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Light my fire massage candle

Body massage candle by Love To Love

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Ahhhhh...Love to love you baby!!!

It is hard to think of being lit on fire during this sweltering heat, but on a nice cool evening there is nothing sexier than having a sensual massage and snuggling up with someone special. I am sure you don't need the help, but this massage candle, wonderfully made in France with 100% natural ingredients, can only make things better!!! All I can add is, "Have fun".
fun to use
brings partners closer
high cost (but in line with other massage candles)
pretty, but breakable, container
Rating by reviewer:
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This massage candle is the perfect item. It is a perfect massage candle, a perfect scented candle, a perfect home decoration and a perfect gift. If I could think of anything else, this candle would be perfect for that also.

The candle is primarily to be used for hot wax massages. After lighting the wick, allow the candle to burn for thirty minutes so that enough wax liquifies. Once an adequate amount has melted, it is easy to pour a small amount onto your partner's skin from any of the corners. Please be sure to start with a tiny amount and see how your partner reacts because the wax/oil will be very hot. Depending on the room temperature, it will start to reharden after another thirty minutes. If you want more time, just make sure the wick is still lit between each pour.

What is more romantic and arousing than a massage? Touch and scent is such a turn on for most people and this candle does both. In a dark room, the glow of the candle, the light scenand being close to your partner will make it hard not to want to touch each other.

You can also use this candle just for its light, pleasant scent or its attractiveness. These qualities make it the ultimate gift for most people of any age and sex, although it will probably appeal more to women than men.
    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The container is hard, shiny white ceramic with large pink letters on it. The candle wax/oil is semi-solid (like thick cake batter) at room temperature but when the wick is lit and the wax heats up, it becomes a light, liquid oil about the consistency of baby oil rather than vegetable oil. As a semi-solid, it does not pour and cannot be used but once it is melted, it is very easy to pour as much as you want. I suggest pouring it into your hand and then applying it to your partner's skin. Once you have established your partner's reaction to the heat, you can pour directly on the skin but just be aware that when the oil is hot it can easily burn skin. If that is your intent, you will be satisfied. I just don't want it to be an unintended occurrance.

When you pour out the wax/oil and begin to rub it into your partner's skin, you will notice how nicely it is absorbed into the skin. Your hands will move easily around as you apply as much pressure/kneading. As you move on to the next section, add a bit more melted oil and continue. You will leave behind nice, soft skin and there will not be any greasy feel that has been our experience when we used olive oil or baby oil. Some skin lotions can leave your skin sticky, but not this melted candel.
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

This is not meant to be eaten or drunk, and I can not imagine why anyone would want to try, so neither of us sampled the product. I would warn against it because, although the ingredients are mostly natural, the combination may havve a toxic effect. Always err on the safe side!

There is a very light scent that becomes more noticeable as the wax melts. It does not fill the room with a perfume odor and it does not linger on the skin. As you work on the massage, you and your partner will both smell the wax and if you remain "close" after the massage, you will be aware of the scent, but only if you make an effort to inhale. I like this about the candle. We also have the "Mary Zilba" candle and that one has a very strong perfumey scent that makes my nose itch for several hours (even when not melted).

It is hard to describe a smell with words. It is not flowery, not overpowering and not spicey or woodsy. I really have nothing to compare it to, so I guess you'll just have to try it for yourself!!
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


This is intended as an aid to massage. The "performance" is affected by your talent at massage!! The wax/oil does a great job of making the skin soft and smooth so that your hands will move around without being "stuck". There is not stickiness or greasy feel that remains on the skin after use. Other than washing your hands, there is no clean up unless you spill some of the melted wax.

If you do get some on clothing or sheets, once it cools it will harden and stick to the cloth. It may stain because it contains oil. It depends on the fabric. If you do need instructions for a particular fabric and cleaning off wax/oil, I would consult a search engine for "cleaning wax/oil" and the fabric that needs cleaning. I find dry cleaners a good resource also.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


It is a 2.25" ceramic white cube with large, hot pink letters which spell the word, "L-O-V-E" on it. It is pretty enough so that even if you do not enjoy this as a massage or scented candle, it can be placed anywhere in your home, but particularly in the bedroom, as a decoration to brighten up a spot. It is breakable, so put it someplace that it won't be knocked over easily. The candle is packed in a heavy card box that resembles the candle. It says "Light My Fire" and identifies "Love to Love" as the French manufacturer.

There is nothing overtly sexual about the candle or the packaging. If you are travelling by air I am not sure if TSA allows candles onboard because of the obvious potential for fire. Check before packing because you do not want to have this great item taken away from you.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift
Follow-up commentary
This is one of the nicest "kitchy" massage candles I have seen!! If you do not want to light the candle, it is soft enough that you can scoop a bit with your fingers and as you massage your partner it melts with the friction. I recommend this cute candle. If nothing else, it looks nice in the bedroom (or room of choice)!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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