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Playgirl: Steamy Seduction

DVD by Playgirl TV

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A Look into a Woman's Fantasys

Steamy Seduction immerses you into the world of female fantasy. Although oriented towards the female population it is helpful to watch in order to understand what a woman really wants. If you want to delve into the fantasies of the opposite sex or perhaps get ideas for future encounters this is for you.
Real sex, commentator, woman's point of view.
Commercials in between each scene.
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Content / Genre / Audience

My last experience with Play Girl Studios was not that wonderful. If you can remember, I was sent the wrong DVD in the right case. Even so, I decided to give them a second chance, and I have to admit, I am extremely glad that I did. Steamy Seduction is a video which gives men insight into a woman's hidden fantasies. Most of the scenarios can be acted out at home with little to no equipment. For women, this video satisfies the urge to watch couples engage in sex in a sensual light. Each scene is carefully detailed to include passion, a story line with commentator, and visual pleasure. Therefor, this video is geared toward those individuals and couples who enjoy watching sexual activities but yearn for more depth to the scene. Perfect for ideas about sexual fantasy role play as well.

So, what's in this video? Well lets get to it. Steamy Seduction includes six sex scenes. The first involves an interracial couple in the bathroom or boudoir. The scene starts out with a female commentary (all commentaries are in a sexy female voice) talking about the act of shaving. Now, this is not what you're thinking. The woman describes how important and sexy it is to shave her partners face and neck. This leads to a brief sexual encounter.

The second scene involves a woman and her boss in bed. The commentator provides the story as you watch the woman gently tie up her boss and tease him before they both engage in sexual intercourse. This is a provocative scene and one of my personal favorites.

The third scene involves a woman and her fencing instructor. There is a lot of sexual heat between the two as they go about their lesson. Nothing has ever really happened but this time it does. The two of them strip down and engage in sex right there in the studio. Thank goodness it is a private session.

The fourth scene involves a woman and her massage therapist. The woman loves to go to the spa and enjoys winding down with a full body massage. Of course she's naked and the massage therapist is a sexy man. Now, in this scene you travel into the woman's fantasy about making love to the massage therapist while she gets all her privet areas massaged. Afterwords you are taken back to reality where the massage ends.

The fifth scene is a little odd for me. It involves a waiting room, a woman, and her client, a rapper. What is odd about this is that both the client and record representative (the woman) are reading magazines in the waiting room. Not very believable. Anyhow, the commentator speaks about how the woman has never been turned on by a client before but this time it's different. They begin to sit closer and closer to each other until their bodies meet and then they make rough love right there in the waiting room.

The final scene involves a depressed ex lover and his girlfriend. The two haven't spoken in about six months but then the heartbroken man receives a telephone call from his ex, asking him to come over to please her. During that one night, they make love just like old times but it doesn't last long. It's just for that one time.

There are also two bonus sex scenes in the movie. The first bonus scene does not include a commentator and starts in black and white. A woman waits for her lover by candle light in the bedroom. Once she is sleeping he arrives and makes love to her. At the moment they touch the screen bursts with color and the walls of the bedroom turn into another erotic movie. Pretty amazing and interesting to watch.

The final scene my girlfriend just loved. It involves a solo masturbation by a male. I was interested because he rubbed his nipples and gave himself prostate stimulation which assured me that many women enjoyed men doing these acts. This is something some men question. The man talks about making porn and goes through a slow but full masturbation.

Now, after every scene is a commercial for Play Girl. I found this to be a turn off since I already owned a Play Girl video. I'm used to commercials before and maybe after the movie but not during the movie. Also, there are very few cum shots. Maybe two or three, so if you yearn for that sort of thing, you won't find it here.


This video includes: Marco Banderas, Jean Val Jean, Luccia, Harmony, Nick Manning, Steven St. Croix, Roxy Deville, Tyler Knight, Sarah Blake, Anthony Hardwood, Dominica Leoni, Nat Turner, and Renee Pornero. All actors took to their roles well, and made each scene believable. Moves, sounds, climaxes, and even eye gazing were believable and romantic. Each actor respected his or her partner and the audience, which is important.

DVD Features

The main menu boasts an upper closeup of the cover and gives you three options. You can play the entire movie from start to finish, select one of six scenes, or go to the bonus feature menu. Bonus features include two additional scenes which are described above. The audition of Jake where you see him pose in the nude by a car, a barn, and out in the open. He masturbates and talks about himself and his sex life. What I find off putting is the fact that this is done by a highway, which makes me wonder if this was visible. Cars were only about 300 feet away and driving right past. Next is a photo gallery of four scenes including the bathroom, waiting room, spa, and fencing session. The photo gallery in sideshow format and automatically timed. Next are previews for three new films. Then of course you have an add for Play Girl TV which takes you into peeks of the shows. This is followed by a blurb about Play Girl but does not offer any peeks. Then, you are supposed to be able to put this DVD into a DVDROM Drive to get the company profile but when I did, nothing came up.

Personal comments

I enjoy this DVD due to the fact that my girlfriend and I can act out many of these fantasies in our own home. It gives many ideas which are safe and easy to do. My girlfriend enjoys the film because it is from a woman's point of view. Her favorite part is the solo masturbation scene since it is novel.


My girlfriend and I watched this film while having sex. We enjoy having porn on as it is erotic and drowns out outside noise. We also use the film to become aroused and just for entertainment purposes. My girlfriend uses the solo masturbation scene while she masturbates and confesses that it is extremely arousing. We will be trying out shaving before sex as a way to get closer, the bondage techniques we saw, and I will put on a solo masturbation show for my girlfriend, all inspired by this film.
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