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My Secret Garden

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This book simply isn't worth the money. There is absolutely no depth to it whatsoever. Despite the long page length, there is no sexy substance. It's a complete let down.
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I did my research for quite a while on what sexy books to look for, especially since I have a new boyfriend and we're so excited about trying new things and expanding our horizons. Thinking that this book would be absolutely exceptional, I went ahead and bought it from a discount website that sells books dirt cheap. Anyway, thank goodness I didn't pay full price for it. It was totally not worth the money I wasted on it.

I did not share this book with my man. I was totally embarrassed by it. And I was shocked that it had gotten such good reviews from everyone else. I'm thinking of leaving it somewhere in public so someone could have a pleasant surprise and take the book home with them.

This book was not at all what I expected. Maybe I'm just used to reading those crotch burner books like Penthouse or something, but this book has no substance to me at all. All the fantasies are very shallow and have no details whatsoever. They are only any good if you enjoy a short, as in 3 sentences, masturbation story.

Apparently this book is based off of an article posted by Nancy Friday looking for women who will share their sexual fantasies with her and she can compile them into a book and write short synopses at the beginning of each chapter.

Most are about shy women who like dogs. Dogs. I'm a pretty normal person and I don't have sexual fantasies about dogs. Ever. I find it quite appalling. There are at least 4 stories about dogs. Maybe if you're into that kind of thing, but it's not for me.Wondering Also, the table of contents makes no sense whatsoever. I just flip around until I find a story I like.
Follow-up commentary
Haven't picked up this book after the initial review. It's still of NO use to me. I suppose next time, I will do more research. =[
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  • Jimbo Jones
    So there are some stories you like? Obviously not the dog ones, or the short ones, but some stories? I presume the dog ones aren't actually beastiality or this book would be better served in a fetish category. So the Penthouse Forums books are more to your liking? Good to know that this may work for some, but not for others, like yourself. Thanks for the review.
  • Dragon
    Could you describe the book itself in more detail? Some people may have a different perspective.
  • Airen Wolf
    This book was written during a time when women were actively called deviant for admitting they have fantasies...let alone odd ones like animal fantasies. It was rather ground breaking but still has a place on book shelves today, I have it on mine and have since I was a teen. It gave me permission to fantasize and allow my mind to control my sexuality...that's the real point of the book not just to provide masurbatory material. It shows women that it's perfectly normal to have fantasies WHATEVER they are about. Fantasizing about a dog might not turn you on but the idea that if I fantasize at times about truly odd things and that there are odder fantasies out there? That was amazing to find out for me.
    Still I can understand your disappointment after reading the erotica anthologies that exist now...this really is more of an exploratory book than a "crotch burner". I loved that description! That should be one of the ranking system descriptions for books!
  • eroticmutt
    Hmm if there are only four stories about women who like dogs in that collection, that couldn't possibly be 'most' of them. I flipped through the collection at a book store and read part of it, and there were several dozen stories inside. Yes they are all short- even very short, but if only four of those were about dogs it is nowhere near half of them, let alone 'most'.
  • Chris15461
    ty for the review
  • tinadice
  • cocomo
  • pinkzombie
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