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You will be thrilled with the bare result, provided you wait to dress and do not let your s/o rub you down right away. Bare Bliss not only smells great, it works great too.
Nice smooth shave; smells great.
No touchy and no clothes for a good 45 min.
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Think pink! Think Pretty! Think Pleasure! This is what adorns the top of the Bare Bliss label. With the consistency of a hair conditioner, this is really a shaving cream and is specially formulated for shaving your bikini zone. Bare Bliss|Bare bliss - Sensual bath is the only product in the line that is not edible, although the smell of cotton candy and berries is so good you want to eat it.

I am a waxer not a shaver. Recently I have had to resort to shaving, sometimes trimming at best. I hate shaving my bikini zone, it’s nothing but irritation - itchy red bumps, razor cuts and stubble that catches on my clothes. OUCH! I have been offered many solutions: use HOT water/shaving cream and vise versa, follow with diaper rash cream… the list goes on. None of these “solutions” worked, except maybe the diaper rash cream.

When I first opened the package I was shocked, as the bottle seemed so much larger than 4oz. I was so excited to give it a try, but I had to wait; although I just couldn’t resist taking the time to open it up and give it a little sniff… then another… the smell was no nice and sweet I just couldn’t stop. Finally, I put it up for later.

I trimmed the hairs and drew a bath. After about thirty minutes of soaking it was time to see what the sweet smelling pink cream could do. I spread it evenly over the area (a little goes a long way) and let it sit about 2 minutes.

When I was finished it felt and looked amazing! I rinsed and patted the area dry, and conditioned with a little more Bare Bliss (my husband insisted he do this). I think he rubbed too much, because it wasn’t until after he did that the little red bumps appeared and it started to itch. It was so intense I rubbed on some of his aftershave to try to cool it down. It didn‘t work and I no longer smelled of cotton candy.

The discomfort endured was one to be reckoned with, it was worse than ever. The closeness of the shave, however, was the best ever--definitely rivals waxing. Inspection the following day showed the bumps were not gone but the itch and burn were. This told me that putting shorts on right away and my husband’s busy hands were both more than contributing factors in my discomfort and unsightliness. I waited 2 days and gave it another shot. This time no clothes for about 45 minutes and my husband was nowhere near. No NEW bumps and no itch.

Ladies you will be thrilled with the bare result provided you wait to dress and do not let your s/o rub you down right away. Another helpful hint, rubbing on a little more Bare Bliss after showers will aide in preparation for future shaves. Bare Bliss not only smells great, it works great too. I give Bare Bliss 5 stars! I can’t wait to use it again and again.
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  • Shazam!
    Sorry about your crazy razor burn, but thanks for taking the pain and giving us a good review.
  • Jessica Rabbit
    I have always been looking for something that would make shaving less iritating but this doesn't sound like a miricle cure for razor burn.
  • LJP
    I hate the bumps and discomfort of shaving! This sounds like it would be worth trying out. Hey, any excuse to run around the house nekkid!
  • Nashville
    Aftershave on raw skin?! You're crazy, I would have been screaming in pain!
  • sweet seduction
    good to know
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