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Don't Do It!

The Do It! Sex In Public Sex Position Game is borderline useless. If you're completely without any sort of creativity in terms of your sexuality, you might be able to glean a little bit of inspiration from this, but the activities and the locations on the cards are pretty ridiculous.
Inappropriate, immature, not very creative, not comprehensive, not really any fun at all.
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Purpose / Audience

Do It! Sex In Public is a sex position card game made by Sportsheets. There are ten sexual act cards and 12 location cards, making for an array of 120 combinations. This game is definitely geared towards heterosexual couples. Some of the acts could be adapted for people of any gender or orientation, but the imagery on them is purely heterosexual. Although this would be more appropriate for older couples looking to stir up the locations of their sex play, it lists locations and behaviors that might make more sense for a pair of horny high school kids.

Rules / Content

This isn't really a game at all. It's more of a tool. The instructions on the package are very minimal, since this "game" is extremely simple. The back of the pack reads "Choose a location card, then choose a sex act card." However, I don't see any reason why you couldn't select them in the opposite order. The objective of the game, theoretically, is to inspire the performance of sex acts at various, fairly public, locations. You don't keep score. As the front of the box says, it is "a fun game that never gets boring because everyone is a winner!"

The box is 7.5" long, 3.5" wide, and a 1/2" thick. The box I received was smashed somewhat, had tape on it, and was not sturdy enough to be used to store the cards in the future. I have them just sitting with a rubber band around them for the time being.


The sex act cards are black, with white lettering and pink outlines making up the images. The location cards are blue, pink, and purple, with black lettering and white outlines making up the images. They're not the prettiest design, with the outlined imagery giving them a bit of a utilitarian look, rather than a fun or sexy look. Additionally, they have a typo or two ("mototboat" and "movie theater").

They are printed on slick, shiny cardstock. The edges are cut cleanly and the sizes are uniform. They're about as wide as a playing card, but significantly taller at 6" long and 3" wide. The size of these cards does not make any sense to me. They can't fit in your pocket for play on the go, which would make them much more user-friendly. There aren't enough of them for you to be able to really thoroughly shuffle them in the traditional sense.

Sex Acts:

-Make Out
-Blow Job
-Hand Job
-Oral Sex
-Titty Fuck
-Anal Sex


-In the park
-On the beach
-In church
-In the dressing room
-In the elevator
-In the woods
-At the mall
-At the movie theater
-In a public restroom
-At the skate park
-At school
-Under the bleachers

Truthfully, if this set had way more locations and way more sex acts, it might be somewhat more enjoyable. They left out so many fun places and activities! In the car, Nipple play, fingering, and what about VAGINAL PENETRATION? How could they leave that out? Besides, some of the choices are just pretty unusual to the point of making one wonder why they included it...Hickeys? Motorboat? "Smoosh"? What is smoosh, anyway? Not to mention...I would imagine that this deck is more directed at older couples who are looking to spice things up. Instead, it has locations that seem extremely inappropriate to me and more logical for younger adults, like "at school", "under the bleachers", and "at the skate park". Strange!

Personal comments

Honestly, this game is sort of stupid and unrealistic. I am a bit of an exhibitionist myself, but I do not approve of the concept of exposing non-consenting people to your sex acts. It's not fair to go screw around somewhere where you're likely to be seen by people who would rather not see you, possibly even resulting in legal action against you and your partner.

They really bring nothing new and fresh to the table. I think you could achieve more attainable and enjoyable results by just fantasizing and chatting with your partner. If you whipped these out and said, "Hey, baby, let's go strip at the mall or motorboat in church." What in the world? Why not just say, "Let's go to a movie...maybe we can even make out and fool around a bit in the back of the theater!" This card game is useless. Use your imagination and put your coins towards a movie ticket instead.

I'd give this no stars at all, if I could.

Follow-up commentary
I tossed these suckers shortly after writing this review. Actually, I recycled them. If you found them as useless as I did, please attempt to recycle them, if possible. Then they may at least go on to serve some other purpose and not be a complete and total waste.
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