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Caress Me Down, Uh and That's That Lovin' Sound

This instructional DVD gives an overview that features polling the male population about what they really like when getting head and included the personal experience of porn stars, Jessica Drake, Allie Haze, Bobbi Star, Jordan Kingsley, Eric Masterton, Danny Mountain, and Chris Johnson. It covers tips and techniques so that anyone of any oral skill set can pop it in and learn something.
Easy to follow, gave good tips on deep-throating. how to avoid dry mouth
Panels and questions became boring after awhile, repetitive, roadhead isn't a safe sex suggestion
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The DVD starts off with Jessica Drake introducing herself and her career. She explains that this is an instructional guide that includes personal experience and sex questionnaires that she has used to poll the male population. She tells you that the DVD is divided between the instructional section and the sex scenes which act as examples. She mentions that they are separate in case you don't want to watch the whole thing and once, and would rather watch the example scenes to try something out that night.

The DVD covers the basics, such as, what men look for in a great blowjob: no teeth (false, if done right), lots of spit or lube, and enthusiasm; and the components of a great blowjob: a willing partner, cleanliness, no distractions, and a comfortable position.

After this point, the DVD divulges "Blowjob Interviews," including porn stars: Eric Masterton, Jordan Kingsley, Chris Johnson, Allie Haze, Chris Johnson, Danny Mountain, and Bobbi Star. The panel answers each question individually. The questions include the following:

1. What do they love about a blowjob?
2. What do they not love about a blowjob?
3. Appetizer or main course?
4. Favorite position?

They then include a section on tips and technique which emphasizes communication and finding out what your partner likes, or even watching your partner stroke it so you can see how they like it to be done. It also emphasizes the importance of touching other areas to stimulate the receiver.

It gives an overview on different positions and the pros and cons of them, such as seated man with the giver in between the legs, standing with the giver kneeling, and laying down, side by side, and 69. It mentions that some positions are more submissive than others, such as standing receiver and the kneeling giver. Jessica mentions that it can become more submissive if the giver is backed up against the walls, or more aggressive/dominant if the giver has the receiver up against a wall.

Jessica includes an "Extra Credit" section which includes roleplay ideas, eye contact (which makes it more exciting or intimate), teasing, dirty talk, and humming or moaning which creates sound vibrations against the penis.

Bobbi Star, is considered an oral expert and gives some tips on deep throating. She mentions that whistling (or being in band, woodwinds and brass, etc.) can help strengthen mouth muscles. She says it's easier to learn how to deep throat if you gently put your hand in your throat to feel your muscles relax and contract which will help you figure out how to control them better. She talks about jaw exercises which she has to do anyway because she a jaw disorder, but she believes that extending and relaxing the joints help. She vehemently speaks out against oral numbing sprays which can damage throat tissue, sometimes to the point of beyond repair. She flatly tells the viewer that if you do not want to deep throat or give head to someone, then you shouldn't because they're full of shit.

Jessica covers the p-spot and stimulating the taint with the tongue or using a well-lubed finger for insertion, but only if he is okay with it.

The Instructional/Experience Section ends by covering the "spit-or-swallow" debate. The ladies and gents cover what to do if you prefer spitting (or ejaculating onto the body) and how to do it while remaining intimate (without hurting your partner's feelings), not making a gigantic mess, as well as cleanup (towels!).
Example Scenes:


The scene featured Eric Masterton and Allie Haze after a romantic, candle-lit bath. This technique was simple, and featured licking, stroking, and sucking. I thought it was dangerous for her to be on her knees in a bath tub and suck him off while he was seated on the edge of the tub. I was in constant fear that she was going to slip and crack her head open.


This scene featured Bobbi Star and Danny Mountain. In this scene Danny is either on his back or lying sideways. I was impressed with her deep-throating ability. She even incorporated slapping the cock on her breasts and using both hands while deep throating. She even licked his balls while deep-throating him. It also featured her taking all of his balls in her mouth while she stroked him.


This scene features Chris Johnson and Jordan Kingsley. He is seated and she is kneeling. She shows how to build up anticipation by stroking him through his pants and working on undressing him slowly. There’s a lot of body stroking. She shows that a handjob can be erotic even without oral-to-genital contact. There was a lot of eye contact, kissing, and body worship. This technique was more slow and sensual. She takes out the lube to make the handjob more pleasurable. Emphasis on alternating hand technique. It was almost like watching a massage.

Personal Comments:

Maybe I’m an ass… Okay, there’s no doubt in my mind that I am an ass, but I just about lost it when Jessica Drake told me that this DVD was going to be inspirational. She seemed to take herself a little too seriously. I kept snickering when she told me that fellatio comes from the Latin word, fellatus, which means, “to suck.”

Since this was made for oral pleasurists of all levels of experience, it can sometimes get boring. There were many times when I couldn’t help but think, “Well, duh,” but honestly, I think they did a pretty decent job. Giving good head isn’t rocket science, and they worked on trying to demystify a pleasurable experience which can be overwhelming for some (I remember that well). I understand that it can be scary going down if you feel you don’t know what you’re doing. It's a great video for the vanilla crowd, so the positions are pretty much submissive, in my humble opinion.

There were certain actors that I preferred over others. Something about Danny Mountain just makes me think "major asshole," but I loved Eric Masterton. He cracked me up. When asked what he doesn't like about a blowjob, he said he loved everything and couldn't think of anything that a woman shouldn't do. It was refreshing comparing him to Danny Mountain who complained at length about everything he didn't like.

There was mention of road-head as a favorite position, which I don't care if someone likes it, I think it's moronic. I personally believe that a blowjob should not jeopardize your life (and only a so-so BJ can prevent a man from crashing his car...) Then again I enjoy giving orgasm denial and I believe a man is finished when I am. I'd love to see a kink-oriented instructional video for this same subject matter. That'd be awesome.
Follow-up commentary
I'm surprised that I gave this a four star rating... and even then I'm torn. I liked certain aspects of this instructional video, but there was a lot of things that got on my nerves. I will say that I like that it seems to be woman/blowjob giver-positive, but it's a tad vanilla for me. I happen to like to make men beg for release, but I acknowledge that not everyone feels the same way about giving head.

I thought the interview section was for the most part irritating. I really only liked hearing from Eric Masterton and Bobbi Starr. I especially liked the commentary by Bobbi who basically ads a kickass women's lib aspect to giving head. Rock on Bobbi!

As for Jessica Drake, I am not a fan. I don't know what it is about her (perhaps that she told me I would be enlightened by her video), but I find her irritating.

I also liked the fact that one of the ladies was able to make a handjob sexy. I never really saw much appeal to it until then.

As for the rest of this video, I'm either completely apathetic about it, or I found certain aspects or performers too irritating to discuss a second time.
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