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Anticipation review

Erotic movie geared towards the more moderate female audience. Good for people looking for sexual movies focusing on male and female oral sex. Features lengthy sex sessions involving different techniques and positions. Would not be recommended for those looking for very enthusiastic or hard core sex.
Not hardcore. Lots of male and female oral sex. Full length movie.
Women could be more enthusiastic. Every ending has a cum shot.
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
This is a mixed review on the negative side. Soon after I put the DVD in I became bored. I had high hopes as it was my first real sex video. I usually find free porn on the internet. I watched most of it on fast forward.

The film and production company are billed as being geared to women. There is a quote at the beginning, “A film for women who love and enjoy men|Anticipation.” Plus the cover of the DVD says “Women, think about sex as much as men do…” (I don’t know why there is a comma after women). It is geared towards women in the presentation. There is intimacy and no hard core sex. A big aspect of aiming the film for women is the inclusion of long sessions of cunnilingus.

The film is 95 minutes. There are five sections which are loosely tied together. The sex is between a man and woman in different locations. The actors are reasonably attractive. There is music throughout. The actors do not wear condoms. Generally, each session included a blow job, cunnilingus, sex in different positions, and a cum shot at the end. They last 20-25 minutes each.

Two examples:
A woman takes her car to a mechanic. The cunnilingus was focused on by the camera. You could show this to your partner for tips. A vibrator is used to masturbate the woman, but it’s hilarious that the mechanic could grab it off a shelf in his garage. This was the only session with energetic sex and hard thrusting so he was slapping up against her ass. The other parts of the movie have slower penetration, probably so the camera can show the crotch area.

The fourth segment had the most attractive man. But the woman was much younger than him and looked barely legal. If you watch the Behind the Scenes feature the man comments that she is new to the industry and “fresh.” It creeped me out. There is no way to adequately describe the cum shot at the end of this segment. The man came so hard and in such quantities that I was amazed. He was so overcome that his penis was flailing around like a fire hose that has just been turned on and is shooting in every direction.

The sex disappointed me because of a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the women. There was no crazy moaning and screaming that I am used to on the internet. Perhaps this is a strategy to target women, but why do none of the women have a screaming orgasm? Why a cum shot at the end of every part?

The Behind the Scenes feature is really interesting. You see things like the director “blocking” the sex positions|The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions. The grossest part was the actors wiping the cum off themselves with paper towels and baby wipes and throwing it all into a plastic grocery bag. It just screamed biohazard.
Follow-up commentary
I thought that I would put a follow-up review on the site because I noticed that I was shipped this item nine months ago. I believe that I have watched it a total of two, three times at the most. All of those viewings would have been for the purposes of the review. Maybe I'll recycle the disc and save the case to replace any DVD cases that I should break in the future?
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  • Flailing around like a fire hose... that made my morning.

    Isn't the typical woman-screaming-in-ecstasy thing in porn really staged, usually? Maybe they were trying to be more realistic in this film. 
  • Essin' Em
    I agree with CW that you're probably used to a lot of fake, over the top orgasms.  Check out Under the Covers and Afrodite Superstar for more "mainstream" style, yet REAL porn.  The orgasms aren't quite as loud, but they're definitely enthusiastic.
  • Champagne and Benzedrine (Roland Hulme)
    Surely EVERY good mechanic has a vibrator on a shelf in his garage... Maybe that's why my wife is taking our car to the shop so often!

    Great, honest review.
  • Nashville
    "The grossest part was the actors wiping the cum off themselves with paper towels and baby wipes and throwing it all into a plastic grocery bag. It just screamed biohazard."

    Like Chandler on Friends would say... uhhhhhh hunh. lol.
  • titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • dancer120
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