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The Lowdown on Going Down review

The Lowdown on Going Down is an excellent guide for someone who wants to perfect their cunnilingus technique. Highly recommended - she'll thank you for it.
Practical; includes exercises to improve performance; neither too broad nor too narrow in scope.
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I was eager to read The Lowdown on Going Down because I am sorely lacking in cunnilingus skills (a status probably shared with many other men), yet I am aware of how pleasurable oral sex can be for women (She Comes First does an excellent job explaining why). While my most important learning tool is the lady I love, Marcy Michael's book has certainly helped speed along my learning.

The most distinctive thing that The Lowdown on Going Down has (one that I have not seen in other books) is a list of exercises to limber up the lips and increase control and stamina. For those of you who want a value-added package, Marcy lists the other benefits of having an agile mouth beyond a happy partner, but shouldn't a happy partner be reason enough to tone the tongue? The exercises require little in the way of materials (no Tongueflex machine needed here, just some Cheerios for a few of the exercises), and once mastered most of the exercises can be done anywhere without much embarrassment. There's even a skills check at the end of the exercises so you can be sure your tongue is in tip-top form and ready to go; but this book doesn't stop there.

In addition to the tongue and lip exercises, The Lowdown on Going Down has plenty of other tips and information, including sections on female anatomy and a brief reprise of safe oral sex practices (I know most of us know them, but if it keeps one person healthy it's worth repeating). One of the nice surprises I found was the chapter on kissing, which held a number of little tidbits that I hadn't thought about before.

The sections on cunnilingus technique are reasonably complete, including a wealth of options that concentrate on practical techniques and positions that don't require too much acrobatic ability, a definite plus. There are a couple of advanced positions included for the limber couples who want to try them.

The book is written in a fluid style, with plenty of “if she likes this, she might also like...” suggestions that you can put together how you want – a salad bar of possibilities rather than a fixed-menu dinner downtown. There's a section on non-genital erogenous zones that you can include in your play to spice things up, a chapter on using sex toys during cunnilingus, and a bit on the possibilities and the pitfalls of introducing food into oral lovemaking.

So far I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of what this book offers, but I know that I have already improved my skills and look forward to further progress (and practice...)

The Lowdown on Going Down definitely merits a position in my permanent library, joining She Comes First in my “essential cunnilingus reference” section (Dewey 613.96, just in case you wanted to know). A five-star book, and certainly worth having. Neither you nor your partner will be disappointed.
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  • Contributor: Always Aroused Girl
    I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen a Dewey number in a review of a sex product.


    QM in the Library of Congress system, maybe?   
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    I've been thinking about getting this book for my husband. Sounds like it might help. Thanks for writing such a thorough review! :)
  • Contributor: ScottA
    The only reason I might not recommend this book as a starter would be if he's not into the idea of giving you oral sex yet. If he was unsure or you are trying to convince him to go down, you might want to start with something such as She Comes First or The Art of Oral Sex, because if he picks up The Lowdown on Going Down first he might be scared off by all the work. I haven't read The Art of Oral Sex yet, but She Comes First is great about telling why he should be giving you head.

    Personally, I love making my girl happy, so that's not an issue. Anything that makes the moans louder is good stuff, but it might be better once he's sold on the idea.
  • Contributor: Airlia
    This was a great review. My husband loves going down... and he's pretty damn decent at it. Would you still recommend this book?
  • Contributor: ScottA
    Most definitely - there's so much in it that I still pop it open, read a section, and then try to remember as much of it as possible that night. I am very glad that I got both this book and She Comes First, but I find that the one I go back to most often for a brush-up is "The Lowdown on Going Down".
  • Contributor: KinkyShay
    Nice review! I've been eying this book for a while now...
  • Contributor: hentai
    which would be better for a beginner: The lowdown on Going Down, or She Comes First?
  • Contributor: Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • Contributor: Rightya
    Thanks a lot
  • Contributor: dudemeister
    Nice review. Thanks.
  • Contributor: mmmmm
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: KrissyNovacaine
    nice review!
  • Contributor: HarlequinBunnie
    Awesome job!
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Thank you!
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