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You'll Feel Their Passion

Passion is without a doubt one of the best collection of erotic short stories I've had the chance to read. It's not just about raw sexual passion, it's more about loving and yearning for someone in original ways. This book is like a chicken soup for the romantic single woman, it made me smile and even made me teary.
Heart-warming stories that are incredibly well written.
Some could think it's too focused on vanilla straight couples - I do not.
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Passion is a collection of 20 excellent stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel of 226 page, and the contents can be read from one of the product pictures (this seems like a new feature for books on EF, and it's very useful). When I got the book, I was prepared to read a book with nothing more than people ripping their clothes off out of pure lust. This book offers a lot more than that. It's about love, passionate, devoted and even true love.

You get to see love in all its stages, when its shy, exploring, discovering, evolving and even self-celebrating, which will make you feel good and warm about your relationship or have some more faith in love if you are single and hoping for love. And yes, there's some good sex too, very hot sex that fits so well with the stories that you will want more. The sex scenes were pretty traditional, with kissing, touching, penetration and oral sex, with a tiny little bit of BDSM, but the level of passion added a lot of hotness to the sexual activities.

The writing skills of authors were very good, but they excelled at depicting their characters realistically. Everyone can write a good sex story, with naughty words and a sense of rushed neediness, but it's different here. It's not just about raw sex, and all authors managed to clearly show the couple's connection and life to make them real, so that the intensity of their feelings comes alive.

There is always a build up created by the introduction of the couple so that you can better understand their life and story. They are real with their strong emotions and their living conditions; they can be rich, poor, with or without kids, have a house or a trailer, but they are like us and you'll be able to relate to them too.

All the stories were very original and well written, and they focus on the celebration of love, budding or established, between heterosexual couples. Do note that I liked every one of the stories and that I am just sharing those that were more special to me. One of them was so filled with love, that I became teary at what the couple shared, which made me want that too. The story was Autumn Suite, by Suzanne V. Slate, where a couple together for over a decade, was reenacting somehow the moment when they fell in love. This is so very romantic, and the story itself was special in the way that everything was wrapped around and within music.

I also liked Riding Wild Things, by Lizzy Chambers, with a cowboy theme where the protagonists finally overcome their mutual shyness. And seriously, there's nothing more sexy than to see a guy insist that he'll take his time to love a woman when he could have had the opportunity for a quick roll in the hay - literally.

I really recommend this book to any woman, and if you need ONE erotic novel for the year, you need to pick this one. Its passion will keep you warm and make you feel better about finding love in general or happiness in the one you already have.
Follow-up commentary
As I was thinking what I could tell about this book, my first recollection was how this book made me feel, with the love that transpired between the couples. It was heartwarming and books rarely have that kind of power over me, especially not erotic novels.

I still think it is a great book to get if you are new to this type of books or even if you want something different from your erotica, and it would make an amazing St-Valentine's Day gift.

I'm keeping that book that's for sure.
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  • Waterfall
    Very nice review! This one sounds like a lovely collection of erotica, it has been on my wish list for a while and now I know I NEED to get it
  • Solar Ray
    Nice review. This looks like a great book.
  • Kynky Kytty
    Thanks for the comments, and yes, it's a very good book. It's nice to have a book that shows a loving side to erotica. I should even get a few books like this one and give them as gifts for Christmas.
  • Aydios
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