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Nipple bulb? Or Clit bulb?

Overall, I enjoyed this toy because of simplicity of use and it's multiple uses as a clitoris pump. So I have to give it 4 stars! It may work better for someone with more erect nipples.
Easy to squeeze, Multiple uses, Easy to use
My nipples were too small
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The nipple bulb is an easily squeezable rubber-like bulb, with a plastic tube attached. It comes with 4 rubber bands (small), and together they are designed to give you some very unique nipple play.

Although the Nipple Bulb is a great idea, it didn't work too well for me because of my shape and size. For once in my life, my nipples are too small to use this toy affectively. My nipples are about the size of a dollar coin, and when erect they only stick out about a centimeter. Apparently this isn't long or thick enough for the bands to stay stuck around my nipples. The toy is quite easy to use though.

1. You simply put the bands around the end of the bulb prior to sucking.

2. You squeeze the bulb and get the nipple sucked into the end of the tube. Make sure to get a good suction.

3. Once you've gotten a good suction, slide one of the bands down the tube over your nipple and release. The band will stay around the nipple making it more sensitive

4. Repeat for your other nipple.

I believe the nipple bulb sold on EF is the medium sized. I am aware there are two other sizes and they can be found at other stores, or possibly requested to EF. I would like to try a smaller size or smaller sized bands in hopes that it will work out for me. I really love breast and nipple toys.

For the multiple use that I will mention in the next section, the toy might get dirty. It can also get dirty if you use lubricant with this toy. To clean it, it's simply. Use some warm water and antibacterial soap. Fill up the bulb and keep pumping until the water runs out clean and clear.

The use of lubricant, or giving the end of the tube a little lick will aid you in helping with a better suction. So you might want to find a thin, water based lubricant that you could use with this toy to help you out a bit.

The bulb itself is nice to simply suck on your nipple and give it a bit of a tug. I might consider buying another one of these so I can work on both nipples, although the thing is so large I doubt it would stay in place. However, my husband would have tons of fun using two of them on me, or simply using one on my clit.

Storage is pretty simple. Just keep it wherever you'd like. It doesn't come off looking like a sex toy, so if this was left out on the dresser I wouldn't worry too much. Anyhow, it's small enough to keep in your panty drawer or a jewelry box.
HOWEVER, I found another great use for this toy. It works wonderfully as a clitoral pump. Just make sure to squeeze lightly, and position the tube around the clit entirely before sucking. It works awesome, increases the size of the clitoris and makes it at least 3 times more sensitive than other clit pumps I have tried using. So for this reason, I just have to give it 4 stars. Plus, it may work better for those with larger nipples.

My husband has had a ball trying this out on my clitoris before eating me out, and it comes in handy before solo play as it makes my clitoris more sensitive to my vibrators and other toys. The end of the tube is smooth at the edges so it wont hurt you or anything like that.

So to say the least, this is a well designed toy for certain body types. However, if it doesn't work out on the nipples, it's great for a clitoral pump! There's not really a way to lose with this one!

Just a little tid bit, for those who are turned on by lactation, this also makes a good mini breast pump. I have never had children but my breasts have lactated since age 17 on and off. It turns my husband on so much to see the milk dripping down my breasts, but it's really hard to make that happen without a pump.

Using this to pump my breasts for 5 minutes or so easily gets that milk flowing, along with my husband's precum. He LOVES it. So if you're into that type of fetish/play, this is a great investment. Much cheaper than buying a pump from the store, I'll tell you that!
Follow-up commentary
The rings stretch out way too quickly. They didn't at first but for some reason they have just recently decided to stretch out. I mentioned that they would hardly stay on before, but now the reason they wont stay on is simply because the rings are too large. I recommend maybe buying more rings (wherever you can find them) or trying another toy.

As far as use as a clitoral pump/sucker... still works like a charm!
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  • bondedlove23
    Thank you so much for this review! I've been looking at this bulb for a while since I love love love nipple suction. Never tried clitoral suction but I love having it played with so if I get this, I will have to try that out.

    Also, I know you can get some good replacement rings at your local hardware store in all kinds of sizes.
  • BuckeyeGal04
    Clitoral pump? Brilliant idea!!
  • Blooddragon
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    My nipples probably won't fit. Thanks for the review!
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    THANKS TOYGURL. My Clit wants one now!!!!!!
  • Michelle Conner
    nice review
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  • Alura Une
    I thought this might be good for clits! Probably more powerful than the actual clit suckers here.

    Awesome about the lactation trick. I'd play with this for that. :3

    Thanks for the review!
  • Pudyqat
    Very nice review. Thank you.
  • misterazor! great that you could fine an alternate use. i wonder if it's common for women without children to lactate on occasion. that is pretty hot...lucky guy. thanks for the info!
  • richsam
    Thanks for the review
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