Fleshlight Girls Pirates Edition Jesse Jane - masturbator by Fleshlight - review by Brandon

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Walk the plank with Fleshlight!

Before now, I was very skeptical when it came to the fleshlight as I wondered what all of the hype was about. I soon realized what I had been missing! This toy was designed with the quality needed to surpass all others. There truly is not another even close to the fleshlight and second place might as well be miles away. If you are looking for the most realistic experience possible, then the fleshlight was created for you. Like myself, if you are a little skeptical, you won't be much longer!
Easy to use and store. Great size and discreet. Free vibrating pendant, easy to follow care guide.
Non really. pretty flawless!
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To be quite honest, I have been wondering what all the hype is about when it comes to the fleshlight masturbator. I have owned many different types of masturbator sleeves and realistic vaginas, but always wondered how they would compare to the one and only fleshlight. Well, I finally gave in and ordered the Fleshlight Girls Pirates Edition Jesse Jane- Masturbator. I could not wait for it to arrive so I could really see if it lives up to its name and reputation. To my surprise, I was absolutely in awe with the fleshlight. This product is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I have tried! I am now a total believer in the fleshlight, and I am sure after you read my complete review, you will soon see why! This product was definitely designed with you in mind by giving you the most realistic and accurate replica of Jesse Jane’s vagina! With this Pirates Edition Fleshlight, what used to be a fantasy can now become a reality!

Material / Texture

Whoever designed this product, really must have done their homework and for that, they earn an A+. This super skin design truly captures the most realistic look and feel that you will find. It is very soft to the touch and is as close to the feel of flesh as you can get. The only way it could be any closer to the real this is if it actually was the real thing! The super skin material used is also completely safe to use, as it is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. Taking a closer look inside the fleshlight, you will soon notice many different types of nodules and ribs, sure to deliver the most sensations imaginable. There is actually a combination of 5 textures that you can experience and you go further and deeper into the fleshlight. I will discuss the different sorts of textures in the following sections. As for the outside of the toy, it is created from a very sturdy gold plastic material sure to last the test of time.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

One aspect I really like about this certain style of masturbator is that at first glance, it actually is pretty difficult to notice what it really is. I am not saying you should leave it sitting around the house, but for an untrained eye, it could totally go unnoticed. Resembling an everyday object was pure genius by giving you the option to keep it as discreet as you want!

Holding the fleshlight in your hands, you will soon feel that this in not some cheap and poorly designed product. Coming in right at 2 pounds and about 9 ¾ inches in length, you can tell that it was definitely designed with a guy in mind. It has a vaginal depth of 8 inches and has a width of 3 ¼ with an overall circumference of 12 inches. All to often, I have noticed that many masturbator sleeves can be a little short in length, causing you to slide out the other end. For me anyways, that really takes away from the overall pleasure and experience that you can gain from the toy. With that being said, the fleshlight was created to fit perfectly no matter what size you may be. You will feel as if this Fleshlight was created just with you in mind by giving you the perfect fit every time!

Functions / Performance / Controls

If this fleshlight was not enough to make your day, they also threw in a free 5 function vibrating pendent necklace. This necklace truly looks as if it was a prop for the film. Like the outer casing of the fleshlight, it is that same gold color. The vibe is very easy to use. To turn on, simply push the button on the top of the pendant(where the chain attaches.) In doing so, you will notice the first setting which in low constant vibrations. If you press the button again, you will then be in high constant mode. The next 3 modes take you through different combinations of slow and fast pulse vibrations. It runs off of 3 button style batteries which can be located by unscrewing the end closest to the necklace. In my opinion, this product could easily be marketed to not only guys, but couples as well. There truly is something for everyone! My wife is absolutely in love with the vibrating pendant necklace. She has stated several times that it is hands down the best wireless vibe we have owned to date! And as for me, I really enjoy when my wife uses it on me as well. She really can hold the power in her hands by teasing and massaging my scrotum and penis with this pendant vibe. Every time in doing so, I always have a very intense orgasm.

Lets now talk about the actual fleshlight! Like I mentioned a little earlier, the inside of the sleeve is truly amazing! There are 5 different textures as you move deeper into the sleeve. When first entering, you are greeted by a tight micro rib which really creates a one of a kind sensation. As you move further, you are then surprised by 4 different textures and arrangements of ribs and nubs. This effect really creates what I call a "sensational roller coater" for you penis! For me anyways, that is one ride I'll stay in life for all day to ride over and over again!

For a quick tip, this product is very innovational when it come to elite masturbators. There is an end cap located at the base of the fleshlight. No only can it be removed for cleaning purposes, but most importantly, it causes suction to be created during use. And to adjust the intensity of the suction, all you have to do is tighten or loosen the cap!

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to the fleshlight, care and maintenance could really not be any easier. Like I mentioned before, the creators have included an easy to use and understand care and usage guide. It gives a very detailed listing of not only how to use the fleshlight, but how to store and clean as well. There are also photos to go along with each set of instructions. While using your fleshlight, one needs to make sure that they are only using water-based lubes as other types can actually break down and destroy the sleeve.

As for cleanup, all you have to do is remove the sleeve and run warm water through the interior. Again to keep your sleeve in great condition, do NOT wash with any types of soaps. The booklet mentions for a deep cleaning, you may consider using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. Once cleaned, towel dry and let air out before putting the sleeve back into the case. After completely dry, reinsert the sleeve into the case and you are ready to store safely until next time!


Upon arrival, I was extremely impressed with how this product was packaged. This fleshlight arrived in a very nice tin container that is very esthetically pleasing and would be great for storage. A free pendant vibe necklace and a sample of lube also accompanied the fleshlight! And if that is not enough, the creators also threw in a complete care and usage guide! This is the first product that I have ever purchased that came with a complete care and usage guide. In my opinion, the guide is very beneficial by not only using easy to follow directions, but also including illustrations on how to care and clean for your Fleshlight. I will discuss cleaning and storing your Jesse James fleshlight a little later in my review, but I thought this was a very nice addition.

Personal comments

Overall, I am absolutely sold when it comes to the fleshlight. I started as a skeptic, but definitely came out a true believer. The quality and design cannot be imitated or surpassed. It is very hard for me to think that there is room for improvement.


If you want to make this truly realistic feeling sleeve even more sensational, heat up the sleeve before using it. This task can simply be done by removing the sleeve and placing it in warm water. After a moment, insert the sleeve back into the plastic and you are set up to experience what the fleshlight has to offer. I was very pleased to find out that it almost feels as great as the real thing! I also really enjoy when my wife uses this on me as well.

To keep your fleshlight sleeve in great condition, you may consider adding cornstarch every now and then. Even though this in not a deal breaker, you may notice that the material might feel smoother to the touch.
Follow-up commentary
Overall, this is still one of the best products that I own to date. I would highly recommend this for any guy. Since purchasing, I have had absolutely no complaints. Great product!
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