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Penthouse: Naughty By Nature

Book by Warner Books

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Whambamthankyoumaamleaveyourtwodollarsatthedoor... the book of quickies

A book written by the women of Penthouse, their true to life stories, their fantasies and their frolics. If you enjoy just sex stories... this is your book. But if you want story? Characters? Character development? Story interest? Look somewhere else!!!
It's a relatively cheap price!
No build up. Simple. Wham bam stories.
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About author

This is a collection of work by the ladies who have submitted letters to the Penthouse magazine. You know that magazine where no one ever has cellulite or a blemish and everyone on the cover seems like they don't like to wear clothes?
Yes! That one!

Well these are the women of Penthouse, and they have written a bunch of their fantasies and experiences into letters and submitted them to Penthouse to publish in this little book. I feel that a lot of these women are housewives, wives and business women remembering a time when they were not tied down by their current lives. It felt like they were reminiscing of a time long ago.

Content / Style / Audience

I don't think that this book would be enjoyed by those people out there looking for a novella or a novel style of erotic fiction. The stories are short (and some of them are REALLY short) and in my opinion they are the kind of stories most people would call "quickies" but I call, "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am-leave-your-two-dollah-at-the-door" kind of stories.

Think of porn. You know how there is like no story? Just a lot of costumes, eye make-up and sex with women who start moaning the second they are touched? This book is like that.

If you don't need the build up, or you just want the short version of sex, or are curled up in bed with your partner, and play a game with the book... the book does work. The game being were you randomly flip through the book and you and your partner read it together then try your best to act out the story. This is the only way I feel the book is worthwhile. And makes the book a little more interesting.

Each author has a different style of voice but what I found irritating above all else was the way some of these women described sex, "Then he started to really fuck-- long strokes, short strokes, combinations, fucking my brains out, fucking me into ecstasy." Or how the word "cunt" seemed to be thrown into the letters willy nilly and feeling out of place to the "regular" or "vanilla" sex that is going on. Or the over use of the same old style of writing, "I can see you sitting there-- almost close enough to touch..." Even some of them had me in tears of laughter, "I could hear Doug moaning and I knew he had mounted Stacey and was having the ride of his life. I bobbed my head over Eds thrusting hardness..."

That word "bob" just has me thinking of Lorena Bobbit or those little bobby head dolls.

Each story is between three paragraphs and under about six pages with the average story running about two pages long.

The table of contents:
Girl Meets Boy
On the Job
Three, Four, and Moresomes
Woman to WOman
Dreams and Civersions
Surprise Party
Fun and Fetish
Fast Food


This book in my opinion the standard novel sized romance novel.

It's three main colours on the cover with the top half being white with a pair of red lips, the bottom half a bluish purpley colour with a woman's hips covered by a sheet and a red banner with the title of the book around the middle.

The backing of the book is the usual write up of the book, giving a self pump up for Penthouse telling the reader that month after month women send in articles and "the girls next door who shamelessly ride the first tremor of desire to an explosion that rocks their world."

Personal comments

Where to begin really? Some of these articles I personally feel have been written by men not by women.

For me, the main reason I don't really like this book and these types of stories, is simple. I like "stories". I like to get to know my characters, watch them develop a little and understand why they are having sex.

But this is just me.

I like stories to be descriptive. I don't want to hear, "I grabbed his cock and stroked him." but I'd rather hear, "My fingers toyed over his hardness while I grinned at him. Wrapping my hand around him, slowly beginning to pump him feeling him throb in my hand knowing I was in control for that moment."

The devil is in the details I tell you.

And this is the way I write and like my stories.

Need an example? Here. Just let me give you a taste of the kind of stories in here:

"Little Drummer Boy

After reading Penthouse recently, I knew I had to share my story from a few months ago-- my encounter with a very talented musician.

After a long day of business seminars, I sat in the lounge of the hotel where I was staying. As I sipped my margarita, I noticed the drummer of the band that was playing-- I was looking at him, looking at me. But the time the last set was finished, I knew what he wanted.

His kisses were so passionate, I was instantly we and ready for him. He licked and kissed me all over, then softly whispered, "You taste so good" We began to undress, and I saw his manhood in all its glory. As I sucked his cock, he moaned with pleasure. When he asked me if I wanted to be eaten, I quickly said yes and sat on his face. He put his tongue in my aching pussy, licking and sucking furiously until I almost came, then he entered me. I could feel him ramming his rod into my cunt. It was sheer ecstasy! For hours we experiemented with several different positions until we both collapsed from exhaustion. This "little drumme boy" had given me the most enjoyable even of my life." M.H Louisiana

See what I mean?

If these are the types of stories you enjoy, this is the style of book for you.

I should let you know, that just because I have not found one redeeming story in here, does not mean that no one else will enjoy this. It is just not my cup of tea is all.


The only thing I really liked this book for, was the game. A couple of times the man I was with and I laid in bed talking of what we wanted to do to the other. That is when I got the idea. Because there are so many short stories in here, it makes this game fun. You pick up the book, randomly thumb through the pages till your partner says to stop.

You read the story together, then you try to dress up and act out the story you both just read.

It can be kind of difficult especially when you have the stories that take place in a car. So we used the balcony. You can improvise of course, but it is still an interesting game!!! And cost about the same amount as a deck of nudie boy playing cards!!!
Follow-up commentary
Well, I've actually used a part of this book to start a campfire, and I gave the rest to a Chinese friend who said it is impossible! Women do not think sexual thoughts!!! So maybe she can learn a little from it and hopefully find it entertaining.
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    Excellent job. Sorry the stories weren't that great. I really like your suggestion at the end where you made it into a game with your man.
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    All of that sounds absolutely cringeworthy! 'thrusting hardness' gross. Thank you for reviewing
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