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How To Perform a Prostate Massage review

The video's main message is that prostate massage can be easy, healthy, fun when done properly, medically beneficial, and a wonderful addition to your sex life.
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When I put in the DVD Progasm: How to Perform Prostate Massage from OSK Productions, I expected to see some hot video. No such luck. It’s more like an infomercial for the Aneros Prostate Massager, which is prominently displayed in the first scene and demonstrated in the last. But then it is part of the Educational Sex Series, so if you’re really in need of enlightenment in the area of prostate diddling, you can learn quite a bit from this video. Such as use lots of lube and don’t go in there with long, sharp nails, for instance. Duh!

 The video features porn stars Brianna Beach, Jennah Adams, Sharmane Lynn, and “Maxwell Schmart,” a portly guy with a hairy butt. I would have liked it a lot more if they had hired a relatively in-shape guy with a good looking ass. The girls do a lot of talking, much of it repetitive, and things move along a bit too slowly for my taste. It almost seemed like they felt the need to apologize for bringing up the subject. They say “most intense orgasm” a lot. And what’s with “male g-spot?” Isn’t that like saying “male clitoris?” What’s wrong with “p-spot?”

 The video’s main message is that prostate massage can be easy, healthy, fun when done properly, medically beneficial, and a wonderful addition to your sex life. Brianna points out that just because a man enjoys a little anal action doesn’t mean he’s gay. Hey Brianna, it doesn’t mean he’s not either. Selling the sizzle, Brianna claims prostate massage may produce an orgasm without any penile stimulation, what she called the “Super ‘O,’ which could be multiple orgasms coming in waves.”

Hey, sign me up for one of those!

Jennah Adams, demonstrates the title subject, after a lame attempt to convince women that fingering the old man is okay. She also tries to sell the “most intense orgasm experience” for the man. I can’t help thinking the claim would be more believable if a man testified to it. Jennah gives her man’s cock a hand job while she probes his ass and delivers more education patter. We never see his face. She delivers a half-hearted BJ before she jerks him off for the money shot.

Mistress Sharmane speaks for the BDSM world. She gets out the duct tape to spread her man’s ass cheeks before she milks his prostate. All I could think about was how much of that hair was going to be ripped out when she pulls off the tape. Yes, it’s the same fat hairy ass. Since the goal of milking is to empty the prostate without allowing her man any pleasure, Sharmane provides a useful tip to prevent erection: hold ice on your man’s cock and balls. Frankly, I would prefer to watch the burly Sharmane strap one on and peg her man.

The highlight of the video is Brianna. Try as she might to be “educational,” she cannot hide her personality and sense of humor. When she gets naked. I was no longer thinking about the Aneros or the fat guy’s hairy ass—I was wondering if my tongue could reach her g-spot or put something in that bubble ass. Brianna demonstrates the Aneros. It’s a tough job, but she makes it look like fun. Yes, it’s the same guy. Did they drag him in off the street or what? He grunts and moans and sounds like he’s in pain while she delivers Aneros instructions.

How to Perform a Prostate Massage runs about an hour—it only seems longer. The DVD was produced in 2007. If you like this one, there are several other titles in the Educational Sex Series of instructional videos created and produced by OSK, focusing on teaching couples how to enhance their sex lives. They make how to’s on handjobs, cunnilingus, fellatio, and so on. The jacket claims the video was shot in high definition, but I don’t believe it. I give this video three stars because I think the folks at OKS could have made it more interesting and got a better looking ass for the length of time it is center stage.
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  • Well the review is defenetely a blast. Made me lough a lot. The educational videos are crap - per definition. Aneros is crap too.
  • lolife
    Hilarious review! I'm sorry that the movie was not what you wanted.
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