Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm - book by Warner Books - review by DrNike69

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Famous Book with Some Good Points

This book is a great read with a classy touch that could easily sit on a bookshelf without garnering unwanted attention. The detailed diagrams and individual sections are very helpful, and the stress on communication between sexual partners is an important part of an intimate relationship that many couples forget.
Descriptive and informative, without being vulgar.
Nothing novel, nothing regarding self stimulation or lesbian intimacy.
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useful review
Sex and the City has always been a favorite show of mine, hands down. Call it a
female thing but I have always admired the characters, which was probably the main motivator for reading this book. Written by Kim Cattrall and her then husband, the book focuses on the best ways for a man to bring a woman to orgasm, or at least, the ways Kim Cattrall like it most.

There are separate sections that focus on different kinds of orgasms, which I found very detailed and helpful. The sections are for clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, anal stimulation and vaginal stimulation. Each breaks down different movements and motions, and the best ways to do them in order to increase the woman's pleasure. This is all well and good, but it would have been nice to know why certain things feel good and not just "do this, do that." Also, there are many varying forms of pleasure most woman appreciate, and each appreciates different kinds of stimulation. The book compensates for this by saying, "Ask your partner if what you are doing feels good, and if so, do it more often." Basically it is giving you a suggestion, but saying well, figure it out if it isn't working, making it less of a playbook and more of a set of loose guidelines.

There are diagrams that are very informative and explanatory without being vulgar or unnecessary in the pornographic aspect, which I appreciated very much. Each diagram shows detailed directional movement, angle of attack (so to speak), and areas in which to apply the suggested motions. The suggestions are not anything extremely out of the ordinary, but are helpful if your partner has no clue what to do south of the border. The intercourse suggestions are very helpful and informative, but do not suggest anything too surprising.

One great thing about this book is the stress on communication between the two partners. The most important part of having expressive and emotional intercourse is satisfaction and trust between both parties involved, and the book constantly reminds the reader to make sure that whatever acts they are taking part in are satisfying for both lovers, not just for the pleasure of one or the other. Kim Cattrall and her husband open the book with two separate introductions explaining their personal sex life, and the story is very inspiring to couples looking to expand their intimacy quotient and not just their sexual exploits.
Therefore, this book is not for anyone who participates in rec sex, and seems to be geared mostly towards those in committed relationships.

While my boyfriend has been very good at what he does, and does make an effort to take care of me first, I nonchalantly left the book at his house and have to admit I did see a lot of improvement in his skill set. The parts focusing on how to properly (and carefully) stimulate the clitoris with teeth was a chapter I found delightful.

Overall, this book is a good book to give to a completely clueless partner, or to read over in order to learn a little bit more about what you may or may not enjoy. At the very least it can serve as a means of discussion for bringing up the tough topic of female orgasm into a sexual relationship where the female orgasm may be a myth. I would recommend it to many as a helpful guide, but not as a self-help read.
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