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Playing Dirty And Coming Clean DVD!

I would definately recommend this DVD for your collection, it is worth the money spent and can also give you some good ideas to spice up your sex life.
Good ideas
Passionate sex scenes
Offensive threesome scene
Very long DVD
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useful review

Content / Genre / Audience

I would put this DVD into the category of erotic and hot sex. The audiences for this DVD that would be best suited to watch it would be couples, lesbians or heterosexuals. I am NOT into anything to do with threesomes, it is discusting to me personally and I find it offensive. In one of the scenes there was girl on girl action and threesome which I watched ONLY to do this review otherwise I would have just skipped it honestly because it's not appealing at all to me as a married viewer.

Scene 1: Happy Endings
It starts on a massage table, the background music is slow and has a salsa like beat to it. The guy starts off giving her a massage, kissing her body and then he gives her oral and she lays on her stomach and gives him a blowjob, then he gets on top and the one thing that was not appealing at all to watch was he sucked on her toes before he came on her stomach.

Scene 2: On Demand
The guy appears on a screen and by the pool and naked walks up to the screen as in a movie and she WANTS him! He comes in the room and they make out with him on top. The music is a bit faster and upbeat in this scene. He lowers down and gives her oral pleasure and you can tell she's visibly acting and faking the pleasure in her movements and face and also her breasts look like implants which is annoying to watch in a DVD and she also has a visible tatoo above her butt which is not a bit appealing to watch either, as a viewer. The way she gives him a blowjob does give a good few ideas on how to do different things with your tongue and mouth, so that's a plus to this scene. She gets on top while he's laying back on the chair. The moaning sounds she makes got annoying to listen to because it didn't sound real. He then goes anally and comes on her lower back.

Scene 3: The Hunger
This scene starts out with a few dove birds on a bed with a blonde female and then one male comes out with a 2nd female who has brown hair. I nor my husband are a bit interested in threesomes (he has only watched part of the DVD not this scene though), so I found this scene a bit offensive and gross as I do not like to watch two females kissing or fingering or fondling each other while the guy gave her oral. I would NOT recommend this particular DVD if you're not into that stuff because it's pretty much the whole 3rd scene so unless you want to just fast forward it, find something else.

Scene 4: Escape From Danger
This couple was hiking and he seemed injured and they start making out on the rock which is a nice change of scenery as a viewer and he goes down on her and she then gives him a visibly good blowjob and deep throated a little bit too. She then lays back on the rock while he stands up to be on top (Big turn on and good ideas). He goes at a pretty good fast pace and is a little more rough as she moans. They also had anal sex.

Scene 5: Dark Fantasies
This couple is in like a dungeon atmosphere it seemed like and have costumes on with a chain above them and she has a chain necklace on, which it is a bit kinky scene to watch but pretty cool ideas to try out if you're skilled/flexible. They are a bit kinky in their scene and he spanks her and holds her onto a bar above him, and she blindfolds him and uses her teeth to loosen his belt, and while he's standing she gives him a blowjob. I liked this scene as it was much different than anything I've watched. He moans while she deep throats him a bit. He removes her G string and they move to the floor and get busy, and the coolest/weirdest part of it is that they use a flashlight to "see" and when she is on top the light gives a black light effect. And when she got on bottom, he put his cock on her thighs and seemed to fling it around on her and goes really slow again.

Scene 6: First Vacation
They both give each other oral pleasure and makeout and he ends on top by the pool.

Scene 7: Her Perfect Date
This couple starts talking at a park in the grass and they get down and busy like a lot of the other scenes with oral and she starts on top.

Scene 8: Gunslinger
They get right to it on the steps outside in the west and he goes from behind while she's holding onto a post.
    • Anal sex
    • Erotic
    • Threesome scenes


Jean Val Jean
Manuel Ferrara
Marcus London
Mike Fuller
Randy Spears
Brooke Faith
Jassie Nicole Sheridan
Selena Silver
Tiffany Taylor
Tory Lane
Victoria Van Helkine

I think that they all did a great job in their performances in this DVD of Playgirl.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Hot scenes
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

Special Features:

Photo Gallery
Bonus Sex Scene
Interview with Brad Taylor
Playgirl Centerfold
2006 Man of the Year
Playgirl TV trailers
Playgirl TV promo reel
Company profile
    • Attractive design
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

I enjoyed this DVD very much with the exception of Scene 3 with 2 girls together. It is definately worth the price of $28.99 as it has 8 scenes and it is pretty lengthy in time.


I watched this the first time to write all my information out for this review and the second time when my husband turned it on, it got us in the mood and we had a great night!
Follow-up commentary
I still like this DVD but don't watch it much, but it's on our DVD shelf for future use for sure of my EF collection.
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    Nice, imformative review. My only comment is I would "lighten up" on using words like "...offensive and gross..." because you may be insultng any readers who enjoy this type of sex. Otherwise, one of he best reviews I have read--just enough information without spoiling the scenes for potential viewers. Good job.
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