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There's only one right answer if you're debating over this book.

Overall, I'd absolutely suggest this book to ANY individual even remotely interested in the Femdom side of BDSM. It's sexy, invigorating and is to erotic literature what a massive Thanksgiving buffet is to meals. It's well worth its price, and will certainly teach you a few things, whether you're a male submissive or a female dominant or someone else who simply has interest.
Great stories, authentic authors, well written and without obnoxiously flowered language
Stories were not formatted in as linear a template as I would have liked.
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And that answer is, of course, the title.

Having read "Yes, Sir" previously, I already knew what to expect in terms of quality. Its brother book was fabulous, and I absolutely recommend everyone give it a try if you're into maledom, but oh my goodness did this one win out as my favorite of the two. I was pleasantly shocked to find the stories even better formulated, edited to perfection and not a single one was actively disinteresting for me. Although, kink can run into some pretty non-attractive ground in these sorts of collections, I wasn't bored or in disfavor of a single story, despite not being personally involved with some of the fetishes listed.

Like most successful erotic fiction, these stories are highly descriptive and since most are told from the point of view of the male submissive, each provides a very insightful look into the "boy" mindset. Hell, I think I may have actually learned something; although the stories are all unrelated and vary greatly in terms of sadism/masochism and the level of TPE (total power exchange), there was a common thread among all of them. That sense of awe was present in each of the male's minds, and each of the authors did an incredible job displaying those senses through fiction.

I was especially pleased to find that, while some of the stories were from female authors, there was a good chunk (I believe seven of them) that were actually written by male submissives. This provided a grain of insight and truth that I found extremely eye-opening and precious to explore, being a Domme myself. Most short story collections based on BDSM kink are written by women, many of whom are not actually active in the D/s community and may not even have physical experience with the kink they try so hard to describe. This always sticks out like a sore thumb; the dry descriptions, the lack of that memory-driven personal touch, give those stories away within a few paragraphs. None of that sort of crap can be found within "Yes, Ma'am". Each story is deep, precise and intimately revealing. As a female dominant, I was enthralled by the look I got into the male fantasy psyche and how a good domme's actions can affect her submissive. And if I were a male submissive...well, let's just say my wrist would be aching and my dick would probably be very bruised.
I recommend taking these stories one by one and really taking your time over them. Reading just one or two before bed, or maybe as a sort of individual foreplay before a scene with your Domme/sub, will really help draw them out longer. They are, after all, short stories, and the volume is depressingly slim (though still well worth the cash you may spend on it).

A few of them actually launched me into some pretty intense thinking. I had to put the book down a few times and just think about the story I'd just read. I love a collection that can consistently provide that food for thought for me; if it takes time for me to digest a story, I KNOW I've got a great book in my hands. I definitely recommend really taking your time with these and give yourself the chance to really absorb each story before you cum to it. There's some exquisite monologues and beautiful pieces of imagery in each piece and I think they all deserve to be savored word for word.

The only complaint I could possibly come up with for it is the formatting, but this is a weakness with all kink collections. Each story hits each reader a little differently, and I personally don't like reading up to the end of a collection and feeling just a tiny bit disappointed by the lightheartedness of the last piece. The very last story didn't quite match the rest, and (SPOILER ALERT) cuckolding really doesn't seem like the sort of erotic story that should fit into a collection about emotionally loving and physically worshiping dominant women.

The majority of the stories were nearly romantic in feel, besides a couple of them, and I would have preferred to see the stories build in emotional intensity rather than simply be scattered together. Still, the end of the book did leave me hungry for more, and I must admit that if their goal was to rev me up for their next collection, they've done their job well.
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