Kristina Queen of Vampires Vol: 1 - erotic graphic novel by Amerotica - review by Buttercup McGee

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"Kristina- Queen of the Vampires" Review

Nicely drawm comic, probably more visually stimulating than "in your brain" stimulating. Sadly the sex was not very kinky, nor was it super "vampirey" sex in the sense of biting, blood letting, etc. Overall, though I'd recommend it to people interested in erotic comics-- it was entertaining.
Attractive art work; some mild kink themes such as spanking, non- consensuality; engaging story.
Not enough development of the vampire mythos, not enough kink.
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The thing I liked most and the thing I liked least about this erotic comic book boil down to the same thing: vampires.

One one hand, it features a sexy, mostly naked, beautifully drawn female vampire. On the other hand, there is little to no depiction or inference of some of the sex acts vampire fans may have come to expect.

For example, Kristina's mind control abilities (such as making a unwilling person have sex with her and like it) seem to be easily dispelled by her human rival. The only bites depicted are nourishment bites, when Kristina takes blood from criminals. The one erotic bite in the tale is inferred, but not actually shown. There is no orgiastic blood drinking, or ritual bloodletting. Quel drag.

The comic has nice art work- female characters' skin looks velvety and touchable. It has some detailed "close up" drawings of vaginal penetration, and the impossibly perfect body proportions often seen in erotic comics-- huge, beautifully shaped breasts, massive thick cocks and the like. It has some mild kink themes such as spanking, non- consensuality.

I was intrigued by the various loose story threads-- will Kristina be able to heal herself and come back out of her coffin? Who is the bad-ass dude with the vampire harem who can sense Kristina's presence on his turf? How will Mike's experience of being bitten and mind controlled by Kristina, and his subsequent rescue by Iris impact their relationship? I know, I know, it sounds like "As the Coffin Turns", but the story grabbed me.

Overall, though the art work was nicely executed, with highly stylized depictions of both male and female bodies. The story is interesting enough that I found I wanted to read the next book in the series. The sex in the book is certainly hot enough. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see some specifically vampire-themed sex acts as well as more kink.
As always, I gave it to Rod to check out after I was done with it. He agreed that more blood play and more kink would be welcome, but given the size of his erection when he was reading it, I'd say he liked it.
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  • Victoria
    Lol @ "As the Coffin Turns"...Great line and great review. I love / collect comics but haven't looked at many erotic comics..this one looks fun. Thanks!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I've been wanting to get into erotic comics. The art in this one seems a bit too typical of comics, though. (at least on the cover) That doesn't do it for me.
  • mikebooks
    Good review, thanks a lot!
  • zracer
    Great review
  • freda
    Good review
  • ViVix
    Great review! I haven't looked at erotic comics at all before this.
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