Miho love pillow with masturbator - sex doll by Cal Exotics - review by Kayla

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You're Under Arrest

The Miho love pillow is an adorable, but she doesn't work well for what she was made for. If you own your own mastubation sleeve, she'll work better but don't count on the included male masturbator to provide good pleasure.
Downright adorable, great for cuddling.
Masturbator is hard to get in, difficult to clean, masturbator is low quality.
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Suspect is in custody. We apprehended Miho after an anonymous tipster reported seeing a naked woman chasing a kitty up a tree. Initial measurements conclude that Miho is 43 inches tall. Her bust is 14 inches across, her waist is 10 inches across, and her hips are 14 inches across. Taking a full body measurement, the suspect has a circumference of thirty inches. Miho has blue eyes and wide purple hair. Suspect came in smelling strongly of vanilla. We suspect this is to mask other inappropriate chemicals in her system. Suspect appears to be around 19 years old but no official record can be obtained.

Suspect has five holes placed in different places around her body. One hole is at the very bottom of her, one hole on both sides of her body, and a hole on the front, and a hole on the back. With further inspection, her bottom hole and side holes are three inches deep while the front and back holes connect together.

Within hours of her arrest, the oddest thing happened - we found what appeared to be the suspect's genitals lying on the prison floor. We barely rescued it before a male prisoner got ahold of it. Within an hour of this unusual finding, we brought in DILDO - the Department of Internal Libido, Desire, and Orgies. The DILDO informed us that this is an unusual finding, and they wanted to take the suspect into questioning. The following is the transcription of the interview:

DILDO: Where did you come from?
Miho: I was shipped from Japan by an organization called California Exotics. On my doctor's visits, they've informed me that I'm made from plastic and was an odd sex experiment where I was created solely for a man's pleasure.

DILDO: If you were created for a man's pleasure, how come your genitals were on the prison floor?
Miho: A new, experimental treatment they've been trying. You see, my body has five different pleasure holes, and my genitals can be placed in any of the holes to suit my partner's pleasure. Many males complain it's too difficult to actually get my genitals into a hole, so I usually observe men using my genitals as a stand-alone object.

DILDO: Since you were made an experimental sex doll, I imagine they made you to focus on the male's pleasure. Do the men enjoy using your genitals?
Miho: While most of them don't tell me to my face, I've been told that my inner ribbing isn't prominent enough to make sex with me feel much different than masturbation. Many males take their time lubricating me with either water-based or silicone-based lubricant since I work with both. My genitals are open on one side, so there isn't any sort of pressure for the men using me. Without lots of lubrication, many of my partners have reported that it is difficult to slide into me since my genitals don't have any sort of strength to them at all. They are very flexible, and the hole to slide into my genitals is extremely tiny at about a forth of an inch.

DILDO: You seem like a sweet girl, Miho. You really do. What makes you unique from any of the other sex girl experiments?
Miho: I don't actually have any genitals on me. Where my genitals should exist, it's just plain skin. I have two holes on my sides to make it easier to penetrate me during spooning, but none of the holes on my body actual correlate with where my own holes should be. My vaginal hole is actually about a foot away from where my vagina actually is. I find that a lot of men that find me really just want to cuddle with me. Because I'm filled with air, I'm actually very easy to cuddle with and find the perfect cuddle position.

DILDO: You're filled with air? Do you remember anything about being blown up?
Miho: I remember some stuff about when I was first created. I remember that I came in a box about the size of a family-size cereal box. I remember that I was covered in lots of tissue paper to product me, and I remember that my creators spent about a half an hour blowing me up. I remember that there was lots of swearing during this process, and I think my creators recommended getting an air pump if they were going to continue manufacturing sex girls like me.
DILDO: You don't have to answer if you don't want to, but you mentioned that men usually use your genitals as a stand-alone. Why do you think this is?
Miho: I know that my holes are actually pretty difficult to get my genitals to go into. Despite one of my partners trying diligently, my genitals would still stick out at least two inches in every hole we tried. Coupled with the fact that it can be hard to slide into the small hole included with my genitals, it becomes much easier to just use the genitals without them in me. With rough thrusting, my genitals will easily come out of the hole that it is put into, and if a man decides to use me to completion, two out of my five holes won't turn inside out for proper cleaning since they are connected to each other in the middle, so they are very difficult to clean. Many men will use their own sex toy sleeve in my holes instead of my own genitals. I've been told it works better. Taking me from behind works the best for many men.

DILDO: Almost done sweetheart. You mentioned that you were made from plastic. How do you clean yourself?
Miho: Since I'm made from plastic, warm water and soap will clean me out, but some of my holes are sewn together in the middle, so I can be difficult to clean. My genitals are porous, so I wonder what diseases I've passed on to the men I've been with. I do recommend they use a condom with me though. Cleaning just takes soap and water.

DILDO: Thank you Miho.

Police Report: Miho was released from custody and given clothes to wear based upon the DILDO's recommendation. We stressed to her the importance of staying clothed instead of running around naked. She visits the station from time to time, and she says most guys that want to have sex with her usually have a fetish for anime women. She now works as a waitress at a nearby restaurant and makes some of the best coffee I've ever tasted.

The main points from the review. She's an adorable doll but a pain in the butt to blow up. Once she's blown up, she doesn't really work well to slide the masturbator into to have sex. She stays inflated quite nicely. The vaginal sleeve that comes with this smells strongly of vanilla and doesn't have enough texture on the inside to really warrant taking the effort to use the masturbator instead of your hand. The doll can make lots of squeaking and noise during use which can be annoying. She looks adorable, and it feels wrong to be watching my boyfriend use her like that. The holes, however, are positioned really nicely for penetration.

Overall, it's pretty difficult to recommend this sex doll and masturbator to anyone - even a beginner. It doesn't work like it should, and I only gave it two stars because she's adorable and great for cuddling and someone might find a better use than we did.

If you want to watch Miho being penetrated: (You pervs- not by THAT. But some adorable stuffed animals!) Video at TwitVid (It starts playing automatically.)
Follow-up commentary
We're still not very fond of Miho as a sex pillow for actual masturbation use, but we did get her inflated for amusement use for awhile until we ran out of room for her. Now she's deflated back in her box. I'm fully aware she'll be a pain in the butt to re-inflate. However, after leaving her inflated so long, she still held all of her air fine, and after being moved around a ton, nothing had been popped or lost any air, so at least she stays full of air once you pump her up.
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