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Frankie Valli Evocation

You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like Heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
Sexual Art Toy
Lifestyle meets function.
I can't rate it higher than 5 stars.
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About author

So I'm thinking because the review format for this particular dildo is a book review format, I'm encouraged to tell a little about the artist, when it asks for information about the author. Well played!

It is, after all, intended to be art, a Fun Factory collaboration with German artist, Boris Hoppek.

From Wikipedia:

"Boris Hoppek (Kreuztal, 1970) is a German contemporary artist based in Barcelona. His artistic roots lie in graffiti, but today his work spans painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation art. His work has been used in advertising campaigns as well.

Hoppek's trademark is a symmetric oval, which appears in most of his work either alone or in a constellation of three, thus forming a face."

Boris is apparently rather controversial, so I'm glad I know nothing about all that. What I can say for certain is that the man endeavored to design a fully functional piece of sexual art and he absolutely succeeded. In doing so, he fully displayed his genius in very exquisite detail, from the large penis, to the curvacious butt, to the hair coquettishly covering half the left eye.
    • Engaging

Content / Style / Audience

I can't say I know enough about the artist to have a clue what he is trying to "say" with Jim O. However, that really doesn't matter because it's art, the world where individual, personal interpretations are just as important.

I can't say what audience he appeals to beyond my own immediate visceral reaction. Although, maybe we can identify the audience, others in the EF community express a similar attraction to this dildo. Jim O is very polarizing, seems you either love him or hate him.

Intended as erotic, sexual art, it struck an immediate mental orgasmic chord for me and others. Even if I didn't actually use it as a dildo (and like others I knew I would), I wanted it to display, kinda like a centerpiece among our lighted and mirrored curio cabinet of sex toys. A playful face to declare the essence and permanence of our new found sexual lifestyle, defiant against being subjugated to the conformity demands of a sexually, narrow-minded, society.

What is so sexual? To start, luxurious silicone. What says safe sex toy better than silicone? How about the evocative gender blend of feminine hairstyle, hips and tush, with large penis and gender neutral breasts? Looking at you with the face reminiscent of an old school blow up doll, what says sex toy better than that?
    • Erotica
    • Good mix of styles and content
    • Humorous


The back of the booklet that comes with it says 100% Silicone, 100% Art, 100% Fun. But it should also say 100% Sex. There are so many aspects of the toy that scream sex. Aspects that you can only realize by holding and playing with it.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this toy is that it shows absolutely no sexual discretion when it comes to visual aesthetics.

Yet at the same time, it is very discreet about its purpose. Most people would never envision it had a sexual function beyond eye candy.

The box it comes in is even less indicative of sex. Thick black cardboard, adorned with rivets and a matching color Jim O face on the top. You also get a color matched pin.

Box and Pin

But once you get it in your hands the sexual function begins to reveal itself.

Since it is a silicone lint magnet (clean before every use), it needed a thorough cleaning upon arrival, during which an awesome design feature was revealed. I kept thinking parts of it seemed cleaner, while other parts needed more attention. In reality it was already clean, the surprise was realizing Jim O's hair is smooth silicone like my Tantus Ryder, the rest is matte silicone with slightly more drag than my Nexus G-Rider, very nice touch for smooth initial penetration.

Jim O's tush wiggles pleasingly when you flex him in your hands. Twisting his head and legs in opposite directions makes his ass wiggle seductively.

I don't own a Jolly Jack, but I'm betting Jack and Jim feel very similar. Jim's overall contours aren't as symmetrical as Jack's and it isn't obvious from the pictures, but Jim O has three distinct bulbs/beads (head, torso, tush). Forming an O with thumb and forefinger and sliding them down over the three bulbs/beads, you can feel a gentle turning, which makes me wonder if it feels similar to The Screw Royal.

Jim O is more flexible bending forward and backward. Bending side to side is stiffer and with the larger bulge of hair toward the P or G spot, rocking his legs can flex the big hair effectively to rub either.

I checked for o-ring compatibility in my large pink Joque Harness, but alas, his knees pull through too easily. Given the bulb/bead design though, I don't think thrusting was intended to be part of the package.

Perhaps, that is only because the shape and design up this point has be evocative of the plugs mentioned above. So, I took Jim to the toy chest and OMG he's a Goodfella!

Goodfella Jim

Goodfella on top of Jim

Goodfella Jim on top

Care and maintenance for Goodfella Jim is easy. Clean with antibacterial soap and water, but you should remember to take the extra time to scrub each of his crevices, the part in his hair, his hairlines, his neck, the front and back of his arms where they meet the torso, his waist, both sides of his penis, between his legs, his butt crack, behind the legs, and most particularly, the faint little "pocket" behind the legs and in between the knees.
    • Graphic
    • Soft cover
    • Well made

Personal comments

Color is such a subjective taste in toys. We're generally attracted to pink, purple or realistic. I've expressed a repulsion of copper and green for sex toys. I thought I'd feel the same about the green Jim O, but I actually like it. Oddly, I wasn't attracted to the purple or pink Jim O, instead being immediately drawn to the turquoise. I really don't need to know why, but I'm increasingly amazed at the personal kinks that toys draw out of me. I do think it had something to do with contrast, feeling the white eyes and red mouth were best balanced with the turquoise and green, an appeal to the appreciation of art.

Also concerning color, the booklet that is provided gives insight into the colors chosen, it shows all the color choices lined up as they would appear on the color spectrum. Very pleasing nod to the art palette.


Okay, so is Jim plug or is he dildo? Would you believe a near perfect mix?

Up to his waist he is plug, stays in place, pleasing and even hides well under clothing. Do you like plugs with tails? Jim O's lower legs stick out and show like bunny ears, or better yet devil's horns, pick your kink! He is even a little bit of a rocker type rider when you sit on him, sliding him in past his nicely rounded ass, fully inserting him into your own, then rock him on his knees.

From shoulder to below the butt, he is a very pleasing dildo, like a more aggressively textured Goodfella. Appropriate and excitingly pleasing for vaginal or anal thrusting.

100% Art. 100% Sex. 100% Fun.
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