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A beginners guide to Spanking

If you are new to spanking and have no knowledge of how to spank or simply don't know where to begin, this can be a helpful guide on some basics about spanking. It can also be helpful to demonstrate to a reluctant partner what spanking is like to initiate them or put them at ease about your desires. This DVD was made so that spanking remains conservative so this guide will not be helpful for those who are more experienced.
Beginner, use of different paddles, chemistry between Nina and Kylie
Amateur-like filming, not enough spanking in the scene with Otto and Audrey
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Nina Hartley's guide to spanking is a guide for those who are interested in spanking but have no idea where to start. It is also great for someone who is interested in spanking and has some idea of what spanking is about but wants there partner to get an idea of what spanking looks like.

It is more of a guide than anything else but also contains pornographic scenes with different actors.

The movie lasts 80 minutes. It begins with Nina and Kylie Ireland who talk about the basics of spanking. They cover everything about safety, different paddles that can be used and how different paddles provide different sensations. However, they do not talk about whips, or floggers, which are also used during impact play. Perhaps it was left out as the guide was specifically for spanking and they considered flogging as qualitatively different from using a paddle or hand for impact play. But they do use a cane which can be considered pretty advanced.

They also discuss role play, issues about people who may consider spanking as abuse and different spanking techniques. When discussing “safe words” they didn't discuss the possibility that in role play you may want to pretend it hurts really bad and you want it so stop but it's all part of the scene. They simply suggest to be always very aware of your partners response to the spanking and to listen if they want you to slow down or spank with less force.

Scene 1
The guidance part to spanking moves into a scene with Nina and Kylie. It starts off with a lot of kissing, a bit of bare hand spanking and a lot of dirty talk. It's pretty hot, to see them teasing each other. It can also be helpful for those who aren't too sure what to say or how to dirty talk during spanking. It is a very helpful guide of how a night of sex and spanking can unroll.

The sex scene between Nina and Kylie involves playful teasing followed by spanking, then more genital touching or stimulation followed by more spanking. Nina demonstrates different spanking techniques, she uses different types of paddles, each made of different materials. Some are plastic, some made of Lucite, and most are made of leather. One has leather on side and the other side has fur. The scene includes oral sex, a lot of spanking demonstrations, vaginal sex and anal sex with a strap on.

During the whole sexual scene with Nina and Kylie, they both talk like a real couple would. Discussing what works, laughing, and teasing. It's really light and it's fun to see the dynamic between Nina and Kylie.

Scene 2
This scene is with Otto Bauer and Audrey Hollander, who star as a couple in the movie but are also an actual couple at the time the movie was shot (2004). The scene is a very classic scene of student teacher role play where the student, Audrey, has misbehaved and needs to be spanked.

However, not much spanking goes on and the spanking that does go on is the type of spanking which Nina advises against (ie: the hand slapping and remaining on the rump, rather than bouncing off). Perhaps this is because this couple use this type of spanking and it works for them. Otto uses his bare hand for a while and then uses a paddle also.

The odd thing is that Otto doesn't seem to know what he is doing with the paddle. He uses the paddle's edge where the pieces of leather are sewn together twice to rub in Audrey's butt crack. It was as though he was given a prop and then told to improvise. The scene includes fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, breast fucking, anal sex and various positions in which they have vaginal intercourse. The scene ends with a facial cumshot.
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    • Mild
    • Strap-on


Nina and Kylie were really great, there wasn't much acting per se. It really seemed as though they were really enjoying themselves and the whole scene between the two seemed very natural.

Otto and Audrey were great also but I didn't like Otto's dirty talk, it seemed vulgar and didn't ring well in my ears. They didn't really seem like a real live couple but as two actors doing a porno. If you didn't know they were a couple you probably couldn't have guessed they were together. There might have been chemistry between them but not as much as with Nina and Kylie.

DVD Features

The menu contains the play option, scene selection, an Interview with Nina, Behind the scenes, trailers, galleries and web info.

The scene selection allows you to skip to either the guide about spanking, the scene with Kylie and Nina or the Scene with Otto and Audrey.

The interview with Nina sort of reiterates some of the things that were said during the video but it also includes information about Nina's experiences with spanking, and how the shooting of the movie went with Kylie and discussing the role play in the second scene with Otto and Audrey.

In behind the scenes, you see Nina get her hair done, some bloopers from scenes that are not part of the movie, also a look at how they got their latex costumes on. There's also a moment where Otto discusses how Audrey wanted to get in Porno once she knew he did movies and philosophical discussions about porn.

The bonus scene is with Allysin Chaynes and Joey Ray. Joey is in a back store of some sort with lots of thread and fabric. He is turning himself on (and it isn't working) by stroking a fuck doll. Allysin walks in on him and then oral and sex ensue. There was no spanking in this bonus scene.

Personal comments

The way the video was shot was done very amateurish. My boyfriend really found the video horribly laid out and repetitive. For example, after a segment of info provided by Nina, she would then kiss Kylie and the shot would leave then you'd come back to a knew shot with more info. It was often like this, with subtle variations, and my guy thought it wasn't very original.

Personally, I didn't care much for the cutting in and out as I was more focused on the info Nina was giving about spanking. I thought the interludes were sweet and playful but I didn't think they were fantastic either.

The lighting was fine and the camera focus was mainly on the gist rather than close ups, which is best if you want to get a helpful visual of techniques. There were some close ups during oral and vaginal sex. A few during spanking but mainly, the camera stayed at a distance.

There is no music during the information giving or during the two scenes. I thought that was fine and it was kind of interesting to be able to clearly hear what Nina and Kylie said to each other. It was really nice to get an idea of how others dirty talk. It was kind of helpful in my opinion.

I really enjoyed the latex outfits. However, I was not fond of the hair. I'm not sure if that's the hairdresser in me or what, but Kylie looked a lot better with her hair straight, and Nina's hairdo looked incomplete/unrefined. Seems like a better job could have been done on the hair. It probably bothers me since I appreciate esthetics and hair a lot and a bad "do" just stands out brutally to me.

A last important note to make is that the spanking in the video is quite conservative. Which means that the spanking was really light and my guy kept asking me when Nina was going to spank the hell out of Kylie, but he was only kidding. So with that in mind. If you already have a basic knowledge of spanking this movie might not work for you.


I had selected this DVD so as to give my guy a view of what spanking was all about. I thought that if he saw a mild version of what I am interested in, he might show some interest in my desires and learn how to do it the right way.

We have watched this video once together. He was only mildly interested, and didn't watch the whole guide. He stayed long enough to watch the safety information as well as some techniques. So I'm happy for his effort.

We haven't had the occasion to actually try the techniques and develop our own mutual contract of what each one of us want out of it. We almost had an opportunity but the walls of our hotel room were paper thin and I didn't want anyone calling the front desk worried that something scary and dangerous was going on between me and my guy.

I must admit that although my guy was only mildly intrested in the video, he was definitely interested in spanking me. So I'm pretty pleased.

I plan on getting a paddle eventually now that he knows how they are and can be used.

I rated it 3 stars because the second scene didn't have much spanking, the bonus scene had none and some random stuff from other movies was added in the "behind the scenes" that wasn't actually part of this DVD. I found it really helpful but I wish there were more scenes, shorter in span, with more spanking. It would also have been nice to have a scene with more intense impact play, just to get a feel of what that is like.
Follow-up commentary
This is not a movie that I take out for the pleasure of watching pornography. It is the video I watch for tips and such, so I haven't watched it more than 3 or 4 times.

I still enjoy it everytime I see it and at times, re-watching it, I get information that I had not assimilated the last time I had visioned the DVD. So I enjoy taking a peek at it but I do not enjoy as pornopgraphic material.

The second scene which I found not so great due to the lack of spanking was done this way for a reason. After viewing the special features a few times, I caught something in background conversation so to speak where the director says that there should be less spanking in this scene as the girl turns red easily as she is a red head with very pale skin.

The director wanted to keep the video as beginner as possible and as light as possible. So I have a better understanding of the reason, but I still think that more spanking should have been inlcluded. Nina does explain in the DVD that some people's skin get red quicker than others and she gives examples and the red haired/paled skin individual was in that list of examples. So keeping that in mind viewers can understand why her butt would be quite red after a bit of spanking.

In terms of our experiences with the guide, my man has been trying to spank but he gets overzealous and I have to stop him sometimes. I will probably have him watch it with me again (to his great annoyance). I am so glad that it got my guy more interested in spanking me but he is the type of lover that thinks he doesn't need guidance on how to do things. So it is a bit of a struggle to get him to do exactly what I like because he is determines to do things the way he wants to.

Of course he wants to please me, he is happy with the spanking but I am still working at doing a scene with him in which I don't have to break role three times to make him slow down.

We have tried using a paddle and I love the new sensation but so far, we haven't been able to seriously play with it. We try to be serious and sometimes we are succesful but most times, we just end up laughing. The whole paddling thing is just very new and funny to us. I guess that is how paddling is in our relationship.
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