Vibrating "O" Plus - penis extension by Cal Exotics - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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Wake up floppy head!

Vibrating "O" Plus is a nice concept with poor execution. The sleeve is hard to get on, and you may need to customize it by cutting off some of the links (if it is too big). Some mild vibrations for the women, and none for the guy. The design could use some major improvements before I could recommend this to anyone.
Hard to get on, hard to clean, and floppy.
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The Vibrating "O" Plus is designed to fit over the penis, similar to how a condom would, instead of a sperm reservoir there is a vibrating head that adds 1 and 1/2 inches to your total size. The head has two settings; one of these setting is "vibrate on contact". The "vibrate on contact" is how it sounds, the head vibrates when it is in contact with a surface (or when inserted). The other setting is "constant vibration", which is a constant vibration.

The sleeve itself is very soft and stretchy (as advertised), while the vibrating head is solid, but still soft to the touch.

Material / Texture

Vibrating "O" Plus is made of from Thermoplastic Rubber (Also known as TPR). Thermoplastic Rubber is a blend or compound that exhibits a thermoplastic character. Thermoplastic Rubber is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and phthalates-free. While Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) is less porous than Cyberskin it is more so than Silicone. Thermoplastic Rubber can be used to produce a wide variety of textures, which include bicycle handles, toothbrushes and some children's toys.

Since the Vibrating "O" Plus is made from Thermoplastic Rubber you can only use water-based or silicone lubricants. Petroleum-based oils will damage the material.

Out of the box there is no foul smell or taste, maybe slight rubber smell or taste but it is very faint.

The material that the Vibrating "O" Plus is made from is very stretchy, so you will not have to worry about being to big for the product.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The soft and flexible shaft liner could be vastly improved. The liner does not keep the vibrating head in place. For users who are not well endowed, you may have to cut off some of the shaft liner in order to make this fit.

The shaft liner had me scratching my head; it is a very long shaft liner, almost eight inches. With a one and a half inch vibrating head the total is close to 9 inches. I would think a guy with an 8 inch member would not need the extension; however the guy may want a vibration (I would suggest a good cock ring).

Maybe the liner could be thicker, less flexible. Right now with its thin and flexible liner it is a hassle trying to get it on and inserting is another subject!

One could cut the liner so that it fits them better. You would have to be very careful though not to cut off too much.

The vibrating head itself has some design complications which could use some attention by the product designer.

The head is basically shaped like a tip of the penis (the head); there is a tiny hole in this stretchy TPR sleeve like head where the vibrator lays. You can remove this through the small hole to switch the batteries. I removed it to examine the vibrator and found that putting it back into the tiny (yet very stretchy) hole was a big pain in the ass. I managed to crookedly get the vibrator back into the prosthetic penis head, it took some work but I finally got it straightened out.

Due to the small hole on the penis extender, the complications mount. I noticed that lubricant (Along with vaginal juices) gets trapped in this hole also. This made me worry about the vibrator, would it short circuit? Would it cause any kind of shock? It did not short circuit or shock me but, who is to say in the future it will not.

Now lastly, as a whole how does the product work? Well, once the "Vibrating O Plus" was securely put on how advertised, I noticed the head was a bit floppy. I found myself having to keep pull the sleeve down over my penis to keep the vibrating head on/in the correct spot. While inside of my girlfriend the head would slip out of position also.

The vibrator itself could use some work. Vibrating "O" Plus is advertised to vibrate on touch; this is not necessarily the case. If you press on the top (of the vibrating head) with a small amount of pressure it will vibrate. However if you push on the sides or simply hold the product there is no vibration. Maybe to improve this, sensor could have been placed on the side of the circular vibrator.

The vibrations did not travel downwards, and did not provide any stimulation for me (the male wearing the product). The TPR head did not transfer any of the vibrations from the head to the Liner.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrator has one speed, and two options. The speed is fairly high. Option number one is a constant vibration on the high speed. The button for the constant vibration is hidden and tough to get at. You can either take the vibrator out and turn the small switch on the bottom on, which is quite a hassle, or fumble around with it and try to turn the switch through the material. The second option is "Vibrate on touch" which is not necessarily what you would think, in order for this option to work you must apply some pressure to the top of the TPR head.

Care and Maintenance

Vibrating "O" Plus, along with other products made from Thermoplastic Rubber can not be sterilized (Can not be boiled). You should cleanse these products with warm water and a mild soap. Along with mild soap, you may use Anti-bacterial soaps or a Sex toy cleaner.

Cleaning the Vibrating "O" Plus is simple. Pop the vibrator out and follow the above procedure. Put the vibrator back in is the only hassle.


Vibrating "O" Plus is packaged in the usual style Cal-Exotic box. The front is comprised of warm colors (Shades of pink, red, and some purple). There is a nice picture of the product on the front which is helpful to those wishing to know what the product is supposed to look like. There is also a "couple" on the front and back, I personally found the "couple" to be a little...fake. Two supermodels slash porn stars (who are clothed) are embracing each other. They are both very attractive, yet it just comes off as a little fake. That is just my honest opinion. I suppose that these attractive people will help sell the product, and it isn't what you would call poor marketing. However the warm color scheme and the white letters stand out really well.

On the back, along with a picture of the product there is also a picture illustrating the position of the batteries (which appear to be in the head of the vibrator)

Personal comments

I have heard of people complain about TPR before, but my experiences with the material have been actually favorable. If utilized properly TPR can be make a very decent product, in fact I have used some very nice TPR products.

The packaging had some nice pictures of the product, along with two attractive people. I found the attractive couple to be a tad bit over the top. I understand fully that they are there to sell the product, but this is not your "typical" customer, maybe they could have went the less traveled non porn star look. Hey it is a nice cover, and I will not take anything away from the overall score for this, but I thought there might be small room for improvement.

Also I heard reports that this has a tendency to rip out pubic hair (from a male perspective), while I did not have any issue like this, it is worth being noted.


This was not the easiest product to use by any stretch of the imagination. It was tough to get on, and troublesome to keep it on. I understand the concept, but not the execution.

My girlfriend did not find the vibrator to be all that stimulating, and I sure as hell did not get any vibrations from it.

I personally did not have a great experience with this product.

I am going to give this product one star out of five stars.

You can use a condom with this product, It may or may not cause friction on the condom.

I would not suggest this for any kind of anal usage, The sleeve is prone to slippage. and really could lead to problems!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    You're braver than we are, man. This doesn't look like it would be comfortable for anyone involved!
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    Thanks Alan & Michele! It wasn't the most comfortable device that is for sure Tongue out
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    It looks like a finger cast I used once when I jammed my finger really bad.
    Really though, 8 - 9"! I agree with you, a ring would probably work better and not make your unit look like Hannibal Lector.
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    Again?! I'm sorry this was voted less than it deserves!
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    Great review! im sorry this toy did not work out for you and i give you major props for accepting this assignment i got this same assignment given to me and i rejected it because there was no way i was putting that on me it looked very unfordable.
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    Yeah, I accept most things, if it helps someone considering buying a product then I hope it helps them. Big smile
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    Great review! This toy looks scary, even to me and I tried the Jaguar :O
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