Little (Bit Naughty) Book of Sex by Amorata Press - review by Kayla

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While "The Little (Bit Naughty) Book of Sex" was aiming to make a short, tiny book about sex that would work as a great guide, it was just too tiny to actually be of any use. There were also quite a bit of pictures that really cut down on the information included in the book.
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Vague information, Sex positions lacking, Too short to be useful
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The "Little (Bit Naughty) Book of Sex" is a book about sex written by Jean Rogiere and published by Amorata Press. The book is a small (and I mean small) book that is about four inches tall and three inches in width. The book is a hardcover book that has full-color pages on the inside. The book has 95 pages which are split into 5 chapters. The book is an extremely short read and only takes about fifteen minutes to read from cover-to-cover. This book could be read in public, but because of all the pictures on the inside, it would not be discreet. It is a really small book that could easily be carried around though.

This book focuses a lot on pictures. Every page in this book has a full-color sex picture on it. The pictures always match what's going on with the book's chapters. There are no genitals shown, but there are quite a few bare breasts and bare butts. All of the couples shown are heterosexual couples who are obviously models. There are a couple neat pictures like one of the female in a leather body-harness in the kink chapter of the book, but most of them are just regular "sex" pictures.

This book is extremely basic. Most of the topics only receive one page in this book, and since almost 1/2 of every page is taken up by pictures, you can imagine that the text isn't too descriptive or comprehensive. A good chunk of the book is also taken up by sex positions alone, so the time spent on other topics is not nearly as much as I would like.

In fact, that's probably the worst thing about this book. Yes, it has some pretty sexy pictures, and yes, the pictures will make you feel more comfortable, but unfortunately, there is little to no information in here that you will find helpful. The book only has time to say things like "Some people enjoy roleplaying. You might find it enjoyable if you try it." before it's time to flit onto the next topic. There's really very little useful information in this book. This book serves more of a purpose to just let you know certain activities are out there instead of actually being a good book to help you or give information about the activities.

For example, this is the first of the two paragraphs of the "kissing" chapter (For those who are curious, EF has a picture of this page on their pictures): This is one of the most intimate things that it's possible to do with another person. For many people, it is a much more intimate act than intercourse or oral sex. The mouth and lips are a major erogenous zone with a direct nerve link to the nipples and genitals. This link is stronger in some people than others, and it's not unknown for men and women to reach orgasm simply from kissing.

The book has four basic chapters which are further divided by small subsections in the chapters. There is Foreplay (20 pages) which includes kissing, flirting, teasing, and pleasuring your partner. There is Games (18 pages) which includes roleplaying, Dominance and submission, and costumes. There is Hot Positions (30 pages) which is this book's listing of sex positions. There is Toys (12 pages) which talks about different sex toys, kink toys, and sex swings. No specific brands are named.

I felt like this book was a large amount of sex positions for being a book that was supposed to be about all of sex. While the large amount of sex position pages weren't enough, they weren't done all that well. Quite a few of the positions were only described with text with no picture to back them up. It's hard to understand a lot of the positions they were trying to describe without seeing a picture to make it easier to understand. The positions themselves were mostly pretty basic, but the book threw in a couple really hard positions just to mix things up. The text only describes how to get into the position and what it looks like, and many times, the text doesn't really describe any downsides to a position. The book also doesn't make any mention of whether positions will work for certain body types.

So what was this book good for? Well, if you just want a book to look at pretty pictures or get some inspiration about new things to do in your bedroom, it ends up being a pretty decent book. Since you aren't looking for instruction, the included ideas can just work as a springboard for your imagination to add new things to your own love life. As for information, though, this book just needs a lot of help (and more length).
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