Kama sutra sweet celebrations box - kit by Kama Sutra - review by Mamastoys

Kama sutra sweet celebrations box

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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An edible, warming, moisturizing, sensual enhancer all rolled into one

This was a great addition to our collection. Although I had ordered it for our anniversary, we didn't wait until then to try it out but plan to use the contents up until, on the day of, and the days to follow our anniversary.
Generous bottles of oil, multiple uses, long lasting.
A little too strong smell initially but did fade when the box was aired out.
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As soon as I saw the Kama Sutra Sweet Celebrations Box, I fell in love with it. Since I found it just before our 25th anniversary, I knew I had to have it. I gently begged Victoria to let it be my free selection since it was slightly over the price range allowed. She agreed and had it shipped out the next day.

The large box arrived several days later and when I opened the shipping box, I was pleasantly pleased to find a sturdy 8 x 8 box that is 8 inches high. I knew from the picture that it came in a box but was surprised at how big the box is and by how sturdy it is. Upon opening the top, all I could see was shredded papers. There was a lot of shredded paper. I was beginning to wonder just how big the bottles were going to be. There was also a rather strong smell of roses and vanilla mixed.

Once I got all the shredded papers out of the box, I discovered the real contents of the box. Included in the box was an eight ounce bottle of massage oil, a 7.5 ounce jar of body soufflé, a bottle of oil of love, approximately six ounces, a bag of honey dust powders (size unknown but a good size bag) with a silky drawstring bag to store them in, a powder puff, and bag of velvety faux rose petals.

The first bottle I opened was the bottle of massage oil. We have tried several different massage oils and found most of them to be too oily to enjoy. I rubbed a small amount of the oil on my arm and found it did not leave any oily residue. This bottle has favorable vanilla smell, not too strong but strong enough to smell it.

The second bottle I opened was the Oil of Love Vanilla Crème. The bottle is shorter and more round and opens with a cork top. This bottle is supposed to be vanilla flavored warming oil. I again rubbed a small amount of it on my arm. I could not feel any warming sensation. I tried blowing on the area but still no warming sensation. This oil did not leave any residue either when rubbed in. I found the smell of this bottle to be about the same as the massage oil - pleasant and not overbearing.

Next, I opened the jar of body soufflé. It again smelled of vanilla but was subtler than the oils. I took a small amount on my finger and tasted it. I really couldn't taste anything initially. After a couple of swipes across my lips with my tongue, there was a faint taste of sweetness. I was not able to distinguish the flavor of the taste but just a general sweetness.

Opening the drawstring bag with the honey dust in it released a rather strong smell. The powders were enclosed in a plastic bag with a tie twist holding the powders securely inside. Opening the tie twist, I poured the powders in the satin bag, releasing a cloud of dust. After recovering from a coughing spell, I used the large puff to sprinkle a small amount of the dust on my arm. It applied easily enough and with a little care, I didn't make a mess. I tasted the powders but really couldn't taste anything. Regardless, I figured this would be fun to sprinkle on hubby and since it is edible, fun to lick off.

The last item I pulled out was the bag of velvety faux rose petals. Once opened, they smelled strongly of roses. Opening the plastic bag that contained the petals, I poured them into the breathable bag provided and hoped that this would help the smell to tone down a bit.

Since the smell was fairly strong with everything opened, I adjusted the lip of the box so that it could air out some. I put the box in our bedroom, out of sight for the time being, to be used a little later. Overall I was pleased with the contents and felt that when the time came, we would both enjoy the kit.
We had to wait a few days before we were both home long enough to try out the kit. I wasn't able to spread the rose petals on the floor, making a trail to the bedroom for fear the beagle would eat them. Instead, I spread a few of them on the bed, between the sheets. The airing of the box had helped to tone down the overall smell and the petals were a more tolerable smell. When we made it to the bed, hubby jerked the covers back and initially had a look of confusion, asking what was in the bed. The beagle has a tendency of “hiding” snacks, sometimes in our bed. I assured him that I was the one who put them there and then proceeded to pull out the various bottles, bags, and jar. We spend several hours, rubbing, teasing, and delighting each other with the oils, powders, and crème. Although we tried it out before our anniversary, I feel sure we will be using the contents of this kit for months to come. The generous sized bottles/bags/jar will allow for many hours of pleasurable play.
Follow-up commentary
We have used this kit repeatedly since our anniversary. I even found a way to use the rose petals. I sprinkled some of them in the hot tub, and let them float around. The smell was really weak since the hot tub is outside, but they were pretty floating around. And, the beagle couldn't get them!!

Over the past month or so, the smell has toned down to a pleasant smell. We have used the oils repeatedly, and have enjoyed them each time. The powders have seeped out of the bag, but I keep them in the box so it is no big deal. I have sprinkled the powders that seeped out on the bed when changing the sheets.

The bottles have lasted well, we still have over half a bottle each after multiple uses.
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  • Victoria
    Aw, it was my pleasure to send it to you ! And, again, Happy Anniversary! I hope you both have a wonderful time!
  • Mamastoys
    Thank you so much...I'm sure we will!! Tongue out
  • Miss Cinnamon
    What a great way to celebrate an anniversary! Your comments about your beagle made me crack up. I like that this kit comes with full-sized products. Good review!
  • Mamastoys
    Miss C, thanks for the comments...the beagle thinks she is a human and acts like a kid sometimes too! The large size bottles are great...
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    The powder MAY seep through the satin bag. I am glad you liked it!!! Happy Anniversary.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I lover this line of products. I'm glad it didn't disappoint!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!! Happy Anniversary!!
  • Mamastoys
    CC, I thought about that so the satin baggie is in the box- just in case..I'll try to remember to include this in the follow up. Thanks for the comments!!
  • Mamastoys
    Lauren, It definitely didn't disappoint us! Thanks for the comment!
  • Mamastoys
    Her royal redness..You are welcome. This was one that was really easy to review because there was so much to tell about. And thank you!
  • Josmoseph
    Happy Anniversary. Thank you for a detailed review
  • Mamastoys
    Thank you so much!!!
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    Thanks for the review!
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    nice review!
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