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Phone Sex

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The book "Phone Sex", while not being educational at all, is a great book about a phone girl's real life experiences taking calls daily with different men and different fetishes. It ends up being pretty humorous and gives a good look at the phone sex industry.
Sarcastic humor, interesting stories, honest writing
Not educational like EF catagory claims, some rape/violence
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"Phone Sex" is a Greenery Press book that's written by Miranda Austin. The book's theme is supposed to be focused all around the topic of Phone Sex. The book is soft cover with black and white pages on the inside. The book includes a 233 pages which are split into 23 chapters. 5/6 of the book is erotica and erotic stories while the leftover 1/6 is a how-to for people looking to call phone girls. The book was published in 2002 which makes it a little outdated, but aside from technology, I don't think anything has changed about phone sex. The front of the book is probably one of the most discreet I've seen, and since there are no pictures, you could read this book in public.

Now see, I'm split on this book. You can either be educational or erotica. Or have mostly one but hints of the other. This book is listed under the Educational Section, but it's about 20 pages of educational and 210 pages of erotica. And that's the confusing part. Like, I feel like there's so many places this book could have gone educational-wise or tons it could have gone phone-sex erotica wise, but to have both? It ended up more awkward than anything else. Especially since, while the majority was erotica, the "educational" wasn't set apart in any way. So you'd finish up with an erotica passage then it'd just jump right into a formal tone to speak to you about phone sex. If you want to revisit the educational sections, you better bookmark them since the table of contents doesn't set them apart in any way, shape, or form. When chapter titles include "Playing Rough" and "More Bang for your Buck"....which one is the educational and which one is the erotica?

The educational sections were treating you like a client - not as if you wanted to get into doing phone sex. The information could obviously be used by a woman wanting to do phone sex, but the information did focus on the aspect of being a client wanting to call a phone sex girl. (Mind you, these next following passages are spread throughout the book.) The first passage talked about different phone numbers and different payment methods along with their pros and cons. The second talked about how to be open with your phone sex girl to get the best out of your session. The third talked about having phone sex with your partner and pointers to follow.

The erotica sections aren't *really* erotica. They are actually passages of an honest look-back at some of Miranda's clients and some of the adventures she got herself into while doing phone sex. She includes the dialogues, talks about the different fetishes, talks about the community of the phone sex girls, and talks about how doing phone sex has actually changed her own sexuality. She never looks at the topic with disdain or regret - she just passes on some of her humorous stories along with some of her insights into the phone sex business. However, since it is the phone sex business, some of the stories read more like erotica.

I really loved the tone of the book. Really. I think I'd really enjoy talking to Miranda if I met her. She has the same type of sarcastic humor that I find hilarious. "Snide remarks" is what some people might call them. For example, she describes a time when she was talking to a guy with a foot fetish. In particular, he wants to iron a woman's foot. Yes, like clothing. Well, when she asks if that would burn the skin, he replies: "No, of course not! I don't do it hot enough to burn! It's not on hot!" The next line her book then says is: (Oh, of course. Only crazy sick people iron on "hot". Regular people iron feet on "chiffon". Obviously.) This sarcastic type of humor came out best in the last chapter - I wish it would have applied to the rest of the book, but it did come out best with the last chapter. The last chapter left me giggling short of breath quite a bit.
It is a good book, and while the "erotica" (I seriously can't find another word to describe it) is not erotic at all, you still get to learn about Miranda's personal experiences with the different men and different fantasies they present to her. There is some mention of rape and violence in this book which was a bit startling, but there's also mention of regular romantic sex as well as obscure fetishes like holding your breath. Overall, while being a really "crappy" guide to work as a how-to for phone sex, it actually works as a great real-life account of a phone girl's experience. I'd still definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the phone girl reason - not for how-tos, but just to know what they're getting into.
Follow-up commentary
Despite having read a lot of books since then, I still haven't found any books that are similar to this one. It really is a unique book, and if you want to read about Phone Sex, it is an enjoyable read.
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  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds like a great read!
  • Not here
    Might have to check this one out! Thanks for the review, Kay
  • LittleBird
    Great review, Mistress Kay.
  • kutekatie
    lol props for the title!
  • M121212
    Thanks for the informative review. I'll have to consider whether or not this one is for me... Wish there were more books on EF about phone sex!
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