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Great Information, Outdated Recommendations

Sex Toys 101 is a great sex toy book with amazing information, but after seven years, it's a little outdated with its product recommendations. If you just want the information, it's an amazing read. However, if you'd prefer some recommendations with your reading, there are other more updated books out there.
Great information, well-written, full-color is engaging, pictures are pretty
Recommendations are outdated, recommendations seem a little too much at times
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Sex Toys 101 is a book from the founders of Babeland. It's a paperback book in full color with 176 pages. It's not the size of your average "romance" novel. It's actually 8 by 8, so it's much more like a large square. The outside cover shows "Sex Toys 101" in large letters along with all sorts of sex toys on the cover, so this isn't something you could manage to discreetly read in public. This was published in 2003 - it isn't extremely old, but a lot has changed in the sex toy world with what products are available in seven years.

Sex Toys 101 is a book purely filled with information about sex toys. Because of the publication year, the product recommendations are a little outdated, but most of the information is still pretty current. The book is nicely separated into chapters and includes little colored boxes that include other information. Each page is separated into two columns of text which seems to lend itself well to the style of the book. One column would have seemed too crowded.

The chapters are separated into different chapters. They include: Basic anatomy, Sexual expression and communication, Vibrators, Dildos and Strap-ons, Anal toys, Toys for boys, Lubricant, Bondage and Domination, Playing with sensation, Safety information. Since I'm pretty sure it's self-explanatory what each chapter is for, I won't bother going in depth with each chapter.

I would say that, for the most part, I do think this is a good book for anyone who wants to learn about the basics of sex toys or someone who wants to feel much more "okay" about using sex toys. This book doesn't shame anyone's sexuality, and in fact, encourages you to enjoy and embrace your own sexuality.

However, the toy recommendations should probably be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the recommendations are still pretty decent, but from what I know of what they recommended, there's now better toys out there for the same price. As for the actual information, though, that's extremely useful to someone new to sex toys. For example, there's information about how to connect with your dildo, how to clean it, what material/cleaning works best with each material, how to enjoy anal sex more, how to become multi-orgasmic, how to use a BDSM toy safely, how to communicate with your partner about sex toys, and other vitally useful information. Overall, it just impressed me in the actual information.

At some points, it does feel like the toy recommendations are taking over the actual content, but for the most part, the toy recommendations - even though they are placed in the body of the book, don't seem to eat up too much room compared to the content. It honestly does seem like the recommendations were placed there to help you choose something that really worked or to show an example of the product. It doesn't feel like an advertisement. While I'm not familiar with Babeland's product selection, I feel like I haven't seen most of these products in stores - at least by the names that the products are sold by. They may still be sold in Babeland's store under other names, but I honestly haven't seen most of these, so someone who reads this may want to use this as a stepping stone - not a final destination.

Sex Toys 101 is a pretty good book with good information, but the recommendations are a little outdated. The information is still pretty modern, and it's presented in a easy-to-understand manner that appeals to all newbies - excited by sex toys or just curious. All-in-all, I think I might have preferred The Big Book of Sex Toys which is also sold here at EdenFantasys. It just has more information, prettier pictures, and is basically the same book - but it has updated recommendations.
Comparison between Moregasm and Sex Toys 101:
This is one of the first books that the Babeland team put out. Now they've actually put on Moregasm as well - which is honestly virtually the same thing, but quite a bit more updated. As a comparison, Sex Toys 101 seems to be much more colorful and fun-loving and purely focused on sex toys (like the title implies) while Moregasm seems focused on the topic of sexuality. Sex Toys 101, while it does recommend and explain some toys, doesn't seem to have the focus that Moregasm does on just purely using Babeland toys. However, Moregasm's toy recommendations were kept to one section; Sex Toys 101's recommendations were spanned throughout the entire book - sometimes more recommendations than content. Also, while reading Sex Toys 101, it was much more apparant that this was from some women who ran a company - each chapter tastefully included an introduction about a purchase from the store that improved the customer's life. Moregasm didn't have many mentions of things like that. Sex Toys 101 also has a pretty awesome lubricant section while Moregasm mentioned very little about it.
Follow-up commentary
I like Sex Toys 101, but not as much as I like Moregasm or other sex toy books. This one is great in its own right, but it probably was a bit better back when it really was modern and included modern toys. There's lots of things it doesn't cover now. It's not a bad book in the slightest - I just think there's better out there.
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