The flame thrower double bullet - cock ring by Evolved Novelties - review by Beck

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The Double Flame Thrower looks cool, but overall the design isn't the most practical. It's only going to fit a certain size in circumference, and it's not the most comfortable ring for those to wear. There are multiple uses for this cock ring, but some of them defeat the purpose of this ring in the first place. The only thing this ring has going for it is it's bullets. The bullets have a wide variety of functions with decent vibrations. Otherwise this ring just is poorly designed, in my opinion.
Bullets have a wide variety of functions, and multiple uses.
Only going to fit a certain size, not comfortable, and impracticable design.
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The Flame Thrower Double Bullet cock ring is meant to be worn by a male on the shaft of the penis during intercourse. During this time, the double bullets would be used on the desired setting to provide vibrations. These vibrations would stimulate the area they are in contact with. This cock ring is designed with the intention that heterosexual couples will be using it. Though, it could easily be used on a dildo or for guy on guy action, but those couples would have to keep in mind that it's mostly designed for heterosexual encounters. Every one is different anatomy wise, so these bullets might not line up as intended. The bullet on the top would be used to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. And the bottom bullet would stimulate the base of the penis and/or the testicles. Should you be using it on a dildo, the only bullet you would want to use is the top one because the dildo doesn't need vibrations along the shaft. If this is used in guy on guy action depending on the position the top bullet could be used to stimulate the perineum while the bottom bullet stimulated your partner.

Whether or not you can use this cock ring is going to depend mostly on the size and comfort level for each person using it. In my personal opinion, this cock ring is poorly designed. The double bullets are bulky. So they can be somewhat uncomfortable during use. The ring is made of a stretchy material, but it's also thin in some areas, so too much stretching can rip the material. Also with the bulky double bullets make the hole for the ring smaller. So it cuts into the space that is designed for average size cocks.

Material / Texture

The cock ring is made of TPR. TPR is a rubber polymer blend or compound. It's known to exhibit thermoplastic characteristics. Rated at a 7 out of 10, TPR is less porous then cyberskin, but more porous then silicone. So sharing this item isn't recommended. You can not properly sterilize or clean this material because this material is somewhat porous. TPR is a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free.

It feels squishy and rubbery. Very similar feeling to rubbery jello. There is a fair amount of stretch to the material, but too much stretching can result in ripping the material. This TPR is a lint magnet. It appears to collect everything in its path. There is no smell or taste to the material.

The bullets are made of plastic. Plastic is a synthetic or semi-synthetic polymer. Rated 8 out of 10 it's completely non porous. It can be cleaned using alcohol or 10% bleach solution for sharing. As a hypoallergenic material, plastic is latex and phthalates free.

It's smooth and firm to the touch. There is no give to this material, which makes it an excellent external vibrator. A firm and unforgiving material used externally allows for pressure to be applied, but that doesn't mean the vibrations won't be defused. Plastic doesn't collect lint and is easy to care for. There is no smell or taste with plastic either.

The flame design makes this ring have squishy spikes that are meant to be ticklers. This is the only texture you will find on the ring. The bullets are texture free aside from the tip. The tip has a raised circle that stands out more then the rest of the vibrator, but this shouldn't effect it's use. The bullet is also split at the 3/4 mark. This is to insert the batteries. When the bullet is in the bottom placement of the ring, this seam can be irritating to the user.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The bullets are The Ammunition bullet. Should you have a defective one or want to change up the color scheme of things; you can purchase additional bullets. In between the size of a double A battery and a standard chapstick tube. It measures 2.5" in length. Ammunition is about as big as my ring finger. Having a 2.25" circumference or a 0.75" diameter. Attempting to be discreet, the design appears to mimic that of a bullet or shot gun shell. This isn't the most discreet toy you'll ever see, but it's small enough to hid just about anywhere.

The cock ring is suppose to resemble a flame ball. The bottom is rounded and the top has spikes that are suppose to be flames shooting up. There is a hole in the middle. A small hole on the top. And two holes that are parallel on the sides. This ring is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

The cock ring is confusing for measurements. If you desire to use the ring without any of the bullets; it will fit 8" circumference or a 2.5" diameter comfortably. Deciding to use the bottom bullet will limit the stretch. The bottom bullet ends up taking up space in the cock ring. So, if you want to use the bottom bullet, you have to be 5" in circumference or under (1.5" diameter.) If you are larger this is not going to be very comfortable to you and the thin material can rip after too much stretch.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullets are powered by cell batteries. These are better known as watch batteries or LR44 batteries. You can purchase them here in packs of 12. The batteries can be inserted after you twist the cap off. After which you can control the vibrations with the single push button on the bottom.

There are 7 vibrations settings total for this bullet. These vibrations are moderate, but buzzy. They're pin pointed mostly to the top of the bullet. They are really quiet vibrations. No one should be able to hear them behind closed doors or under the covers. All settings are worthy of approximately 3 vrooms and 1 bee.

The functions are as follow:
1. A low steady vibration.
2. A medium steady vibration.
3. A high steady vibration.
4. A high steady vibration for about 3 seconds and then a pause.
5. Pulsation that starts high, goes to low, then off, and back again.
6. A quick pulse, then a weak pulse, and back.
7. A pulsation that builds up to high.

The bullet and the cock ring are considered waterproof. The bullet is protected by a rubber ring. The cock ring doesn't have any controls, so it can be completely submerged as well. When the bullet is used under water the sound is muffled, but the vibrations are not. I did notice it heated after being submerged.

Care and Maintenance

The bullet and cock ring are easy to care for. They can both be washed with soap and water, toy cleaner, or toy wipes. Should you want to thoroughly clean the bullet you can do so with alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. The cock ring can't be cleaned like this. So, you should pick up another one if sharing. You'll want to clean your cock ring before and after each use because it collects a lot of lint.

The ring and the bullet can be stored together. I recommend that you store the ring in a plastic bag or toy pouch to help cut down on the lint attraction. Then you will want to store this discreetly. You can tell it's most definitely a cock ring.

TPR is compatible with silicone and water based lubes. Plastic is compatible with all lubes. So, it's best to stick with silicone and water based lubes so you don't damage the TPR.


When my cock ring arrived I was confused on how to get the bullets to work. But after I played with them I realized they were defective. Then it came to mind that I had seen the ammunition bullet and thought it was the replacement bullet for the Evolved cock rings. I decided to read the reviews and make sure it was the same bullet. And I discovered it was. So, instead of putting in for a return and waiting out the replacement, I ordered the replacement bullets.

Once I got the bullets, I was messing with the ring trying to put the bullets in place. I thought it was weird how it was designed, but was up for the assignment.

Now, my hubby is a bit skeptical when it comes to cock rings. We have yet to try one we actually like. I think it's more of a mental thing for him. Anyway, I put the bullets in place and tried to put the cock ring on my partner. Only, I had a hell of a time doing this. So much so that the material at the very top, keeping the top bullet in place, ripped.

After that happened though I was able to get the ring in my partner. However, that meant no clitoral stimulation for myself, which is a lot of the reason to use a cock ring. My partner is a larger then the average size of most men. (According to Wikipedia the average circumference is 3.5" to 3.9" or 1" to 1.25" diameter.) My partner is a 6" circumference or about 2" diameter. This cock ring wasn't comfortable for him to wear because the bottom bullet would rub him. He was able to wear the cock ring without the bottom bullet, but that defeated the purpose. Because it didn't have any effects of prolonging or help with maintaining the erection. Overall, this cock ring just didn't work for us.

I wanted to show you the ring on a model. So below are images of the cock ring with only the bottom bullet on Softee Ballsy Cock. Softee Ballsy is 5" in circumference or 1.5" in diameter. And as you can see this size is a stretch for the cock ring. This ring is only going to work for those who are not so well endowed.

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