The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot 2nd Edition - guides to a better sex by Cleis Press Inc. - review by Kayla

Get Off with your G-Spot

The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot is an educational book that includes information about the g-spot and female ejaculation. The author approaches the topic with clarity, humor, and a great voice without bringing spirituality into it. You get just the facts to get you off.
Great explanations and information. Erotica is included. Writing is interesting and humorous
Mostly a beginner's book
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The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot is a book all about basic information about stimulating and getting pleasure from the g-spot. It's written by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press. It's a regular-size, paperback, black-and-white book of text that consists of 129 pages. The front cover obviously reads "The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot" and has a picture of a girl's naked abdomen. The backside shows the same picture but it overlaid with some of the selling points of the book. I read the entire book within an hour, but I'm a pretty fast reader.

You know what I was most amused about? Violet Blue just freakin' writes amazingly. The entire first chapter had me smiling and chuckling. Seriously. Since when do sex-help books make me smile? I'm impressed. Her writing style thoroughly amused me and helped push me through an entire how-to book in just one reading session. For example, she says she wanted to write this book because all of the other g-spot books she's picked up treat the g-spot like it's some odd spiritual experience and that her getting off with her g-spot makes her closer to "Mother Earth". I can relate since the book I read before this one, while containing good information, was extremely spiritual, and that's why I've put off reading this one for so long. I think I ordered this like three months ago.

You know what else is awesome? I've never seen this in a sex-help book, but Violet Blue actually teamed up with Alison Tyler to include some erotica in the book. Included in these 129 pages, there are actually 4 different really hot erotica stories that include the g-spot. It was a great inclusion that happens every couple chapters and makes the reading all that more enjoyable. I was sincerely impressed. The erotica makes the idea of g-spot pleasure seem even more pleasurable and attainable.

So how well does the book explain how to reach the g-spot? Pretty perfectly. Violet Blue talks about the basic anatomy of the g-spot (There are some illustrations, but I wish there had been more. The text got confusing at parts), talks about where it's located, talks about how to stimulate it, how to help bring yourself to female ejaculation, and how to include it in other types of play like BDSM, with your partner, oral sex, or anal sex. She even includes resources on where to learn more about the g-spot and where to purchase your toys. She manages to explain all of it with a great sense of humor that makes the book fun to read as well as she just sticks to the facts instead of going to spiritual things.

Throughout the book, she states that, despite the hype around the g-spot, not all women like the sensation, and if you don't - you don't have to force it. It doesn't make you less of a woman or lover at all. It's something I think a lot of books are missing in their explanations. All of the g-spot books I've read make the g-spot sound like the end-all, best orgasm ever that ever woman should aspire to attain. Violet Blue came off sounding intelligent, collected, and just personable. I was impressed.

I also feel it's important to mention that Violet Blue does not take a heterosexual stance on the book. He/she is interspersed when talking about partners as well as one of the erotica stories is a lesbian story. She makes it clear that both types of sexuality are represented here - heterosexual and homosexual.

Really, in conclusion, I'd have to say that I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to experience more from their g-spot or is looking to figure out how to experience female ejaculation. If you already experience both of those things regularly, I'd say that this book won't provide much new information, but when it comes to learning more about it for newbies seeking more pleasure, this works amazingly. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for g-spot information.
Personally, so you know where I'm coming from, I can achieve g-spot pleasure, but no orgasm or female ejaculation. I found some of the tips included (including fisting!) were things I didn't know and things I think will help me in the future.
Follow-up commentary
This is still the book I recommend for those who are looking for information about their g-spot. I haven't read it since my first reading, but I still remember the very straight, frank way that Violet Blue talks about the entire experience and all of the great information in the book. It's been borrowed quite a few times and still looks nearly new. This is still my favorite book to recommend.
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