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Tricks To Please A Woman

Book by Greenery Press

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Pleasing Women

The Tricks to Please a Woman book does a great job of giving 125 different tips to better pleasure a woman. Along with this, Jay Wiseman includes quite a bit of safety information that is sure to make sure all of your sex is as safe as it can be.
Tips are all safe, Lots of safety information, Some unique suggestions
A little dry, Hard to absorb at once
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"Tricks To Please a Woman" is a little square, 7 inches by 7 inches book, written by Jay Wiseman and published by Greenery Press. The entire book focuses on different ways to pleasure a woman. The book is published in 2002, so all of the safety information is still relatively new. The book has 125 different tricks as well as 148 pages. This book is split into 8 different chapters. The companion book to this one is "Tricks to Please a Man" which is also sold here on EF. This book is softcover and includes black and white pages on the inside.

Jay Wiseman is pretty much the "safety king" of the BDSM world. He's one of those household names if you are heavily involved with BDSM. He writes "SM101" and the "Erotic Bondage Handbook" (also sold here on EF.) While his writing is usually a bit dry, he almost always has quite a bit of safety information involved. For this reason, I found that I could trust the tips he was giving since they were backed with safety information.

I was a bit confused by this book. It wasn't worth calling it a defect, but when I received the book, the corners of the pages were slightly upturned, and there were some little scuff marks on the cover of the book. I'm not sure if this book was set in a wrong place during production/storage, but it does look like the book was possibly read through once before I received it. Not enough to make me ask for a new book, but I thought it was odd and worth mentioning. My "Tricks to Please a Man" copy I received at the same time looked brand new.

The book basically focused on 125 "tips" that are listed "Cosmo-style". They aren't useless tips like Cosmo, but instead, they are just listed in the same manner with the "1, 2, 3.." type of listing. Each tip includes a paragraph about how to accomplish it including any safety information you should know. The tips are separated nicely into the different chapters including Foreplay, Basic Tricks, Safe Sex Tricks, Tool-Using Tricks, Oral Tricks, Anal Tricks, and Kinky Tricks.

The book can be really difficult to absorb in one reading. Because the book is basically listed such an easy-to-read format, you will find yourself not retaining the information if you read the book in one sitting. For this reason, I suggest making a bit of a "game" out of the book by choosing a number, 1 through 125, and choosing to do that tip out of the book. You could do that game by yourself (so they wouldn't know what hit them!) or with your partner.

Along with the tips, Jay also includes some safety articles that are good to read through. There is an article all about safe sex as well as an article all about sex toys. Unlike other books, this one also gives articles about what to do if a toy gets lost, what to do if the condom fails, and what to do about a latex allergy. He also recommends how to clean sex toys safely. For those who aren't familiar with kink safety, he also gives quite a few pages on the basics of how to be safe while doing kink.

This book while not amazingly advanced also isn't basic either. The book does a great job of covering the intermediate bases really nicely. The basic tips are ones that most sexually advanced people have done while some of the kink tips and assorted tips are ones that I've never even though of. For example, you can use a scarf as a "cock ring" with a knot on the top of the penis. You can give the scarf lengths to the female and let her "control" where the knot lands during intercourse. Along with this, quite a bit of the book focuses on using sex toys and tips on how to use those.

I like this book. Jay Wiseman did a good job of presenting some good information that's going to allow you to pleasure a woman better. It's not too advanced nor too basic, and you can be assured that all of the information presented is going to be safe to actually do.
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  • Azule
    Thanks for reviewing, this sounds interesting enough. And I am always looking for new tricks.
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