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Setting the Scene for Oral Sex on Ladies

There are books that explain how to go down, and books that describe how to set the sexual scene. This book goes in between and tries to do both, with pretty nice results. There could have been more methods detailed on how to go down, but overall this book struck a nice balance between having lots of creative scenes to have oral sex in, and describing just how to get it done. Overall, it's a nice read on a slow day that you're hoping to speed up.
Creative scenes, Fun attitude, Nice tips and tricks, Makes oral sex more fun, Lots of images,
Not written queer friendly, Less about techniques and more about the scene, Not discreet
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About author

I felt that there was a lot of fun information in here. She has a personal writing style when she is not giving an anatomy lesson. She's a sexologist, and has been for many years. She's not a therapist or a doctor though, and she makes note of that in the beginning to let people know that this book isn't about therapy, but fun.
    • Very personal approach

Content / Style / Audience

I like the pictures and the captions included. At the beginning of the book there was a bit of an anatomy lesson as well, which I thought was nice. Some men and women do not even know what the vulva is, or where the clitoris might be, sad as that is. It goes into detail about the entire female genitalia network and how to best utilize what you've got to work with.

Fun little sex facts are sprinkled throughout the book to help fill pages and fill minds. Most of those are either fun, or informative, and sometimes both.

“Sexpert Says” boxes are also included where Sonia Borg describes something from her experience, or what she's learned in her sexologist practice. It discusses how to bring your relationship closer, or how to get a longer orgasm out of your partner and so on, with helpful hints.

This book is not about the techniques so much as the scenes. Each section DOES have techniques to make her come, but the focus is on the scene. It takes into account that sometimes it is difficult for men to make scenarios up and play them out, and that women have a huge focus on the mental aspect of things and that foreplay and scene setting is just as important as the physicality of sex for many women. So when I describe a section, it is mostly relying on the scene, and less on the motions themselves. Keep that in mind.

That being said, let's move on. I am going to include a brief summary of 10 sections out of 50 in this book and how I felt these sections worked, and if they seemed like they would be helpful. I will not only include the most helpful sections, but also the ones I felt could work for others, or need improvement and you could adjust them to your needs. I won't give the hints that are included in the book. If you think the scenes are fun or interesting enough, buy the book and support this rather fun author! Without further delay, here are the summaries of the 10 sections!

The Aphrodite 018-019
I loved this. It felt genuine, and for men who might not know how to bring in the romance with the rocking of a woman's world, it was super helpful. The moves along with the picture provided really embraced the idea of this scenario, which is: worship her body and make her know she's a goddess of love. We could all use a little goddess in our lives. Wash some of those insecurities away and make room with candles and a mirror to let love play, right?

The Whole Donut Massage 032- 033
This one runs down how to relax your lady and give her a long massage followed by some downtime of going down. It'll relax the both of you and bring you closer, and it's written so that it's much easier to do than if you were going on your own and didn't quite know how to give a hot full body massage.

Wet and Wild 042-043
This is for hot tub fun, the safe way. No drowning allowed! This gives help on how to keep from losing your breath too quickly, and what positions work the best if you are going down under the sea (of the hot tub).

Wake-Up Call 046-047
It doesn't say it, and in fact it seems to think this is not an important part of it, but make sure she would consent to literally being woken up with oral sex. I know oral sex is great and all, but not talking about it beforehand is not cool. If I were awoken to any kind of sex without being told it would happen, I would become violent. So many women and people with vaginas have had sexual abuse in the past, and reactions can get worse when we are not fully awake. Just ask if that's something she likes before playing at it.
That being said, the rest of this little scene is lovely. I felt that it really went into nice details on how to not wake her, but just get her aroused, and how to best stimulate without being too stimulating until she is awake. Consent is an issue, but so is technique. If you've got consent, then this technique is super helpful.

Safer Sex Cunnilingus 052-053
In a world where my friends are telling me you can't get STIs from oral sex (aye aye!), it's important that everyone who DOES go down (and please do!) knows how to go down safely if they're with someone new, or someone they are not sure of the sexual STI situation on. Without sounding preachy, this part does a great job of explaining the way to go downtown without so much risk of getting something to infect you.

Casual Sex Cunnilingus 056-057
Like a craigslist casual encounter listing, only it's for your girl and left on her pillow. This is a nice twist to the love game and let's the two of you play out a scene where you're strangers meeting up for a no-strings attached hookup and maybe more... It starts out with the lightest touches (you're strangers after all) and builds up to a mind-blowing orgasm, hopefully. Overall it's a nice thing to read, and a situation I would love to try out. It let's both people play out fantasy selves and grow as a couple, and that's wonderful.

Handyman's Special 072-073
Ladies like a handyman who knows how to work his tools, or that's the assumption here. If the lady in your life loves your DIY skills, then give her a job well done with the tools on your belt-- a vibrator and some lube-- and get to work! This one utilizes a Hitachi Magic Wand (yay for product placement!), but any vibe, if it's her favorite and works how she likes it ought to work. Now git 'er done!

Full-service Cunnilingus 080-081
Be her butler and be at her beck and call. In this scene, you're fully submissive to her every need and desire and if she asks for it, you give it. If she moans, you do that again. It's pretty straight-forward, but this book offers it in a nice little twist that could be incredibly interesting. It gives tips to work her up and make her yours, while also having you be the one who is submissive, which I like.

Cunnilingus Train 086-087
Looking for a little bit of risk, a little bit of thrill, and a little bit of adventure to get your relationship back on track? Get on a train during a slow time when no one else, or not many others, are on and take her for a ride she won't soon forget. This is about being a moderate to much more than moderate exhibitionist and if that's in your line of enjoyment then take a midnight ride on a train going anywhere and go down on your favorite lady.

Fire and Ice 096-099
Blindfolds, ice, and hot beverages (maybe some alcohol to warm the body too?) and this scene is all about sensation play. With her unable to see, you can have your wicked fiery way with her, and just when the heat is too much, play with a bit of frigid cool, and get her all wound up. It includes a lot of mouth tricks and ways to get her off, which is a bonus when most of this book is about scenes rather than the actual ways to play with your mouth on her cunt.
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I would have to say that this book is very well put together. The binding is thick, though not hard covered. It is a large book, and the front cover is very nice to look at with legs that go on for miles and the title in between them.

It's honestly a fun and well put together book.
    • Diagrams / photos included
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Well made

Personal comments

This book is written for a heterosexual and cis-gendered (body and mind match up gender and sex) couple, not so much for those queer people who are lesbians (sometimes you don't have things referencing -your- penis, which you are assumed to have) or for trans* people who have female genitalia. Most of the tips and tricks and scenarios WORK for queer people, but were not written with us even sort of in mind, judging by the way Sonia Borg writes. Even as this slightly irritated me, I am writing this review as one geared towards the heterosexual and cis-gendered couple. Queer people and couples keep in mind that most all of this will still work for you, and there is a lot of fun in this book, even if we were left out by name.


As of yet, I have not had any physical experience with this product. By the two month review, I expect to have several very nice experiences, however. My partners and I have already made some rather lovely plans.

From the way they laid out different scenes though, and with my own creative juices, I don't expect it will be too difficult to have a heavenly (or hellish!) time and that's just what I want.
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