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A Floral Scented Dream Massage!

This bottle of White Ginger massage oil does not discriminate or disappoint. I bought this product for the sole purpose of getting relaxing massages and for the price of $8.99 it does excel. As soon as the other scents come into stock I will definately be scooping them up with a vengeance. I mean really, for that price, who would be crazy enough to pass that up?
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The sole purpose for purchasing this massage oil was greedy pleasure. I wanted my husband to give me a sensual, relaxing, and romantic massage before trying out some new toys I had purchased. Honestly, this White Ginger massage oil gave me just what I was asking for. I almost felt guilty for the sneaky way of going about it, but soon after the massage I no longer cared as I was enjoying the moment. We only used White Ginger massage oil for its intended purpose of a massage.

I see this as an any occasion special treat and as long as I share, my husband will think so too. A one hour total body massage is a great special treat to have.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Since both of us gave massages with this product, we were surprised how easily it dispensed from the bottle. I was impressed by the fact that when dispersed into the cup of your hand it did not become a runny mess, it spread out only a little and held its own. I would say only about a dollop the size of a dime would be enough to give a good deep massage. As it was applied I did notice that it resulted in a very smooth gliding massage. My husband and I did notice that the oil took a few minutes for the excess to soak in, but I have really dry skin. With more use with this product this was no longer the case and blended into my skin nicely.

The white Ginger massage oil is the same consistency of baby oil or even Purell hand sanitizer. I loved that it didn't drip off any part of my body while the massage took place.

The smoothness that this massage oil gave both motion wise and the feel afterwards was wonderful. There was a softness to my skin long into the next day along with a subtle white ginger scent. Another added bonus was other than the person giving the massage, you don't have to get up and shower right away. My husband only had to wipe the little excess he had on his legs, so even he didn't have to get up to wash his hands. Which led into an easy transition into other activities. There is no sticky, oily, or nasty greasy residue left behind.
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

I loved the smell of the White Ginger massage oil, I was expecting it to be potent as I tend to shy away from floral scented things. The smell is intoxicating but not overpowering. If you have never used this scent or even some other floral scents, or have a sensitive nose you may find the aroma strong at first. The aroma had more of a relaxing and calming affect, to me, this is before even starting the massage.

For thoroughness, I did have a small taste of this oil even though it is meant only as a massage oil. I do know that my husband or I can take every precaution and still end up tasting something that is not meant to be edible. It had a very slight taste to it. It was not awful by any means, it was similar to cooking oil in taste. It has a smoothness on the tongue and no aftertaste (which I worried about after-the-fact). I do not recommend using it for oral. I think that more then just the itty bitty amount I used for testing would possibly have a different result in the taste and aftertaste catagories,I did it only for reviewing purposes.

The ingredient list for the White Ginger massage oil is as follows; Canola Oil, Safflower Oil, Seasame Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Fragrance. This is really a short list compared to others I have seen.
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


I personally requested that my massage take place after a shower the first time, so the softness this left behind lasted well to my shower the next night. There was still the faint smell of the massage oil the next day as well, giving me small reminders of how exciting and relaxing the night before was. The oil easily washed off me in the shower. It is also easily washed off of hands after one of these sensual massages. I used a little hand soap and warm water, not really a task at all. You could even wipe your hands on a towel to keep from interrupting the moment even a second, as it does not coat the hands or in any way interfere with other activities.

Even when I turned over for a front massage, I felt comfortable that this would easy wash out of the sheets in the regular wash. That is just what I did the next day. I never did see any signs of the oil dripping, spills, or imprints of where my body was. I love products that really have no cleanup and are almost completely worry free.

The only thing that bothered me was that the bottle could tip if not left on a flat surface. During any reapplying of the product the bottle does get oily, making it easy to slip out of your hands if not paying attention. I only worry because you are not able to close the product unless you screw on the lid. It makes it difficult to reapply when you are trying to unscrew a lid with oil on your hands. This is not a flaw per se, it is more that I like smooth transitions and I would rather have the bottle be able to have a different way of dispensing or closing.


The bottle of White Ginger Oil was shipped within another order. The bottle had not leaked even though it was only wrapped in some of the brown packaging paper. I am a bit miffed as to why it was not at least wrapped in plastic due to it being with other items and oil could have really caused a unnecessary mess. The bottle is a 4 ounce sturdy plastic that has a simple screw on type metal lid. The lid was covered with a ring that only covered the area between the lid and the bottle, similar to cheap cough medicine bottles.

You can remove the cap without removing the plastic just be giving it a good twist. The opening of the bottle covered with a plastic disk that has about 5mm hole for dispensing. Since you do have to squeeze the bottle slightly after the initial use, I am pleased the bottle is as sturdy as it is. I would worry that the plastic disk could easily be dislodged with enough pressure if the bottle were less sturdy.

There is a picture of a white ginger flower blossom on the front of the bottle with the words "Floral Scented Massage Oils" written underneath. After that, in an almost beautiful calligraphy style text, is "White Ginger". The bottle could be left anywhere around the house as there is nothing on the label that identifies it as anything more than what it is-a massage oil, nothing to be embarrassed about with that. The bottle has a "upscale and pricey" look to it with the added flower and heart designs located on the front and sides.

If someone does plan on taking this with them during travel, I highly suggest putting it into a ziplock bag. Its not so much that the bottle could leak but more that the outside may be "oily". Honestly, why take chances of the possibility of the cap not being tight enough?
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

This massage oil does have special properties. It stays when it should. I am truly amazed that this oil didn't soak in right away and didn't require frequent reapplications. It left a smooth, soft feeling to my skin and my husband just couldn't keep his hands, or body, away from mine!


I use this massage oil at least twice a week right after my shower as it feels wonderful and it has helped keep my skin from drying out. I would like my husband to add a few things he thought of the product so I will let him go next.

*When I first saw this bottle, I knew exactly what my wife had in mind. On a personal note, it makes me feel good that my wife enjoys massages from me (wish I took a class to be better at it).

I was quite surprised that it was slower to absorb than most other oils and lotions I have used on her in the past. It stayed the right amount of time for me to give her a full massage without constant reapplying. It didn't stay oily on her a very long time, but did last through our love making afterwards. I loved the way it felt as I held her. It made her skin feel so soft.

The floral scent is also a bonus. It wasn't too overpowering and added to the already heightened mood. I'm not a big one for strong perfumes and I have to say this product gives the right balance. It's not too over-powering, but it also doesn't fade away either. I could still smell it the next day on her and it made me want to re-experience the night before.

I have to definitely give this oil two thumbs up. I can say that this product should give any couple a great experience to share. The added bonus is that no matter what stresses one has during the day, this product will remove them and give the chance for that special time to occur. If you care about your partner, give them the ability to relax and remove their stresses. This oil will do you right! *
    • Relaxing and refreshing
Follow-up commentary
My husband and I have used this many times and still have over half the bottle left. I still enjoy this as much as the first time we used it. The slower absorption and the silky smoothness that this oil left behind has made it a product that I will always want on hand. This was a great buy for us, and I am eagerly awaiting to purchase other scents that are available as soon as they come back in stock.

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  • Airen Wolf
    Seems like a great oil! The canola oil probably is what makes it taste like cooking oil but the other oils seems pretty benign. Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the review. Given how many oils are in it, I'm surprised cleanup is so easy.
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    @Vaccinium- Both my wife and I were surprised as well. I am going to say that the fact that it is not a heavy oil and we didn't need that much in the palm of our hands helped in that. It really did seem to melt into both our skin after a few minutes. Which is a nice change, I used to use baby oil and that would end up dripping off both of us.

    Anyway, I also did not see any signs of use on the sheets afterwards. I know she mentioned to me she did not see anything before throwing them in the wash. She really was surprised by that.
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    I've never noticed this! Thanks for the review.
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    hey I have looked at this before curious about it..adding to wishlist
  • kinky girlfriend
    hey I have looked at this before curious about it..adding to wishlist
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