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She does love her indeed

Whatever you like you are likely to find in this video. Use of toys, vaginal sex, anal sex, rimming, sex machines, foot play and more. This is a video for those who enjoy lesbian and heterosexual intercourse. The movie has a theme and the way the movie was shot follows the theme very well. If you are a Jenna Jameson fan this is a must!
Variety in types of sexual encounters
The way it was filmed could be annoying for some people
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Brianna loves Jenna is a movie with a variety of sexual interaction with both men and women. It was done in 2001, therefore it is an older movie but we enjoyed it none the less. It stars, Jenna Jameson, Brianna Banks, Shay Sweet, Isabella Plus, Jim Enright, Mr. E and Eric Everhard.

The theme of the movie basically sets Jenna Jameson as herself in an institution for those with psychological disorders, so to speak. Don't let this put you off as the scenes are not localized in the institution with "crazy" people. Basically, the gist is that Jenna believes that Brianna loves her. She has a very fruitful imagination in which she is able to take on the roles of many characters, whether they are male or female and she can even be Brianna if she wants.

The filming can be annoying depending on what you like. It isn't artsy per say but it is sort of creative. They had to film the scenes in a surreal way, as the scenes represent deranged states of Jenna's mind. So the shots cut and come back from close up to full view and back, there are psychedelic colors and a lot of play with lighting, making some scenes very bright. Personally, I didn't find the way the movie was shot as distracting, it did not detract from my enjoyment of watching the video but it isn't for everyone. Some people could get annoyed with the way the video was shot. The total length of the movie is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

There is music and it's not bad, it's what you would expect for a porn movie. I can't complain.

Scene 1:
The setting is a living room, with Jenna and Brianna. The scene starts with random shots of them dancing in chiffon prom-like dresses, to shots of them half naked and embracing. It's very broken the way the shots follow as we are in Jenna's mind so to speak. The scene is very bright. They engage in cunnilingus, they play with vaginal and anal penetration with a black strap on and they also use large black anal beads on Brianna.

There's an interlude where Jenna is in a safe room for those who might hurt themselves and her sexual energy is causing a power surge in the institution and her psychotherapist is getting upset. Jenna starts to imagine another scenario which is the following scene

Scene 2:
Brianna is with a man who Jenna believes she has transformed herself into. They begin with kissing and groping in a hall, in a house. Brianna gives the guy a blow job, then he gives her cunnilingus with some light fingering. Then they move to vaginal sex on a dining table and change positions. There are a lot of close ups of the penetration. The scene ends with the guy ejaculating on Brianna's face and in her mouth.

There is another short interlude in a room with the psychotherapist, Jenna says she can play many characters and can take any shape she wants.

Scene 3:
Jenna is wearing a cute black corset and is also wearing a wig of long brown hair. Shay Sweet is also in this scene wearing a wig of short-mid length brown hair and is also wearing a corset. It starts off with them kissing and Jenna gives Shay oral sex as she stands propped against a wall. Then Shay gives Jenna oral, analingus and fingers her from the back as Jenna bends forward to receive.

Jenna is then alone and licks the end of a gun as though it were a penis. Then we switch to the therapist making verbal notes on a recorder.

Scene 4:
The therapist is in the same room as before with Jenna. Jenna enters his consciousness as a nurse wearing a white latex dress as the real Jenna sits on the other side of the table observing the therapist masturbating and smoking a cigarette at the same time. Jenna sucks the therapists penis. Jenna has a clear large jelly dong that she uses to masturbate as she watches herself sucking the therapists cock. The scene ends with the guy ejaculating in Jenna's face.

Scene 5:
Jenna is wearing a beautiful long black and floral satin dress and Isabella Plus is wearing a corset like short dress. Isabella caresses Jenna's feet and sucks on her toes. Then Jenna Fingers Isabella from behind as Isabella leans forward and props herself on a couch. This if followed by oral and Jenna sucks a cock on a thrusting sex machine and uses it for vaginal penetration. Then Jenna uses a harness to vaginally penetrate Isabella. The scene ends with the cock ejaculating as Isabella sucks on it.

Scene 6:
Jenna has Asian like make up in this scene. She is wearing black tights and a funky metal bra as well as a collar with a chain attached. Jenna masturbates and a guy appears and they start kissing. As the guy lays down his head propped with pillows Jenna gets on top and sits on his face for some oral sex. Then he penetrates her and it finishes with her giving him oral and him cumming on her face, in her eye. There are bloopers after the credits which were fun to watch.

Special features
Fetishes-you can skip to the genre you like, for example missionary, or cum shot.
Outakes-sort of a bunch of bloopers
Behind the scenes-a few things going on behind the scenes, not much.
Bonus scene-Jenna masturbating then sucking a rubber dong, then sucking an actual penis.
Bonus scene-Brianna masturbating first fingering her pussy and anus then with the use of anal beads and a vibrator
Photo gallery
Follow-up commentary
I really love this video.

I have favorite scenes that I know will get me over the edge really quickly. I still look at online porn from time to time but I usually come back to this video; knowing I will always like the scene even if I know how it will turn out.

My guy hasn't been watching it as much as I. He prefers online porn to this video and to most videos. I guess he prefers online porn. That way he will not be able to expect what will come next which is wasted once you see a porn movie.
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