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I Think I'll Skip That Toe Sucking...

Daily Sex is a pretty cool book. It gives you 365 activities to try out, one for every day of the year. These are easy to understand activities, including: sexual positions, oral sex tricks, manual stimulation, and ideas for massages. There are a lot of unique moves within the covers so it never gets boring. It can be a bit difficult to follow along due to the formatting of the book, though, and it's meant to cater specifically to heterosexual couples.
large font, easy to understand descriptions, good price, unique positions, fun to follow along
format is a bit difficult to read, relevant to heterosexual couples only
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I recently purchased a whole bunch of buyout assignments to review since it’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and written a few reviews. One of the products I chose was Daily Sex by Jane Seddon. I was interested to see what kinds of ideas were within the covers even though for the time being I really don’t have enough hours in the day for true “daily sex”.

The book is a 390 page paperback written by Jane Seddon. It was published by Warner Books in 2004. The cover measures about 8 inches tall by 7 ½ inches wide, which is about as big as a smaller textbook or most sex guides I’ve bought. The cover depicts a man’s back with a woman’s legs wrapped around him. The back of the book lists a few examples of the days within the book.

Each page is printed on high-quality matte white paper. It’s a bit thicker than normal printer paper. The ink does not smudge when wet. The font is clear and very easy to read. I did not notice any spelling errors within the covers, so the editors did an excellent job.

Daily Sex is meant as a guide for new sexual ideas to try every day. The book is set up so that it starts with January 1st and runs all the way to December 31st, however you do not need to follow it according to the calendar. If you happen to purchase the book in the middle of April and want to start it right away, you can do so.

The book starts off with an introduction discussing why sex is healthy for relationships. It gives you a basis for how to keep sex interesting and describes how to properly use the book. The author states that you can use it every day if you have the time, but every other day or a couple times a week are fine as well. The introduction is written so that each page is in two columns, which is kind of a pain to read, at least for me.

Right after the introduction the book starts off with Month 1. Each month is set up the same in layout. First it shows a page with a list of each move for the month. Each month’s chapter has 30 days, regardless of whether or not the month has 31 days. At the end of the book is a section with additional days if a particular month has more than 30 days. February, which has 28 days normally and 29 on a leap year, has 30 days as well.

After the page showing each move for the month, it shows the first day. Each day takes up one page. At the top is the name of the move, the day/month, and a black and white illustration demonstrating what exactly you’ll be doing for this particular day. Off to the outer side of the page is a small thermometer. You color this in according to how much you liked the move so you can keep track of what you liked or didn’t like. Alternatively, if you don’t want to write in the book, you can keep a piece of paper in the book with the page numbers of your favorites. Underneath the illustration is the description of what you’ll be doing. It includes instructions for both the man and woman and gives pointers on additional stimulation for both. Similar to the introduction, each day’s page is written in three short columns. This is a bit confusing to look at and can be difficult to read.

Some of the days require a small item to perform the move. Flipping through the book, I found a few examples of required “equipment”: a feather, whipped cream, a vibrator, and chocolate syrup. None of the moves require an item that would be difficult or expensive to obtain or something people usually don’t keep around the house.

Here are some examples of different days:

- Sitting Down on the Job (Month 3, Day 2): He sits with his legs spread open and she sits on his lap facing him. With her feet by his hips and her hips close to his torso, she slides his penis inside of her.
- Blind Date (Month 4, Day 20): She puts on a blindfold, holds her hands behind her back, and performs fellatio on him.
- Touch of Class (Month 8, Day 6): She gives him a full-body massage, starting at his scalp and working her way down to his penis, where she stimulates him with her entire body.
- A Close Shave (Month 10, Day 1): He trims and then shaves off all of her pubic hair.

Some of these activities may be some that you are not interested in doing. If so, you can easily modify them to be something more interesting to you. For example, one day asks that you suck whipped cream off of your man’s toes. If that’s not exactly a turn on, you can try sucking it off somewhere else, or if you don’t like whipped cream you can skip it.

While there is variety in the activities inside the book, it’s not much. Most of it is just positions for intercourse. There are also different moves and positions for oral sex, massages, and manual stimulation of both partners.

I found that this book caters mainly towards male/female couples. While other couples may find a few interesting things within the covers, moves involving penetration typically will work better for a male/female couple. All of the illustrations show male/female couples in a variety of body types and ethnicities.

I personally have not started using the book yet, though I have read through quite a bit of it. Right now my fiancé and I are on completely opposite schedules for work and we barely see each other. In a month we are going to be on the same schedule again so I will be starting up with the book then.

I recommend the book if you’re looking for a way to try a lot of new positions and activities during sex or foreplay. A lot of the positions inside the book aren’t the ones typically found in books of positions, so it’s a pretty unique read. I would suggest avoiding it if you aren’t in a male/female relationship, though, since you’ll find less than half of the book useful.

I’d like to note that at the time of my review, this book is currently discontinued on EdenFantasys. At the time of my purchase, it was still available for sale and in stock. At some point in the future it may come back into stock on EdenFantasys.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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