Fleshlight jack ass - masturbator by Fleshlight - review by Betty Rocket

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Why yes, yes it IS a Fleshlight...

DJ loves it. I love it. I want to buy him another for Christmas and BEDAZZLE it. Write my name on it in puffy paint. I'm getting "Fleshlight" tattooed on my butt...
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DJ got a little tired of me having all the fun, and asked that I select a man's sex toy|Fleshlight® jack ass for review.

Only the best for my man.

Unfortunately, the butt|Fleshlight butt, mouth|Fleshlight mouth, and vagina|Fleshlight vagina Fleshlights had all been reviewed. Almost ready to move on to other strokers, I saw that The Jack Ass was still without attention. Now, the name itself was a bit of a turn off. The Jack Ass? Jackass... jack... ass. "Hey honey, want to play with your JACK ASS?"

But, it was still a Fleshlight, and for men, this toy is exceptional. I probably would have chosen it if it were named "potato chips."

So I added it, and researched it while I waited for it to arrive.

Made by Fleshlight, this particular toy is one of their "Fleshjack line", toys specifically geared towards gay men. The alter ego of its similar counterpart, Fleshjacks have their own site, forsaking the nubile girls for handsome and virile men. There are no real differences between the Fleshjack and a Fleshlight. They come encased in the same flashlight housing and contain the same Super Skin stroker. The Fleshjack site does not sell the stroker that resembles a vagina, and the stroker that resembles a rear end does not have the visible "lips" at the base.

I was just as excited about this toy as I would have been about any toys that were specifically intended for me. When it arrived, I was a little disappointed to see it was packed in a plain cardboard box and surrounded in plastic wrap. Maybe it is the girl in me, I just expected some sort of packaging. It did come with a sample packet of Gun Oil H2O lube and a little booklet describing the other types of strokers available. No instructions and no advice on how to care for it (this info is available in PDF format on their website).

Now, superskin material is low profile formula; I was unable to unearth exactly what it is made of. I can tell you that it's hypoallergenic, latex-free, and VERY, VERY realistic. The people at Fleshlight only offer up that it's “not rubber and not silicone.” It's patented, and so far no one has died using one so...

I could not resist sticking my two fingers in the tiny butt to see exactly what DJ had waiting for him. Very soft and pliable, and one twist of the base and the suction was incredible. The canal of the Jack Ass is smooth and tight; I don't expect many men would dislike that. In the olfactory sense, there was a slight sweet smell, but not the funk you get from a jelly toy. Cleaning is simple. A good rinse and dry. Iso. alcohol can be used on occasion, and to keep the material supple you should shake it in cornstarch occasionally.

Be warned, you should only use water based lube with any superskin toy and ensure you store it dry.
I left it waiting on his dresser, told him it was there, and went to work. When I called him to check in later, he sounded distracted.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“Busy…” he said.

If I had a mirror, I would have seen the know-it-all smirk inch its way across my face.

“You like the Fleshlight don't you?”

The next night he did the same thing.

Me: "What are you doing?"

DJ: “Call me back in ten minutes...”

So today I tossed my children in bed, grabbed the Fleshjack, and ordered him onto the bed. “How dare he do this without me?” I thought.

I knew it did the trick when I saw that his cock was already hard when he undressed. We soaked him in lube and I slowly slid the stroker over his wet dick.

Ladies, this was a HOT experience. Hand jobs are nice, but the Fleshjack was a sight. I varied the tightness of the suction and watched his hips buck in rhythm with my bouncing hand. It was fantastic.

If you are like DJ and tend to LAST FOREVER, the housing can become a little heavy and cumbersome. This is easily resolved by switching hands, using both hands, making him do it his DAMN self, or propping it up and letting him fuck it. Not me, I bit my lip and took it, waiting patiently for the finish.

Now for long haulers, you will also need to reapply lube often and liberally. The little packet they sent was gone in a very short period of time.

We have no complaints, and have to say that this is indeed the best men's sex toy out there.
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    Hahaha. Excellent review. All that realskin stuff is quite mysterious. I'd suggest more-than-occasional cornstarch use, and to make sure the inside gets a powder coating after washing, too.
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    "I probably would have chosen it if it were named 'potato chips.'"

    Oh my God, that line made me laugh so hard!
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