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50 "Wild" Sex Positions You've Probably Already Tried

Position Sex is full of recycled positions and tired twists on old favorites. However, if you or your partner are brand new to having sex, this book provides a soft introduction to a hardcore act.
Perfect for those who've never had sex before.
Seasoned couples will find this book boring.
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Position Sex is a book for closeted beginners. The author opens to the imagery that missionary is the only position you ever use and that couples resort to doggy style only when they feel adventurous. Ms.Rawlins sets the tone of the book in her "Explore" passage when she talks about the reader having the idea that masturbation is shameful and describing bondage toys as "paraphernalia" in her "Add Props" paragraph.

In Position Sex there are 50 sexual positions with coordinating "full" color photographs (no genitalia is ever exposed which hinders the reader's perception of some positions, an example would be #10, "Octopussy"). With each position the author describes how it can be mastered, she also carries on as to why this is a beneficial position for both the woman and the man engaging in it. If you're expecting something new and exciting you won't find it here, instead you'll be introduced to tired positions with cheesy new names and very little twist added to them.

Let's talk positions, there's 50 of them but they all feel recycled. One that you've definitely tried before is the 2nd, Wide Release. In this position there is a "full" color photograph of a woman laying on her back with her legs wide open and a man kneeling in front of her holding onto her ankles, using her legs to thrust himself forward and into her vagina. The author highlights the key points for Her & Him. In her "What's In It For Her" section she opens with: "Your hot bod is on full display!" and in the author's "What's In It For Him" she describes that "the turn on for you in this position revolves around being able to see yourself insert your erect penis into her wet and willing vagina. The Capability of men to become highly aroused from visual stimulation is well documented." Did you know you get turned on by watching yourself fuck your partner? She reiterates common knowledge throughout all positions and treats the reader as if they're ignorant to their own personal desires and fetishes.

The 5th position is doggy style renamed as "Rump Romp- Boom, chicka boom!". The author's comical notes in the Her & His sections can't be passed up and have to be shared for you to understand the true nature of this book. Hers: "If you want to play being "dirty" during sex, this position presents the perfect opportunity. You can easily titillate your man by waving your ass around and acting raunchy." His: "Seeing her bottom, with cheeks parted and your penis entering and withdrawing is almost too much stimulus for you! You will be uber-excited when taking her in from the rear, so don't be surprised if you come ore quickly when having sex in this position."

The 25th position, reverse cowgirl aptly renamed "Clit Control" offers a section for male partners that don't really know how to touch the clitoris. While all other material in the book seems to be common knowledge amongst those already having sex, this little segment is actually beneficial for those that don't exactly know how to correctly touch the clit. The author offers 3 tips in this "When I think About You, I Touch Myself" section. The first, rolling- "Place a thumb and forefinger around the nub and gently roll it in between his fingers." Rounding- "She takes his first two fingers and places them over top of her clitoris. Move them in a circular motion and vary the speed and pressure." Tapping- "With the index finger of his right hand, lightly tap the clitoris." While these seem like ideas most men already know, it's nice to have a little know-how when you first start exploring together as a couple.

The author recycles comments left in previous sections, she treats the reader as if they are ignorant and notes in the 37th position that having sex in a rocking chair means that you're "feeling crazy". In the 43rd position, a blow job, she warns that "men's genitals are highly sensitive to pain, so watch your teeth!" This book is without a doubt for those brand new to sex, the soft-core imagery and soft phrasing that doesn't contain any graphic wording makes it suitable for fresh faced sexual beginners. For those that are well versed in sex there will be nothing new gained from 50 Positions and unfortunately, there aren't exactly a total of 50 positions as the 44th is just a guideline for performing oral sex on a female partner. There is a shining moment in the 46th position, X Games, a position that requires dexterity and one that I've never considered before but beyond that there's nothing else that warrants seasoned couples to consider this book.
Follow-up commentary
I went back to this book because I had hoped that I could find something I had missed previously. Unfortunately, I was unable to. I've actually stuck this in the bathroom along with our Popular Mechanics magazines and Uncle John's bathroom readers for when guests come to call. The first place people go when they come over is our bathroom so if Position Sex couldn't help me maybe it could help a curious guest who has some time on their hands!
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  • Jimbo Jones
    A position book for beginners - like that hasn't already been done a million times. I appreciate you taking one for the team and driving through this one. If I am looking to add some spice, I'll be sure to look elsewhere. Thanks!
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I'm pretty sure I "learned" everything I "need" to know from this book from your review! Sorry it was so bad. *sigh* Thanks for reading it so I don't have to. Smile
  • Nashville
    lol, no prob, Jimbo. Winking
  • Nashville
    Happy Lady, I was hoping for more but the book fell really short of the *little* expectations I had. lol, and you're welcome.
  • Dame Demi
    Bummer. I own this book and was hoping it would be one of the more exciting books in my collection from the presentation. Sorry to hear it's just another same ol' position manual. Thanks for the review!
  • Nashville
    DD, the cover looks great but once you open it.. oh, it's disaster. You'll be so very, very bored.
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