Coffret bling bling - sensual kit by Bijoux Indiscrets - review by Emma (Girl With Fire)

Coffret bling bling

Sensual kit by Bijoux Indiscrets

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Bling Bling... Oh F*@%!!!

If you are buying this set for the shimmering powder and the feather tickler you are in luck. The feather tickler is tiny but well constructed and beautiful, while the shimmering powder comes in a cute little container reminiscent of your grandmas loose powders (only far sexier)! On the other hand if you are purchasing this set for the beautiful cuffs, I suggest you look elsewhere because the only "Bling" you will hear is the one when the chain hits the ground after your cuffs fall to pieces.
Feather tickler is well constructed
Glitter goes on smoothly and evenly
Cuffs are utterly useless for anything but decoration.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I think that the feather tickler and shimmering dust could be used by pretty much anybody, they would be great for light foreplay, the dust could even be used cosmetically before going out on the town. Unfortunately the cuffs aren't much good for anything other than a window display because if you try and use them for any actual bondage you will most certainly break them.

    • Bridal gift
    • Foreplay

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The shimmering powder is very fine and glides onto the skin in a smooth even layer. Once applied the skin feels soft and smooth, the texture of the glitter cannot be felt. It comes as a loose powder and a simple shake of the jar will shift a small amount from the bottom section onto the inner tray.

The feathers used are very soft and almost downy, however the cuffs themselves are a little lumpy. unless you plan on wearing these quite tight it isn't really noticeable and should not cause a problem.

Taste / Aroma

The powder in this set has no noticeable aroma, there is however a very faint sweet taste to the powder. The feathers have no noticeable smell either.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


Shimmering Powder: The powder performed wonderfully, it goes on in a smooth and even layer; once in place it lingers for quite a while. It will thin out and transfer on contact with either skin or material and easily washes off in the shower with a bit of soap. The only complaint that I have about the powder portion of the package is that the little powder puff that is packaged in the container is quite small making it difficult to get a firm grip on unless you hold the little black bow.

Feather Tickler: The feather tickler is well constructed and incredibly soft. It consists of several(a lot)very soft black feathers glued securely into a small plastic handle. The handle is about halfway between the size of a small and large marble (3/4"). I have tugged on the feathers a couple of times and not one of them has come unglued from the handle.

The Cuffs: Ah, the cuffs..... Where do I start? I guess I will just say straight off, unless you are a mannequin or like to play dead, these probably aren't the cuffs for you. After putting them on and ensuring that they looked alright I gave them a LITTLE tug and... they broke. The actual cuff broke right away from the chain it had only been attached by a small thin cotton string.

Alright, well the feather part of the cuffs are a write off but I thought "Maybe I can attach the clasps directly to the chain". When I attempted to remove the clasps from the feather portion of the cuffs, I discovered that they were attached at that end with the same string, only far more securely. It turns out that that cotton string when properly attached to something, is far stronger than the actual clasps themselves, which bent and snapped in half.

    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The packaging is beautiful but simple. a small and discreet black tin, 1 1/2" tall, 3" wide and 6" in length. The lid slides open and closed but does not really latch securely which means this is really not idea for travel unless you don't mind your stuff falling out. It is on the other hand, the perfect size to fit a a vibrator and some lube in and not the kind of thing you would expect to find them in.

There is a sticker holding the tin closed, and a small folded card inserted in the box neither of which includes any actual information on the product. There is no ingredients list included with the powder either.

The jar for the shimmering powder is much larger than the container depicted in the product images. It actually reminds me of a sexier version of my grandmothers loose powders.

Personal comments

The actual cuff of the restraint portion of the set is composed of nothing more than a string or thin cotton rope, with the feathers wound in and around it and most likely sewn into place. (They do not seem to be glued but I cannot tell by looking just how they are attached exactly.)
Follow-up commentary
The powder is really nice, soft, shimmery, easy to apply and remove. The tickler is still holding up well, it is not shedding feathers and feels great on sensitive areas. The cuffs are still broken however, they are of no use to me or anybody else. They wouldn't in my opinion, be worthy of even jewelry, because I expect my jewelry not to fall apart.
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    Too bad about the cuffs, they're so cute, I wish they weren't so shoddy.

    Thanks for the review, it was very helpful!
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