, and when I opened the battery compartments, after drying them off externally, I did not see any water inside. So, the DVBR and its bullets do seem to be waterproof despite the warning on the back of the package.
    • Easy to use
    • Waterproof

Care and Maintenance

Because the ring part of the DVBR is made out of a blend of rubber and silicone, only water based lubes are completely safe to use with it. Silicone lubes can be safely used with some silicone and silicone blend products, but you should always spot test a small area before use.

When you are using the bullets WITHOUT the ring, it should be safe to use water, oil or silicone based lubes because the bullets are made out of hard plastic. However, because the O ring used to make the bullets waterproof is probably some form of rubber or silicone, it might be safest to use only water based lubes with the bullets as well.

Both the ring and the bullets should be cleaned before and after each use. They can both be cleaned using warm water and anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. The ring has lots of little nubs and hollows and holes, so you will have to manipulate it around a good bit to make sure you get it completely clean. I would suggest allowing the ring to air dry for a long time before putting it away to make sure that no moisture is left in any of the nooks or crannies.

Additionally, the bullets can be basically sterilized by wiping them thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

The package the DVBR comes in is not suitable for storing the toy once it has been opened. However, the DVBR is small and not particularly fragile, so it can be stored just about anywhere in just about anything. I would recommend placing it in a plastic baggie to help keep it clean between uses.

As always, you should remove the batteries from the toy before storing it to prevent draining the batteries and/or damaging the toy if the batteries leak.
    • Hard to clean


The DVBR comes in a simple blister pack -- a plastic bubble glued to a cardboard backing. The packaging is not discreet since you can clearly see the toy through the plastic “blister”. There are no pictures or graphics on the front of the cardboard the blister is glued to, just the text naming and describing the toy.

The back of the package has a picture of the DVBR and a small graphic showing it in use around a penis. It also has some more text describing the toy and a warning:

“Warning: To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions, this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas of skin. Do not immerse in water. Do not share with other sexual partners. Help to prevent other sexual diseases through the use of condoms, sexual education, proper judgment and rigorous, diligent care.”

I find it odd that despite having this disclaimer, no mention is made about not wearing the ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

It also has two pictures of garbage cans with X's over them. I must assume that this means that it is not safe to simply throw this toy away, and that it should be disposed of in the same manner as batteries or other environmentally harmful items.
    • Minimal


Neither my husband nor I had ever used a penis ring before, so we were both very curious about how the DVBR would work for us. From reading about penis rings, we knew we needed to be careful about not leaving the ring on for more than 20 minutes. Since neither one of us wanted to have to keep checking the time, we decided to set a timer to let us know when playtime was up.

We fooled around quite a bit before putting the ring on, so Mr. Wilde was already fully erect. However, since the ring is so stretchy, this was not a problem. Using both hands, I easily stretched the ring out enough so that I could bring it all the way to the base of his penis before unstretching it and allowing it to squeeze down around his cock.

My husband hit the timer button and I turned on both bullets. My husband said that he did not mind the vibrations, but that they did not do anything special for him. He also said that he did not notice any constriction from the ring.

I enjoyed the vibrations. However, although the vibrations added a little extra stimulation during PIV sex, they also sort of got in the way. I kept trying to adjust our angles so that the top bullet would hit my clit just right, and I could never get quite what I was trying to achieve. It was rather frustrating to have the vibrations there, but not in quite the right spot. The best position that I found for clitoral stimulation was reverse cowgirl, but even in that position, the vibrations from the bullets were not enough to get me off.

The vibrations from the second bullet were really more a distraction than anything else. For the first few minutes, the novelty was nice, but after the novelty wore off, the second bullet really didn't add much to experience. Actually, the bottom bullet, though not a problem in missionary position or doggy-style, definitely got in the way when I was riding cowgirl. And in reverse cowgirl, the top bullet was annoying. The bullets were so hard that they were uncomfortable when pressed firmly against my perineum.

Additionally, the ring and the attached bullets prevented me from getting the entire length of hubby's penis inside me, which was bothersome. However, if I had ever managed to get the clitoral bullet in the right place, I don't think I would have minded the shortening of his stroke as much.

At one point during our evening of experimentation, we did try stretching the ring over both his cock and balls, but he found that extremely uncomfortable. Whether that was because the ring was actually too tight to go around both, or because, being novices, we simply didn't know how to position the ring properly for both cock and balls, I don't know.

Despite the fact that some people have complained about these type of stretchy penis rings pulling pubic hairs, my husband, who does not shave or trim, said that he experienced no pubic hair pullage during use.

As we were playing, both my husband and I noticed that his cock did seem to be noticeably thicker than usual, presumably because of the way the cock ring prevents blood from flowing back out of the penis through the veins close to the surface of the cock.

As for the ring prolonging his erection... In my perception, he came noticeably more quickly than usual. He feels like he lasted longer than usual. So, whether or not the ring prolongs erections is unclear.

Once we were done with PIV sex, we took the bullets out of the ring and played with them in other ways. I tried to use one of the bullets to bring me to clitoral orgasm. Holding it in my hand, I was able to more accurately direct it, but even then, it just wasn't quite strong enough to get me off.

My husband used the other bullet to tease my nipples, and as far as nipple teasing goes, these bullets do a superb job.

From my perspective, the DVBR did add a little something extra to our sexual encounter. However, it was not as thrilling as I had hoped it would be. From my husband's perspective, although it increased his girth slightly, it didn't do anything to increase his pleasure. For us, it was more fun to use the bullets alone, than to use the DVBR as a whole. However, other women with less demanding clits may find using the DVBR much more enjoyable than I did. And men who enjoy vibrations on their cock and balls may derive greater pleasure from the DVBR than my husband did.
Follow-up commentary
Hubby and I have never really tried this vibrating ring again. It just wasn't enough fun the first time to give it another shot. I have tried using just the bullets on my clit, but they just aren't strong enough to do much for me. They feel nice on my nipples, but that's about it. And "nice" isn't really good enough, in my opinion. I want more than "nice" from my sex toys.
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