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Supersex review

This book disappointed me immensely, mostly because I was expecting a book on sexual tips and new ideas. It simply explained things that you learn in sex education in high school.
Good style of writing, and a good idea for the structure of the sections in the book.
Aimed at people who are "supersex" craved only.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Alas, what a sore disappointment. Supersex book seemed so promising in bringing heightened pleasure and new skills to learn. All it brought was empty promises.

Alright, so let’s just be positive a little bit. The style of writing the author uses is really pleasant. She tends to be informative and yet comical.  I also thought the structure of the book was good as well. The book is separated into sections that you gradually go through. The book also has pertinent sections that are useful for specific situations such as tricks on communicating to your partner that he’s not too good, etc. The author also touches on many subjects, but some of them are not practical in every day life (how to tell a person got laid by looking at their pupils, etc.). The one part which got me sizzling was a really good scenario of a striptease that we can do.

The author seems to have a sort of rhythm. She always repeats herself, and every section sounds like the one before. There are no ingenious tips or original ideas. Everything pretty much goes the same way. Foreplay, teasing the genitals, maybe adding props, and then sex. That’s pretty much what it revolves around. The author mentions at the beginning of the book that it’s a book for homosexuals and heterosexuals. That is not really true. Every section depicts photographs of males with females and talk about tips for him on pleasing her and vice versa. The only place where there is a reference to homosexual orientation is a simple statement that any person who has a homosexual orientation is aware of. Don’t get this book if you are homosexual (gay or lesbian [editor’s note: or probably bisexual]) as it won’t be helpful.

As I read I kept thinking, “my god, I hope nobody believes everything that’s in here.” A lot of the stuff written suggests it is supported by scientific data, but it is bogus. There are no references in the back of the book. Honestly, some of the things written are as ridiculous as saying that blondes are stupid. The author makes common sense deductions that hopefully no one will apply in their own life. For example, if you are a tall guy and your eyes are far apart, and you have a Hugh Grant hair cut, she says you are a cheating bastard. Please!

Also there is a whole section that tells you how to analyze if a person is good in bed by watching how they eat, touch you and other things like that.  But what really made me say “OH MY GOD, I can’t believe she wrote this!” was you HAVE to give your man a blow job whether you want to or not, or else he will get it somewhere else.

To me, it seems that this book is more for a person that is looking for a not-so-serious relationship with a man. Pretty much, it is a book written for heterosexual women who have just lost their virginity. Then again, I wouldn’t go as far as referring it to them, seeing as most of the book has very little useful information. I rate this product one star because it had the striptease section and the attempt to be a well structured book, but other wise I wouldn’t have given it any stars. If you are looking for a book that gives sex tips, keep shopping; this one is not ideal.
Follow-up commentary
I still have this book but I rarely go to it for new ideas. Most of the things suggested in the book are things I already have tried or things that don't really appeal to me or my boyfriend.

I flip through it from time to time because although it is unhelpful for me, it is a very beautifully arranged book. It has wonderful photographs and the writing is arranged in a visually appealing way.

This book is sadly sitting on my shelf and I would feel bad giving it to one of my friends because I wouldn't want to insult them.
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  • i had purchased this book a while back as a coffee table book and the only thing that anyone really found intresting in it was the photography but that might have something to due with the fact that we were all art students
  • hi hi hi I agree the photgraphy is great I very munch enjoy artistic nude
  • Nashville
    "A lot of the stuff written suggests it is supported by scientific data, but it is bogus." Can you give some examples?
  • Good Idea!

    One of the sections says that you can tell how great a man is in bed according to their "behaviour", englobing many actions such as...eating...!? Ok so if a man eats quick apparently it means that he is not into savouring and enjoying sex and will more likely rush through it. (To me that is just deductive BS!)

    That is not based on scientifically obtained results and it is highly unlikely that eating habits are significantly correlated with sexual habits.

    Some stuff written in the book is taken from research (like the different stages your body goes through during arousal) but the book in general tends to give you a very narrow view about sexuality.
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • SexyStuff
    So glad I read this review first.
  • alayamae
    thanks for the review!
  • padmeamidala
    Was curious about this book. Thanks for the great review!
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