In Sleeping Beauty's Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales - erotic fiction by Cleis Press Inc. - review by Badass

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The Most Boring Bed I Have Been in Since Middle School.

While this book is very informative for the fairy tale reader in me, it lacked eroticism. I honestly don't understand how it got onto Eden. This book has all your favorites and I promise you will learn more from the origin summary than you ever thought you would, but this book is definitely not masturbating material.
2 stars because I did learn so much about my favorite stories.
Fairy tale favorites, Origins of fairy tales
Not very erotic.
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About author

The "About the Author" of this book was not very in depth, but did tell you she "writes and edits across the genres". It also says she is a "pioneer of the erotic writing workshop in the UK..", after reading this book, I had a hard time believing that. So I used to look her up. I discovered Mitzi Szereto is quite an accomplished lady. She has a website, popular blog, and her own WebTV channel.
Since this is the first book I have read of hers, and the first time I have learned of her existance, I probably will not seek her out again. At least not for anything erotic.
If you would like to learn more about her yourself, please do visit her webpage.
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Content / Style / Audience

This book contains all your childhood favorites, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, and many that were not ever read to you as a child. This book contains a synopsis of each story's origin and how it developed into what it is now, before each of her "erotic" versions. Which, as a fairy tale lover, I liked learning about and appreciated. I learned new fairy tales, as well as getting an in depth look behind the scenes of my favorites.

While this book is a great tool for learning about these fairy tales, they are not quite erotic. Though they do have a twist in each on of something sexual, the sexual aspects are quite ignorant, and not anything a girl, or boy, could masturbate to. I'm not sure if Szereto was trying to keep the stories wholesome, or if she really just thought these were erotic, either way, I wish there had been a little less talk, a little less cuteness, and much more sexual action.

Usually I can easily divulge into a book and get wrapped up in it, but this book just made me kind of upset.
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This soft cover book has an image of a long dark haired girl laying on her side in a soft looking white bed. The only thing the girl looks like she has on is a pink sheer sheet. This book is bigger than your average paperback, 9 inches from top of cover to bottom, and 6 inches from side to side and being 1 inch thick with 316 pages.
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Personal comments

I had hoped to read about Cinderella being ravaged and made love to by Prince Charming, and instead he made love to her shoes. I could have even enjoyed this, if Cinderella wasn't laying on the bed awaiting him to enter her, NOT her glass slipper. If there was at least more sexual detail, I think I could have enjoyed it more.

This is just one example of many depressingly non erotic tales of this book.


The first two stories in this book were not my cup of tea, but I kept reading partially because I thought it would get interesting, and partially because I hate reading part of a book and not finishing. I don't know who could enjoy this book sexually, but I enjoyed learning some new fairy tale history
Follow-up commentary
While I personally didn't like this book very well, I have passed it along to a friend who tells me she can't put it down. She says she likes that the stories aren't too graphic and are more like story tales than smut. Which was my exact problem with the book. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.
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  • TheSinDoll
    Loved your title! So sorry you didn't like the book. It's gotta be bad to have to read a book you don't like.
    Nice review.
  • Badass
    @TheSinDoll, I'm glad you liked my review. I didn't even dislike the book, it's just not erotic..
  • wildorchid
    Well, that's depressing....
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    I want erotic in my stories too. I will steer clear of this book. Thanks for the information and sorry it did not work out the way out you wanted it.
  • Nazaress
    Uhh, he has sex with her slipper? Lol.
  • Nazaress
    Oh, and good review.

    I'm sorry this wasn't as erotic as you wanted it to be.
  • Badass
    Thanks for reading guys, I hate writing reviews I don't feel passionately about. But this book, while it did teach me much about the history of some of my personal favorites, I just could not get off to it!! Soooo not erotica..
  • Lisa72
  • unfulfilled
    Great review and sorry that it didn't have anything erotic in it for you.
  • Badass
    Thanks for reading guys!
  • LaSchwartz
    Thanks this was a very helpful review!
  • x203
    That sucks about the Cinderella story where the Prince made love to her shoes...which is weird but alright. Thank you for your review.
  • lokoum
    Thank you for the honest review!
  • Various
    Well I love smut, so I don't think this would work out, but I am curious about P. Charming's shoe love making, so then again I might just have to give it a read.
  • Kitka
    Great review and follow up!
  • pinkzombie
    Thank you!
  • SweetXSurrender89
    Great review! I wont be reading this one
  • Lavender*Moon
    Thanks for the review. I won't be buying this book.
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