Penny Flame's Guide to Rough Sex - instructional video by Vivid - review by Scoundrel v2

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Not for the Squeamish

If you like it a little rough, enjoy sites like, and are sick of bored actors phoning in their scenes, this is a great title. The actors are hot and the sex is intense and real.
Hot actors, a very sexy demo, informative, intense action, great cast chemistry.
Some bad camera work and editing.
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As a couple who enjoys rough sex, my partner and I were both excited to view this title.

The DVD starts off with annoying phone sex ads that you can’t skip. The play-fast forward function comes in handy here.

The feature starts with Penny Flame going over the various dos and don’ts. There is in-depth discussion on different ways to slap someone, where you can and can’t hit them,communication, discussing limits and safe words.

Penny is gorgeous, informative, playful and has great chemistry with her demo partner, Mia Lelani. They are obviously enjoying themselves and it shows.We have found other instructional guide hosts to be very stiff and robotic, so this was refreshing. The obvious chemistry and playfulness exhibited here added to our enjoyment of the material.

That we could not even get through the intro demo without having some rough play of our own should tip you off as to how hot these two are.And we were disappointed that the fun they alluded to having later on was not delivered.

In the 1st sex scene Penny and Derrick steal the show. They have fantastic chemistry, they’re smiling and have their eyes locked on each other the whole time. Their scene is by far the best part, and we were happy to see we got to see more of them in the bonus scene later. Penny getting herself off with a vibe after Derrick comes on her face and throws her on the couch is another added bonus.

The 2nd and 3rd scenes have their merits but are not as good as the 1st, as Penny and Derrick set the bar high.

Aidenn Star and Devin looked bored and had no chemistry compared to other couples. Female domination is not my thing, but I’ve enjoyed watching it in the past. This scene just bored my partner and me. We found her calling Devin a dog annoying, and their verbal exchanges distracting. I wanted them to just shut up and fuck.

They also cutaway to footage of them discussing the scene and roles right in the middle of the action, which they didn’t do in the 1st scene, or at least not that we can remember.

Perhaps we’ll watch this scene again and choose the 'without instruction' option, (or just mute it) and see if it’s any better.

The scene between Mark Davis and Lexi Belle is better but has its flaws.There are the annoying cutaways and a little too much chatter; although it’s not as annoying as in the previous scene. The pop up comments and “mini penny” angel and devil graphics are cheesy, but they are brief and don’t ruin the scenes; but the cutaways do. And to me it makes more sense to just do the commentary as a voice over (as they did some parts).

A good example of this is when Mark brings Lexi to tears.The voice over points out how he slows the action down and checks in with her before continuing.This is a great scene because it shows how to responsibly deal with it when a partner accidentally crosses a line.

In hindsight viewing the sex scenes without instruction (a menu option we found later) probably would have made the 2nd and 3rd scenes far more enjoyable.

The camera work is disjointed and scenes that looked interesting were only shown from bad angles or oddly framed. There were cut off heads and disembodied genital shots that were annoying. For example in the 3rd scene there is a prolonged close up of Mark’s watch that totally distracted me from the cute blonde that was sucking him off. But then again I couldn’t really see much of her in that particular shot anyway.

Also the choking demo in the bonus features should really be in the beginning demo. Perhaps they thought some would not be into it, and decided to keep it separate. But, they could have alluded to it and then said you can see more details in the extra footage.As Penny rightfully informs us, choking is very serious and should not be taken lightly.

It occurs to me that Penny is onscreen in all the best parts,so someone else directed her scenes. I suspect this is why the 2nd and 3rd scenes are so uneven. Perhaps she is better off in front of the camera, letting someone else direct.

I almost wish they would do a director’s cut and re-edit the film, because the action is that good. I was disappointed there were only 3 scenes and wanted more. A testament to how the hot action makes up for the production miscues.We had heard of Penny Flame before, but we were not really familiar with her work. Thanks to her performance here we will definitely be keeping an eye out for her other titles.
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  • Epiphora
    Penny Flame quit porn recently, but you can find her older stuff.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    So it just turns into a porn flick after the intro or..?
  • Scoundrel v2
    Epiphora - I found tha tout after I wrote the review. I will definitely keep an eye out for her older stuff.

    Adriana - It acts like a porn flick after the intro but they do use the things discussed in the intro in the scenes. There are pauses and voiceovers that mention particular techniques or do and donts. So in that regard it was good, I just found the cutaways to footage of the actors discussing the scenes placed in the middle of the scenes to be annoying.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review! Big smile
  • tiname25
    great review
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  • johnad45
    nice work
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