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Sex Parties 101

Book by Alyson Publications

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Planning an Adult Party?

"Sex Parties 101" is one of those books that you need to own if you're interested in ever having a sex party at your house. It talks about a lot of things related to hosting a sex party as well as attending one, and the author writes in a manner that is very entertaining to read.
Gives a lot of great tips, Very informative, Humorous, Inclusive guide, Includes guest tips too
Written towards homosexual males, Doesn't focus much on niche stuff
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"Sex Parties 101" is a book published by Alyson Books and written by Simon Sheppard. The book has 12 chapters, and it has a total of 158 pages. The book is a soft cover, square 8" inch book with black and white pages on the inside. There are some black and white pictures on the inside as well. The book has large enough text for anyone to read, and as long as you keep the cover hidden, aside from a few pictures, it's discreet enough to read in public.

The main thing you really need to know about this book is that it is very, very slanted towards homosexual males. All of the examples explain scenarios between homosexual males, and he uses the 'he' and "him" pronoun exclusively. I was actually a bit confused about this at first since no where on the book's outside does this mention that this was a book purely for males or directed at males, so it was slightly confusing. However, that's not to discredit the information. All of the information is still very relavant to anyone who wants to throw a sex party whether for heterosexual groups or homosexual females. This book just tends to fous on the homosexual male crowd with the pronouns and examples.

This book talks almost exclusively about sex parties. There is a section that does talk a bit about hosting a kink party, and it's mentioned a couple places in the book, but it really was meant to talk about having intercourse-type sex parties with multiple people. The book does mostly focus on having sexual relations with multiple people at someone's house; this is mostly for a house-function - not commercial use. It does mention some of the niche parties and even gives them their own chapters such as hosting a foot-lover's party, a masturbation party, or even a kink party, but this guy's expertise seems to be as a intercourse-party person, so that's what most of the book is focused on.

The book focuses on both how to throw the party as well as how to be a good guest. As you can imagine, the book is mostly focused on how the throw the parties, but with that information, he also makes sure to mention some of the things you should do when attending a party such as to make sure that you leave all valuables at home and don't expect to only make it with the hottest guy there. He makes sure to mention to go with an open-mind for attendees, and he mentions lowering your standards a bit as every guy in the room is going to want to get with Mr. Ultra-Hot, and parties are there to expand your regular boundaries.

This book does cover a lot of information on the side of throwing an actual party as well. For example, it talks about how to sex-proof your living space, legality concerns, what you should be providing, and how to do the lighting where people will be comfortable. It even covers how to best invite people! From there, it's going to go on to more specific details like how to manage the groups of people you have, how to participate while still keeping an eye out for bad activity, how to deal with problems, and what safe sex information you need to know (including sex toys and such) when throwing a party like this. Since there isn't exactly a huge market on "How to throw a sex party" books, I actually found this book very, very informative as I've very rarely read any of this information in other books. It almost all applies directly to having a sex party, and they say knowledge is power, so this was definitely a pleasant read.

To give specifics, the chapters are: It's My Party, Setting the Scene, Get the Guests and Getting things Going, Dressing Up Dressing Down Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out, Behaving Yourself, Three's Allowed (threesome information), The Speciality of the House, Bondage for Beginners, Down in the Dungeon, Play Hard Play Safe, The Morning After (coming back to reality), The Mornings after That (The epilogue and resource information).

Overall, I think that this is a good book to read if you want to have a sex-party where the participants have sex with one another. (Not sex toy selling parties) The book is written in a friendly, humorous way that doesn't pass judgement, and while it's mostly focused towards gay individuals, it still is a very educational and interesting read.
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  • js250
    Good review, too bad it isn't geared more towards everyone.
  • Ms. Spice
    i really would love to read something like this, because there really isn't a lot on throwing sex parties... awesome review
  • M121212
    You've perked my curiosity with this one! I'm adding it to the wishlist
  • Princess-Kayla ?
    Great review.
    I was actually hoping this was more about sex toy selling parties, as I'm planning on having one, but the book still sounds very interesting. I'm glad you liked it.
    I still want it though, just because I'm incredibly curious.
  • sunkissedJess
    Thanks for the helpful review. I also thought it was going to be more about a sex toy selling party. I would really like to find a book like that. Thanks for sharing.
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • AnotherPrettyFace
    Thanks for the review.
  • darkkitty
    Nice review, thanks!
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