Bedside lover's tool kit - sensual kit by Kama Sutra - review by White Fox

Bedside lover's tool kit

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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Bedside lover's tool kit review

The Kama Sutra Bedside Lover's Kit is a wonderful foreplay product. There are enough different things included in the little box that you're almost guaranteed to find something you like.
There's enough variety to keep you busy for quite a while.
Putting the dust in a jar would make it easier to use. Not everyone will taste the same thing.
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Opening the package and pulling it out the box, my first impression was that the Kama Sutra Bedside Lover's Tool Kit is a high quality product. I removed the clear plastic packaging and examined the box itself. The little box was well built, and the design was pretty but innocuous with no labels on the outside, nothing to give away what it contains. I could easily see this box sitting by our bedside, tempting us to play.

We tried the honey dust, and she decided I would be the on the receiving end first. Who was I to argue? Now, I'm normally quite ticklish, and even the faintest things can set me off. Maybe it was the mood of the moment or the feathers themselves, but as she dusted me all I could feel was a gentle sensation everywhere the feathers touched.

I giggled softly, watching her dust my body. She seemed to quite enjoy licking it off, though I could not tell if it was because of the taste or if she just liked licking my body. We switched, and I dusted her in the same manner, applying a bit heavier than she did. I dragged my tongue along her side and teased her nipple, the sweet taste of the dust urging me to get every last speck off of her body.

Next, we tried the jar of crème. The first thing that hit us was the scent, a deep vanilla scent that just screamed to be spread all over our bodies. She dabbed a little bit here and there then rubbed it in as I enjoyed her touch. She seemed to enjoy this one more than the dust, telling me that while the scent was very heavy, it had a subtle flavor that wasn't overbearing. Trying some myself, I didn't find it nearly as pleasurable. I could taste the vanilla, but there seemed to be an underlying bitter taste.

Finishing up, we moved on to the massage oil. Normally, I don't react much to so-called warming liquids and oils, but this was quite a different experience for me. My partner let a few thick, sweetly scented drops fall on my side from the bottle and rubbed them in. The oil did its trick quite nicely, the warmth of her hands much more intense where the oil had been spread. The pleasant scent wafted up to me, and I was so relaxed I could have just stayed there all night long.

Finally, we decided to give the little tube of lube a try. We've gotten used to using Maximus as our lube of choice, so we were taken by surprise at how thin this lube is. She poured a little on my cock then gently caressed it a while before taking hold and really working it. I couldn't help but let out a few noises of pleasure at the feeling. The lube stayed quite slick for a while, and being so thin, it's easier to feel every little thing being done.
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  • Nashville
    It seems very posh.
  • White Fox
    For the price we were very surprised at the quality of this set. We still like to pull it out every once in a while and just play with each others bodies for hours. The massage oil lasts a surprisingly long time and it's thick enough you don't need much to give a good massage. I need to do a follow up on this when I get more time.
  • Black Fox
    I think this kit was fantastic, and I say that because... sex wasn't on our minds as much as toying with each other and trying all the little bits and pieces was, and trying it over there, or over here on White Fox's body was much more entertaining than getting right down tot he nitty gritty..

    This makes for a fun romantic evening when you want to spend time with someone and don't want a lot of heavy expectations. Maybe its your first time, or your getting to know someone new romantically. By the way the dust... I don't know what all they do but its VERY tasty on your partner

    Someone mentioned last year it seemed posh. It's funny how you assume that you have to be a certain caliber of person before you'd spend 50 bucks on something as trivial as this.. but when your thinking of a very nice few hours of lovemaking (not the sex part, but the total intimacy of being with another person) its as much money as taking your date out to a movie and buying dinner. In fact, this can play into eating some grapes and cheese or something together while dining on each other with the set.

    I considered all that we got in the box, which is very romantically decorated - and weighed the cost of the item as listed on the site. Its a bit pricey for something that isn't an outright toy, costs as much as a date night, and I get to enjoy my partner in a more delightful way by playing back and forth... its definitely worth the cost.

    ~White Fox's Partner - Black Fox~
  • KrystalFayeO
    nice review- and good point Black Fox!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • Taraaa
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