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This book will have a place in my nightstand for years to come, I think. The stories were what I look for when I want to be turned on; when I want to escape into my fantasy world. Loved it.
Sexy. Erotic. Gender-bending. Well-written. Well-selected.
May not appeal to those who are not a fan of queer erotica.
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Sometimes She Lets Me, is a scintillating collection of queer and butch/femme stories that were collected, edited, and introduced by Tristan Taormino, who, in my opinion, is a natural choice for a book of this caliber. There are 23 delectable stories. I'm not very versed in the world of erotica authors so I don't know which names you'll have heard before. The only author I was familiar with was Sinclair Sexsmith.

The stories range from chance encounters to long-term relationships and many relationship dynamics in between. All levels of butch and femme are showcased as well as several stories that involve gender-bending or gender-fucking. I will be honest and admit that while I enjoyed most of the stories, the stories that elicited stronger reactions were the ones that escaped the traditional gender roles. There were exhibitionist stories, voyeur stories, some BDSM and power exchange dynamics. Some were very tender; while others were a little grittier.

A few of the stories that stayed fresh in my memory, as I mention above, were the ones that played with gender. Examples of this type of story are: "The Diner on the Corner," by Sinclair Sexsmith, "Does She Look Like a Boy?" by Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, and "You Can Write a Story About It," by Jera Star. Here's a little taste of "Does She Look Like a Boy?"

I realized very soon that he had more experience than he had let on. I ran my other hand through what I assumed to be sweat on his inner thigh. He was moving his body accordingly, so I knew he wanted to be fucked.

Then, later in the story:

As I inched my hand upward he jerked away from me. I pulled her close to my body. The hand I had rested on her face came down and pressed against her collarbone. I felt the tiny recognizable ripples of a tensor-bandaged chest.

As hot as all this gender bending is, there were plenty of stories that aroused me that were not gender bending tales. For example: "Sweet Thing," by Joy Parks was a very hot story; as was "Voodoo and Tattoos," by Lynn Jamneck.

Overall, I think this a well-rounded and complete collection. Upon completing the book, I didn't feel like anyone had been left out nor do I feel like anything was missing from it. I truly enjoyed this collection.
Follow-up commentary
This is a go-to book for me when I want a little one-handed reading. I love the stories. Some of them never get boring.
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  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Nice review I don't think I have run across this one on the site before, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  • Contributor: Ms. Spice
    great review; i've been looking for a sexy read, this sounds right up my alley
  • Contributor: Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. Although I don't think I'm quite ready for an anthology that is completely lesbian, you make it sound interesting.
  • Contributor: BBW Talks Toys
    It's not just completely lesbian. Well, it's all female-bodied people, but a good portion of it, like I said, is very queer in content; which is something that I find very hot, but yes, it's not for everyone.
  • Contributor: SiNn
    this sounds like an awesome read for sure
  • Contributor: DeliciousSurprise
    I'm glad you got to read this. *s
  • Contributor: eeep
    Thanks for the review, this book sounds interesting, but not sure its for me.
  • Contributor: Marcianpro
    Awesome review!
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